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Joomla Blank Template

Price : 35.00 EUR
Size : 1.5 MB
Author : Thompsoni Fpsoft
Rating : 0.00
Votes : 0

Do you want to Design your own Joomla 3 template?
- Grab our Blank to skip the boring part of coding and start modifying the template right away
- Great for designers who want a proper template foundation to start off with
- Save countless hours spent on tweaking the layout
- This will work with all major browsers and devices, check the screenshots on the bottom of this page
- Joomla 2.5, 3.x support


A license for unlimited use and get all the Features mentioned
- No limitations
- License: Creative Commons Attribution 4

- Works with normal and wide screens
- Images scale according to the screen width

Cross Browser Support
- Internet Explorer:
- Firefox:
- Chrome:
- Opera:

- Works well with smart phones and tablets as well
- Android:
- iOS:
- Safari:

Valid HTML
- Completely valid HTML code to ensure the professional quality
- Clean code with comments for easy editing

Image Slideshow
- Image slider plugin to make cool presentations
- Completely customizable, create your own effects!

Lightbox pop-up Integration
- Links can be made to appear on top of your current page (see examples on the demo page)
- Supports Images, Videos, Iframes for Websites, Flash etc.
- Direct link support for Youtube videos

Drop-down Menu
- Good for big menus and multiple links
- Automatically adapts to the mobile devices

Hover Boxes for simple animations
- Pure CSS animations
- Easy to edit and create your own
- Responsive design
- Also simple color boxes and bordered boxes included

100+ Icons
- This template has quite a few small icons you can use for your projects
- Also some social media icons added

A Copyright Script to protect your template
- A small script made with Javascript and jQuery
- Will print a note if the copyright is removed from the page 

No Bootstrap!
- Be original and don't rely on Bootstrap

Cross-Browser Support
- Works with all major browsers including mobile devices
- See Screenshots: Click here

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