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Clouds Pack

Price : 15.00 EUR
Size : 19.07 MB
Author : Thompsoni Fpsoft
Rating : 0.00
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Realistic cloud textures that can be used to create stunning backgrounds or scenes. Create and combine new unique cloud textures from smaller pieces, or use the ready made ones.

Contains also a few cartoon styled cloud samples. You can modify the original clouds to make them fit into any game world with little knowledge in Image Editing.

Quality should be good for most games and apps. See the sample pictures for zoomed & original size comparison. Bigger clouds are around 600x300 and smaller 200x200.

- 38 cloud textures (PNG)
- 7 cartoon styled cloud textures (PNG)
- 1 sky background (PNG)
- 3 Gimp sheets for all the cloud textures (Gimp)
- 1 Logo sample (Gimp)
+ Promo files (Gimp+PNG)


fpsoft-clouds fpsoft-clouds

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