A single player game where the player controls a cube and tries to solve each level. However this will not be a simple task, each level will be filled with hidden traps to catch the player off guard. The cube will be able to eat objects and spew out liquid to help and solve the levels. This game will introduce full 2d-physics environment, level editor, player made maps, liquid reactions and of course a lot of rage!

This game will be highly competitive, yet entertaining in the sense that players will be able to create outstanding maps by themselves and upload them online. It will be up to the player if he wants to make the level insanely hard or not. Build custom dynamic objects from scratch, such as vehicles, ropes, traps etc. There will be little to no restrictions in map creation. Compete online and see if you are able to take up the challenge and complete the maps other players created. Be creative, pass through the levels in different ways, record and show how you made it.

Android, iOS, Browser(HTML5) & PC

Single player Puzzle, Rage, Platformer


Images (Alpha version! Developer mode is activated in few pictures)

The Key Game Mechanics
• Full 2d physics
Every aspect of the game is following the laws of 2d physics. This will make each game session slightly different and definitely entertaining.

• Eatable objects
Some objects will be eatable. This means that player is able to take bites from them and change the shape of the object. This will allow the player to be inventive in completing the levels.

• Liquid reactions
After eating objects you will be able to spew out some liquid. This liquid can be of many types and will react to each other in different ways. Some chemistry perhaps?

• Level editor
Create levels from scratch. Build vehicles, set up traps, use joints to connect objects. Did we mention this editor will works with your phone as well.

• Player made maps
Upload maps online and let other people try and solve them. There will be a list of all maps to rate, comment and play of course.


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