Game Hacking Basics - C++ - Aimbot - ESP

Course Description

Learn the basics of Game Hacking and writing your own Hacks with C++. Become familiar with Memory Scanning and how to manipulate the memory of almost any Game or Program. Essential information about Hacking and its Prevention. This course is for educational purposes and we do not promote anything that might cause harm to a 3rd party.


Acquire the necessary knowledge for Hack development and how to get started quickly.

  • Learn Memory scanning with Cheat-Engine
  • Accessing the Memory using Win32 API
  • Writing an Aimbot for 3d games in C++
  • Drawing extra info to the screen, such as a minimap
  • And general information about various subjects related to Game Hacking


Game Hacking quick start course!

Understanding Game hacking can be crucial for Game developers who want to protect their product from misuse. At the same time hobbyists and individuals might have always been wondering how Game hacking is done? 

This course will help you to build a strong basis and understanding of Game Hacking on fundamental level, and provide you the tools to continue your journey afterwards. Widen your overall skill level in programming with C++ and learn how to write Hacks from start to finish.


Course Content & Overview

An easy quick start for Hacking in C++. Suitable for programmers who understand the basics of C++ or other similar languages (C#, Java). Hone your skills as a programmer during these 22 step-by-step videos that are easy to follow for even the beginners. Courses will start from introduction, using the tools and setting up the work space and end up in writing your own Hack for almost any game.

Students will learn how to use a Memory scanner such as Cheat-Engine and master it. Understanding how memory works and how it can be accessed is crucial knowledge for any C++ student. At the end of this section, students will also become familiar with finding and calculating pointers to memory addresses.

During the course you will learn how to set up a Code::Blocks project but the students who are more familiar with Microsoft Visual Studio should be able to follow up as well. Further the students will also practice using the Windows API and some of its essential functions.

After mastering the basics, the course will provide programming tutorials and how to write your very own Aimbot and ESP (minimap).

Finishing the course will give the student a strong understanding of fundamental concept of Game hacking. They will be able to write their own hacks and continue to become even more advanced.


What are the requirements?

  • Basics of programming in C++ (or other language)
  • Have a game that you want to use during the course
  • Download Code::Blocks IDE (free) or any other


What am I going to get from this course?

  • Understand Game Hacking on Fundamental level
  • Continue to write even more advanced Hacks
  • Become familiar with Memory editing tools
  • To better understand how to prevent Hacking


What is the target audience?

  • Those interested to learn Game Hacking
  • You should have basic understanding of C++ or other similar language such as C# or Java to be able to grasp the concept
  • Game developers who want to know how Hacking works for prevention
  • Not for those who have no interest in programming at all


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