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We will not force any percentage fee upon you like the other sites to ensure the lowest cost.
How come? Rather we take a setup fee, Check the comparison cart below!


What is Crowdfunding?

A method to collect donations from as many people as possible to get your project funded before the launch.

Present your project to the public, sell givebacks and collect donations.

This method of funding has become popular today due to and other similar sites.

The perfect method for indie studios and individuals.


Comparison to Kickstarter

Kickstarter places a 5% fee on each campaign and thus the overall cost will be the higher the more you collect. FPSoft only takes you a one-time fee to keep the total cost much lower! The maximum cost will be 250€ for anything beyond 25 000€.

Funds Raised 1000€ 1500€ 2500€ 5000€ 7500€ 10 000€ 15 000€ 20 000€ 25 000€ 50 000€ 10€ 20€ 30€ 50€ 75€ 100€ 150€ 200€ 250€ 250€ 50€ 75€ 125€ 250€ 375€ 500€ 750€ 1000€ 1250€ 2500€


What is FPSoft Custom Crowdfunding?

Why should you use our custom platform instead of other popular websites?

  • You will have a total freedom to customize the look and feel of the project page, this will be your campaign!
  • You decide the end date, no 30-day limits forced upon you
  • Get your campaign launched quickly
  • Be different from the masses! Only a handful of Kickstarter projects get funded, be one of those who do
  • Market the page as you want with ease
  • Use the latest web-technologies to boost your page layout
  • Use custom PHP, Javascript & jQuery scripts
  • FTP Access to the page, edit html & php files directly!
  • Get your own domain name
  • Professional help to customize the campaign from start to finish
  • Statistics and weekly reports of visitors etc.
  • Joomla extensions available
  • Operating globally

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