FPSoft E-Shop offers ready made art and code pieces for game designers, website admins and common users. If you would like to use this platform to sell your products, you need to register an account.

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After you can start publishing material. We want to make sure the quality is as good as possible for the customers. We instruct you to follow these few points when creating a new product:

  • Use a title that describes the actual product
  • Write a short but meaningful description. Tell about the contents, resolution, purpose, file formats, number of files, is it vector etc.
  • Use sample images. Resize the preview pictures to 200x150 and link to a new windows for full picture
  • Watermark the samples
  • Use our product background to make a thumbnail. Add your own text, change background colors but keep the original design as much as possible
  • Include ~10 tags to describe the product eg. "nature, background, clouds, sky box"
  • Name all the image layers properly and add into folders
  • Include readme.txt file where you add all the details, licensing, product & contact info, website, how to customize, FAQ etc.
  • Keep the final zip file below 50mb

Download our Watermark: PNG
Download the sample product thumbnail: PNG or XCF

Now if you are ready to publish, go to the shop front, log in and use the User Menu to upload a new file.