Website layout details

If you know a website that has a similar layout or template that you want, paste the URL. You can also send images that represent your layout or simply pics you want to use on the website (like banners). Try to describe specifically what modifications do you want on the site, the more detailed query the better results. Also read the template Rules & Copyrights before ordering! Website Functionality means we will try and include all the CSS scripts, animations, buttons etc. of the original site (exact copy).

Example Website:
Website Functionality:
Example images:

Website type

What type of website do you want? Html here means a standalone website, but you won't be able to install it directly on CMS like Joomla. If you want a Joomla Template, choose it from the list. Joomla support for versions 2.5, 3.x

Fixed: The website won't scale according to the users browser / screen size
Responsive: Will scale and fit into any screen size, Example
Mobile: Guaranteed to work properly with all major mobile platforms and tablets, Example
Additional Mobile Template: You will have a separate template for Mobile devices and tablets. This ensures the best user experience and visibility!



By default our copyright URL "FPSoft" will be shown on your template. Exclusive license means that we will not sell it to anyone else, so the template will be unique and represent your work. Templates are released under CC Attribution 4 license.


Additional Features

Choose the extra features you want to have on your site. Check the Demo Website to see some scripts in use.

Image Show: Rotates your images with cool transitional effects, customizable! Example
Image Gallery: If you have a lot of images, you might as well use a gallery to present them. Example
Lightbox: Pop-up plugin to show outgoing links on top of your own page. Example
Drop-down menu(horizontal)Example
Drop-down menu(vertical)Example

Custom Script:

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