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Floating Point Softwares is an Indie company started in 2015 focusing mainly on Android, iOS, HTML5 and PC game development. Currently we also offer non-game related solutions, such as mobile apps depending on the demand, as well as pixel & vector graphics.

We develope Website Templates for Joomla and also provide affordable hosting. Check out all the possibilities from the Projects tab.

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Artificial intelligence in video games 

Helps to bring virtual worlds to life; it lurks beneath the surface, determining the way a player interacts with a game. As the brains of a game, AI engages our brains. "Most game AI is designed to be exactly as intelligent as it needs to be in order to give the player a good experience," said former Sims 4 programmer Bruce Hill. "For many games, this means the AI should behave in predictable and barely intelligent ways, like the enemies in a Mario game or most first person shooters." - Read more

Responsive Joomla 3.x Blank Template for Web designers 

Do you want to create your own Joomla theme? Grab our Blank, skip the boring parts and Start designing right away! Great for designers who want a proper template foundation to start off with. Save countless hours spent on tweaking the layout This will work with all major browsers and mobile devices. Maximize the visibility for potential customers who use mobile devices to visit your page. Image show plugin, lightbox, CSS animated buttons & Joomla 2.5, 3.x support - Read more or See Demo

How to: iPhone Game Development 

Collision Detection, Identifying when objects in your game collide with each other is really important and is a basic game mechanic. The game loop is a key, if not the key, element in a game. The Game Scene class is responsible for implementing the game logic and rendering code for the scene. How to render images to the screen. This involves looking at OpenGL ES in greater detail - Read more