Floating Point Softwares (Finland) is an Indie company started in 2015 focusing mainly on Android, IOS, HTML5 and PC game development.

Our aim is to offer the most creative, innovative & not-yet-seen experiences in mobile gaming,
without forgetting the visual side. We also think that games should offer the user something in return.
In contrast to merely wasting ones time, could it be possible to add beneficial factors to games, such as
learning or improving ones mind?

The key areas we are currently concentrating on revolve around the mobile world,
but we already have plans to launch development in the MMO-market as well.

Remember to frequently check out the projects page to keep up to date! Currently we also offer non-game related solutions, such as mobile apps depending on the demand, as well as pixel & vector graphics.


FPSoft provides expertise diversely, the main programming languages being:

- Java & mobile development
- C#
- C++ in PC applications
- HTML, CSS, ASP.NET and other web-related languages
- Javascript, jQuery
- LUA scripting
- GameDev libraries: LibGdx, SDL, Allegro etc.

We also work in the field of Content Management Systems, ie:

- Joomla
- Drupal As well as Pixel & Vector graphics and design

As well as Pixel & Vector graphics and design:

- Flash
- Ordinary Raster Graphics