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RECRUITING FOR A MMO GAME - Link Mon, 24 Aug 2015 10:29:00

Unpaid PositionHello dear Game Devs I am looking for a team of enthusiatic professionals or experienced amateurs to join me in the realisation of my game idea All info to be found here httpwww.teamups.netteamup859The-Trading-Gameand here httpwww.indieteamup.comteams330messagesDo not hesitate to apply on Teamups or IndieTeamup. To contact me thetradinggameyahoo.comFree

Looking For Artist HackFreelanceComputer - Link Sun, 23 Aug 2015 20:09:48

Unpaid PositionHelloIm looking for an artist to work on a 2d game similar to hacknet.httpwww.gog.comgamehacknetThe game is a time management game based on a freelancer with a fresh new profile on Freelance Network. The player will take on jobs from employers complete tasks and progress a story as well. Jobs and tasks must be completed within a days time which could be something like a mimnute. The user racks up money to purchase aps for their computer and other upgrades. They also gain FPs freelance points for completed jobs.Certain jobs wont be offered to the player unless they have certain aps and a certain amount of FPs.We can develop the main story and add variations.The game will be coded in Construct 2 as its super easy. Construct will be perfect because this is a data driven game and wont require much thought to make.Im looking for a good 2dpixelgraphic artist.Let me know if this project sounds fun to you. Id love to get the ball rolling on it.Free

Looking for 3D Modelers Texture Animator - Link Sun, 23 Aug 2015 04:50:10

Unpaid PositionLooking for 3D modelers to help with the project.Game project here Steamcommunity.comand here Indiedb.comIf interested please email us at eldwin11929yahoo.comFree

Pixel Artist Available for a Competent Programmer - Link Sat, 22 Aug 2015 22:33:29

Unpaid PositionIf you have no ideas for the game design we could make a Megaman-esque game. I have 2 samples I made before of the original cyborg and the other version where it shifts form to another powerFree

D3D12 Direct3D 12 Documentation in PDF - Link Sat, 29 Aug 2015 21:11:57

Hi community I converted MSDN DirectX12 documentation into a pdf.I attached the pdf to this thread and also uploaded it www.mediafire.comviewezaroryt3eaicnxDirectX12_Documentation.pdf I hope you find it useful Attached Files DirectX12 Documentation.pdf 3.81MB 6 downloads

Need resources about movement velocity vectors... - Link Sat, 29 Aug 2015 20:12:48

Hello I just started programming a pong game SFML but I have trouble with understanding movement of the ball and paddle. I just wanted some good resources about those things that I could adapt in other games in the future toobasically about velocity and how to use it or maybe i should just google it and read everything i can find or maybe pick up a math book Thank you in advance.

Strange issue screen not centered - Link Sat, 29 Aug 2015 19:15:14

I saw a strange thing on one users laptop Windows 8.1 the screen fullscreen or fullscreen_desktop but not always depends on resolution selected is missing part of the view the left part is cut. He also said Im getting this sometimes on older games. He also has some Driver something crashed something but not always if he runs the game second time it works. Note that laptop is pretty buffy two gfx cards connected together and modern and can play basicly any modern game. I have run my binaries on various computers like 10 years old terribly crappy integrated cards etc without any problem no one else was able to reproduce this issue but I was not testing it on that many machines. Im using SDL 2.0.1 other standard SDL2 libs also OpenGL 2.0 no shaders no lights not nothing basicly displaying textured quads for rendering SDL just opens the screen. Any clue where the problem might be

d language regex question - Link Sat, 29 Aug 2015 17:44:39

So Im going through some code and here is the problem. To match something like this server01-gtoptproglog this regex is used regexrPlthostgt.-gtPltloggtw.-Pltipgt i Basically i need to translate that regex into a c11 regex. However I am a little confused about the P and V letters and the words inside tags host logip Anyone have any idea about their role

2 Questions - Link Sat, 29 Aug 2015 14:07:49

I got a few questions How can I call and do something on allobjects of a class Something like MyClass var1 MyClass var2 MyClass var3 I have var1 var2 and var3 how can I be able to call all of those variablesobjects with just 1 function. Like -- Pick all objects of MyClasssuch as var1 var2 and var3 -- Do something with them And last question about the this keyword. If I do something like this MyClassDoSomething something this Then if I use it like obj.DoSomething Then the objectvariable obj will be the value of the this keyword in the MyClassDoSomething Thanks in advance...

Screen space scissor rect of a cube - Link Sat, 29 Aug 2015 11:58:33

Hi I try to compute a screen space scissor rect for a cube but it dont work when the camera is inside the cube. I currently just transform the edges of the cube into clip space using the view and projection matrix and build the scissor rect from the min and max values of all 8 edges in screen space. It works when the camera is outside the cube but it does not work properly when the camera is inside the cube because z is negative for some of the edges in this case and screen coordinates are wrong because its a FoV projection matrix. Is there a way to compute the scissor rect properly in this case or should I simply set it to the screen size which reduces performance a little bit so Id like to avoid doing that I only need to execute the post processing pixel shader for the pixels of the area of the screen space which is inside the cube. Is there maybe a better way than using scissor rects I thought about using the stencil buffer but since the pixel shader involves a lot of computation Id like to avoid executing it if unnecessary outside the cube which does not seem possible using a stencil buffer.

How would I be able to do this in C - Link Sat, 29 Aug 2015 10:05:46

Is there a way to make tables in C In Lua I can do it like thismyTable 1 2 3 But how about in C is it possible to do that too

Checkboard a sphere without texture - Link Sat, 29 Aug 2015 09:39:08

Hi all I was wondering if it was possible to create a checkerboard pattern on a sphere for a ray tracer with code rather than mapping a texture For examplejust return black or white depening on where the intersection in on the sphere is. Or is this just not the done thing

How can I add Advertising in my game - Link Sat, 29 Aug 2015 07:58:13

Hi at all Im new on this forum and I hope I dont break any rule. Im programming a game I almost finished it... I have thought about adding some Ads to earn something... I have seen services like Microsofts pubCenter but it targets only on Windows 8 and above platforms... I searching for something that will work also on Windows 7 at least... What do you advise me Thanks in advance

Does my Blinn shading look right - Link Sat, 29 Aug 2015 06:01:30

Hi all I am trying to implement simple blinn specularity but am not sure what the end result is supposed to look like. My balls dont look shiny Just diffuse Specularity Is that how its supposed to look before adding reflection

Code Review - Pong - Link Sat, 29 Aug 2015 00:23:21

I dont know if this is allowed but since i read in this archive that it was recommended so we beginners can improve here is my code for the game Pong

Simple IBL question - Link Fri, 28 Aug 2015 21:52:34

Ive been doing a lot of reading on IBL this week and am about ready to start implementing... but I seem to be missing one big piece. How is the resulting indirectambient diffuse irradiance cubemap lookup value and the indirecambient specular irradiance cubemap lookup value combined with the values returned from your analytic lights Do they all just simple sum Or do they all attenuate each other in some wacky way Its weird Ive read like thirty articles about IBL and none of them answer this question. Is this like the old way of let the artist pick the weighting of ambientdiffusespecular in the fixed-function world For that matter how to screen-space reflections get summed in as well So many contributions

Games Foreground focus in FullScreen mode - Link Fri, 28 Aug 2015 19:57:09

Does anyone know what actual PC games do to hold on to their Foreground window focus without losing their focus easily for instance to an application popping up.

d3d12 expected CPU impact of ExecuteIndirect - Link Fri, 28 Aug 2015 19:03:49

Hi To better understand the behavior of ExecuteIndirect I took the MS D3D12ExecuteIndirect example and simply changed the number of tris to 320000. I was initially expecting the CPU load to be little changed as I thought this offloaded execution of the drawlist entirely to the GPU so the cpu should have more or less fixed overhead - and note the MS example offloads draw list culling to the CS so there is no per-frame work on that on the CPU-side. To my surprise however I immediately became CPU bound more or less much to the same extent as if I were to stash all the draw commands in a bundle. To be clear the single indirect draw command shown below is responsible for all the cycles. I can only assume the MS example is not at issue at least it looks ok to me. So is it a my understanding of ExecuteIndirect is flawed b the current NVidia driver on my hardware is emulating 353.62 on a GTX 970M respectively or copy ltinsert your opinion heregt Thanks for the insights Thanks Jason m_commandList-gtExecuteIndirect m_commandSignature.Get TriangleCount m_processedCommandBuffers91m_frameIndex.Get 0 m_processedCommandBuffers91m_frameIndex.Get CommandBufferSizePerFrame

Tank transmission - how to - Link Fri, 28 Aug 2015 14:46:30

Hi Im building rather simple tank chasis simulation with elements like engine and transmission. Quite a few car physics tutorials where helpfull but it seams that most of them avoid the subject of how differential should properly work. What I mean is this - assumption that drive shaft rotates with the same speed as driving wheels. From what I understand when car starts to turn and drive wheels starts to turn with a different speed differential will cancel that difference and driving shaft will be spinning just as you drive forward. What Im trying to understand is how this canceling actually happens. in a sense that as rotation of wheels can be slowed down by other forces which can be different on different side. How do I propagate this difference in rotation back into driving shaft This cant be a simple sum. In case of tanks it gets interesting. I was looking at this artcile httpwww.gizmology.nettracked.htm and if I want to model Double Differential Steering I would need to somehow move torque between separate tracks calculate propulsion and friction for tank itself calculate torque effecting tracks and then calculate new angular velocity of driving shaft from those effects.

First game engine - Link Fri, 28 Aug 2015 14:45:40

Hello In new to this forum so i dont really know how this works For some time I want to create a game... any game but i dont want to use any game engine our there simply because i want to understand how all of this works so i want to create a game with an engine built by myself. All i want is a game engine capable of run a simple 2D game for now since i want to start with the very basics and grow it from there. I would love to have a final engine that could run anything for purposes like LudumDare for instance and to grow my portfolio. The game will be something like a top view shooter with simple AI that follows and shoots back.Or even pong that will work. Now i have some experience with programming since im taking a computer science course at university. Im thinking of using C and OpenGL. This is not definitive. If u think i should start with something else please do tell me I only know the basics of C and i know very little to nothing about OpenGL. Ive been watching a youtuber thecherno create his own game engine with GLFW and GLEW So i want to do something in those lines aswell My issue list Where do i start What design do i need to do in paper Diagrams and such. What does a game engine need to work What are the main classes i will need After I have built the basics to run the game how do I improve from there Hope i got everything cleared enough to be answered.

How to prevent 34mouse object34 from moving throgh rectangles - Link Fri, 28 Aug 2015 13:56:41

Hi What am I trying to achieve I have a Sprite which is supposed to move with the mouse position kinda like a cursor. In my case though I also have some other Textures Obstacle-class. So if the mouse collides with such an obstacle I want the texture to stop moving in that direction. What is the problem While the texture does follow the mouse and also does stop when the mouse collides with an obstacle at some point the cursor is not within the Bounding Rectangle anymore but on the other side of a wall for example. The consequence the textures position is updated to the mouse position and it suddenly appears behind the wall which is not a desired behavior. My collision method. private void CheckCollisionListltObstaclegt _obstacleList MouseState mState int xOffset oldMouseState.X - mState.X int yOffset oldMouseState.Y - mState.Y Vector2 offsetPosition new Vector2oldMouseState.X xOffsetoldMouseState.Y yOffset bool collides false foreach Obstacle obstacle in _obstacleList if obstacle.BoundRectangle.ContainsoffsetPosition collides true if collides position offsetPosition Question What be a way to prevent the sprite to move through walls in my case Thanks in advance.

What choose for first game - Link Fri, 28 Aug 2015 10:29:07

Hi I began learning game development and like anyone beginner I have typical question. What I should choose for first game engine or framework If I choose engine Ill fast began game programming and faster end my first game. If I choose framework Ill know hoe it work from scratch but I am not sure that I finish my game at all. Please help me to choose.

Initializer_list isnt working... - Link Fri, 28 Aug 2015 10:07:10

mathVec2f FontgetLineVerticalBounds const FT_Face face reinterpret_castltFT_FacegtmFace return mathVec2f static_castltfloatgtface-gtsize-gtmetrics.descender 64.0f static_castltfloatgtface-gtsize-gtmetrics.ascender 64.0f See the mathVec2f right after the return statement If it IS there this works. If it IS NOT there a default initialized vector is returned 00 or garbage that happens to be close to 0 idk where something like -93 is expected. Here is the initializer_list constructor thingy templateltclass VecType ui32 ComCntgt templatelttypename Tgt VectorltVecType ComCntgtVectorstdinitializer_listltTgt values assertvalues.size lt ComCnt auto iter values.begin for ui32 i 0 i lt values.size i I checked that size is always 2 this91i static_castltVecTypegtiter In debug mode that initializer_list contains garbage claims to have 12 elements and all are rubbish In release mode its harder to debug. AND the funny thing is if I turn optimization off it works just fine. Sure it STILL returns absolute garbage but it works... Spent the whole day trying to figure out why my FPS indicator magically disappears in release mode with optimizations enabled Is it even legal to return the arguments wrapped in and then having the returned object construct itself from that I just realized this works fine without the second piece of code being present. edit I mean legal with the initializer_list based constructor

tinydir 34error _splitpath_s was not declared in this scope34 - Link Fri, 28 Aug 2015 08:20:31

Im getting error _splitpath_s was not declared in this scope when trying to complie tinydir.h. CodeBlocks the default MinGW which came with it Windows. Ideas Is tinydir.h even worth using I thought it was quite popular tested lib.

Procedurally Generating Noise in a Shader - Link Fri, 28 Aug 2015 07:46:18

Tonight I wrote a tutorial explaining how to procedurally generate noise in a shader if you need to. Take a look here. httpglslsandbox.come27370.3 I hope it helps someone

Advice on weak_ptr usage - Link Fri, 28 Aug 2015 07:03:03

Hello all. Im about to add the network class to the objects that need to send information to the server. By adding a weak_ptrof the network class thats is a shared_ptr into the base object. Is the weak pointerer ok for this what Im lead to believe is that if the network layer is deleted which it can be at any time whendisconnect happens. that doing this if auto tmp weak1.lock good to use else has been deleted will stop any use of the class after its been deletedbut no object will be able to keep the shared_ptr alive which would be bad if a dissconnect occurs. This is my first use for a weak_ptr. So will the weak_ptr protect me from a deleted network class. Has to be better then a raw pointer. I was thinking of passing the network class to functions but there is 17 functions and some functions are deep down in sub systems. never lead to a clean route. or any other way to pass network class to things that need them.

AI for NPC - Link Fri, 28 Aug 2015 06:31:55

Hello Im starting myMS this month and I want to work on AI for NPCs but I dont know how and where to start or what tools do I need to learn Id really appreciate if anyone can give me some advice Thanks a lot

Accurate Analytic Approximations for Real-Time Specular Area Lighting - Link Fri, 28 Aug 2015 03:21:42

Is it just me or is this 2015 SIGGRAPH paper really exciting However I havent seen any discussions about it yet and the paper itself is ridiculously light on details. The video has more math in it than the paper Paper Video

How is this python statement suppose to be friendly 3.4 ver - Link Fri, 28 Aug 2015 02:12:07

So I made this little fun code to review over what Ive learned... Btw this is only a snippet of the full code player_class inputPick a class. Pick a choice between - Duelist Trap Master and Gun Doctor The code below is a copy and paste that I hacked to death to make i work with this... if not re.match911-3 player_class printError Only numbers 1 to 3 are allowed if player_class 1 printYou picked the Gun Doctor elif player_class 2 printYou picked the Trap Master else printYou picked the Assassin I was searching for a way to only allow the user to use specific characters so I googled it and I got this code... if not re.match91a-z input_str print Error Only letters a-z allowed It probably looks similar to a statement that is in the previous code and yes it is because I hacked it off stack exchange and pasted it in my code and then proceed to change the if statement. So instead of if not re.match91a-z input_str I changed the a-z to 1-3 and instead of input_str I changed it into player_class. Now my problem is I dont understand it if not re.match911-3 player_class I understand that changing the a-z to 1-3 makes it so that I can only choose from 1 to 3 but the rest of the code is weird.. Like why is there a and an with an ... Like what Why do I need to put the player_class variable in there to Can someone help me understand this rather weird piece of code

Alpha blend mystery - Link Fri, 28 Aug 2015 00:08:44

Hello So I am having a little trouble alpha blending two ground textures in order to paint alpha values in my homegrown engine level editor. I am using hlsl and direct3d9. The problem is that the alpha values seem to be taking BUT are only visible when the camera is very close to the texture in game. I have included two pictures that show the issue. This is my pertinent hlsl code LWSurface layers int layers texture layerOne texture layerTwo sampler LayerOneTexture sampler_state Texture ltlayerOnegt MipFilter LINEAR MinFilter LINEAR MagFilter LINEAR sampler LayerTwoTexture sampler_state Texture ltlayerTwogt MipFilter LINEAR MinFilter LINEAR MagFilter LINEAR void psLWSurfacefloat4 iNorm TEXCOORD0 float2 iUV TEXCOORD1 float2 iDepth TEXCOORD2 out float4 mapColor COLOR0 out float4 mapNorm COLOR1 out float4 mapDepth COLOR2 out float4 mapIdentity COLOR3 float4 layerOne tex2DLayerOneTexture iUV iflayers 1 mapColor layerOne else iflayers 2 Sample second layer float4 layerTwo tex2DLayerTwoTexture iUV Alpha blend the two layers float4 blendResult blendResult.a layerTwo.a 1.0f - layerTwo.a layerOne.a blendResult.rgb 1.0f blendResult.a layerTwo.a layerTwo.rgb 1.0f - layerTwo.a layerOne.a layerOne.rgb mapColor blendResult Normal map Transform to range 910 1 due to X8R8G8B8 texture format. Only holds unsigned data. 0.5f normalizeiNorm 1.0f mapNorm.w 1.0f Depth map iDepth.x iDepth.y mapDepth.w 1.0f mapIdentity.xyzw dsObjectIdentity technique LWSurface pass p0 VertexShader compile vs_3_0 vsFill PixelShader compile ps_3_0 psLWSurface And in the engine I have hardcoded a test value for the alpha of the second texture just until I can get this probem solved D3DLOCKED_RECT textureData _layers91layer.layer-gtLockRect0 textureData 0 0 unsigned bytePointer unsignedtextureData.pBits for int y 0 y lt desc.Height y for int x 0 x lt desc.Width x Alpha channel bytebytePointer91x913 50 32bpp 4 bytes and pitch may not be width 4 bytePointer textureData.Pitch gtgt 2 _layers91layer.layer-gtUnlockRect0 The textures are Dynamic and 32byte A8R8G8B8. Thank you for taking the time. Attached Thumbnails

Leaving Flash behind where to next - Link Thu, 27 Aug 2015 23:01:57

Hey there Sorry to be posting one of those recommendation requests but Im having a hard time here and would appreciate some information on my options here. TLDR Im looking for toolingcoding suggestions for creating cross-platform games and apps My needs... - run-time asset loading - vector graphics handling - network communication - data handling JSONXMLSQLite - runs native Cross-compileson desktop and mobile - object oriented programming Ive been developing in AS2 then AS3 for a while now and while I do still believe that there is space for this technology I think its time again to consider some other options going forward. I do have certain needs and wants for my next projects and would like to try something that can offer me something more than Flash has. Ive been using the Flash IDE with FlashDevelop and its worked very well for me. I create assets in Flash that have no code aside of stop and export into swc or swf depending on whether Im creating runtime or compiled assets. Then in FD I build out all the code using proper coding practices try to mostly. Despite it working very well for me there are some reasons that Im looking to switch. -Cross-platform deployment.AIR makes it very easy to compile for android or iOS on paper that is. Once I started testing on different devices I started seeing weird visual issues and found it incredibly difficult to debug and ended up abandoning the project and ended up using CoronaSDK which got me to a non buggy release within 2 weeks with 0 LuaCorona experience. I believe the issue there with flash is that it relies on the AIR runtime on the devices which adds bloat and runs interpreted code whereas some other cross-platform frameworkstoolslibraries compile to native code and thus boast better performance. -IDE not a level editor.The Flash IDE is one of the platforms biggest strengths. It has its quirks but for the most part its a solid and intuitive program that allows someone that has no experience with it to be productive in almost no time. but.... I seem to have come up with some limits now that have become increasingly difficult to get around. As a level editor I find it lacking I often use it to generate maps with spacial and relational data. I would love to be able to place nodes on a map and link them to generate paths. The problem is that while I can add nodes and add properties to them through the IDE the ability to draw a line from one to the other and later have access on the relationship between them is not possible using the IDE. Doing this would require a custom tool which is another step in the pipeline on top of having to create such a tool in the first place. -Community Adobe Dependence.Adobe hates Flash they treat it like the black sheep of RIA that theyre embarrassed of.The community has been withering almost every AS3 developer that I followed moved on. There are a few holding out but the writing is on the wall it has been for a while. What Ive tried... -Unity3D.Ive tried several times to give it a go but it just doesnt suit my way of developing. I dont like some of the imposed coding practices having assets and code be too dependent and find run-time asset loading complicated. Im sure if I committed fully and learned more about unity I could find a way to be more productive with it but Id rather see what else is out there plus most of the stuff I do would use 2D or 2.5D so a 3D first engine is an overkill. -Corona SDK.I found it surprisingly easy to get going with but its limiting to me because it only does mobile and I ended up using the Flash IDE for assets anyway so it doesnt solve anything. But it is a handy free mobile-only solution that Id use again but only for a specific type of project. -Unreal Engine.This was more of a quick dable its basically the same as Unity3D from my standpoint so while the features may be different the drawbacks as far as my needs go are pretty much the same. -OpenFLHaxe.For the time being this looks like the most viable option. It cross-compiles for multiple platforms unlike AIR and would be very easy to port existing code to. However I would still need to create my own level editor. Ive also found debugging difficult but I think debugging any cross-compiled code is. - JavaScript. HTML5 has a lot of community support and it is starting to displace Flash as the de-facto way of creating browser games. The problem I find with javascript is that as a non-compiled language it is very reliant on the run-time environment the browser. Im not targeting web games and HTML5 packagers are much like AIR on mobile and suffer a lot in performance. As far as IDEs go theres still nothing that surpasses Flash IDE for creating content for javascript luckily Flash does export to an increasing amount of formats which are js friendly Theres a very handy list herehttpstackoverflow.comquestions175847172d-cross-platform-game-development-enginesand after looking through the list I find that the most likely candidate would be libgdx. libgdx uses Java which would be new to me but seems like an easy enough switch. It seems to support vector graphics vertex arrays supports JSON and XML and can be used with an IDE called Overlap2d. Overlap2D has custom variables A feature that Ive been using hacks to do in Flash and it has a plugin API so creating a waypointpathing plugin may be possible without building a custom tool from scratch. If that doesnt work I may do a switch to HaxeOpenFL and create the custom tooling or use a creative coding library like Cinder or OpenFrameworks. If you have any other suggestions or feedback on any of the librariesframeworkstools especially if you have experience with libgdx would love to hear it. Thanks for reading.

Transfer Function Lookup Table Failing - Link Thu, 27 Aug 2015 20:17:12

Hi guys I created a simple lookup texture to use in my shader it should act as a transfer function. For a test I used a linear gradient from black to white the output should equal the input but its noticably darker. Here is the code float4 pshaderVS_OUTPUT input SV_TARGET get the source colour float3 smp Texture0.SampleSampler0 lookup new intensity - lookup texture is 256 x 8 pixels smp.x Texture1.SampleSampler0 float2smp.x 0.5f.x smp.y Texture1.SampleSampler0 float2smp.y 0.5f.x smp.z Texture1.SampleSampler0 float2smp.z 0.5f.x return float4smp 1 I cant see what Im doing wrong. Thanks.

FBX Import scaling - Link Thu, 27 Aug 2015 19:20:46

Im trying to use the Autodesk FBXSDK to do import of 3D objects in FBX format. I have trouble applying the local scaling of mesh nodes in the scene tree during rendering. When I create a cube in Blender and scale it down to say 0.35 of its size and export it as FBX 6.1 ASCII I get a fbxNode-gtLclScaling value of 0.35 when I import it in my code using the SDK. However if I export as FBX 7.4 binary format in Blender I get a LclScaling value on the mesh node that is 35.0. Is there any unit scaling factor I need to take into consideration when importing the scaling in my code And in such case where do I pick this out using the SDK It is not the m_scene-gtGetGlobalSettings.GetSystemUnit.GetScaleFactor that is different between the exported formats because it is 1.0 in both cases.

Games on non smart phones - Link Thu, 27 Aug 2015 17:55:44

Does anyone know anything about this both pre smart phone era and current non smart phones Im pretty sure a lot of them useduse the Symbian OS would these games be created in Java can anyone shed any knowledge. What languagestools are used. Just curious really.

Wang tiles generator - Link Thu, 27 Aug 2015 16:48:54

Hi all. Is there any ready tool to generate a set of wang tiles from a texture I need a good algorithm for procedural terrain generation and Im looking into wang tiles right now. Found lots of theoretical articles about it but no algorithms implementation. Thanks Denis.

Terraria clone. What do I need to learn - Link Thu, 27 Aug 2015 16:43:15

Hello fellow programmers. I want to make a terraria clone. Ofc in alot smaller scale. And i therefor wonder what kind of skills i need to learn to do so. What is the difference between procedural generation of my map and perlin noise generating my map array. Ive tried out Perlin to get my array filled with random numbers. Are those the same thing or am i all wrong What other skillset do I need to learn Im newbie so go easy on me

Pixel Art Game - Link Thu, 27 Aug 2015 16:17:40

I want to develop a pixel art game in c and DirectX9. I want to be able to render the game at 320x240 and upscale it to native resolution. How can I achieve this

HTML5 game engine for Isometric 34Final Fantasy Tactics34 like game - Link Thu, 27 Aug 2015 13:07:59

Hello I want to start developing a game and i have been doing some research these days to know how to start. The base idea is to build a game with a Final Fantasy Tactics style isometric turn based i love the simil-3d graphic with 2d sprites as characters actually i rathered doing a full 3d world with 2d characters like in Ragnarok online or its spiritual successor Tree of Savior which looks amazing to me but I am aware itd be too difficult difficult as a start and i want to use html5 and javascript since its a world im quite comfortable in. So I have been looking on the internet how to start developing such a game in javascript and i ended up discovering about the various game engines developed for the purpose of making html5 games and i dont know which one to chose. At the moment i have tested two engines JSIso and isogenic By tested i mean i have downloaded them and ran the examples ive also stumbled upon Project Goldscript sadly the code is not available and the project has not been updated since months. Im ok with buying a license as long as its not too much expensive 200 euros or so and its really worth buying it - JSIso examples have almost exactly the look id like my game to have but i dont think its ready for production also it doesnt handle rotation well i think it just translates tiles to make it look the map has been instantly rotated by 90 which leads to some problems like you can see in this sample httpjsiso.comjsiso-samplespublicSamplessample1 roads will not be rotated correctly. On top of that it hasnt been update since several months - Isogenic examples are not really much elaborate so i couldnt really enjoy what the engine is capable of but in general it didnt convince me much What i am looking for is for a game engine that helps me in developing an isometric game but gives me good camera control id like to let it rotate freely on the horizontal axis and have 3 settings on the vertical one i think it might not be as simple as it sounds because it might need to be in a 3d world to be able to handle the camera in the way i like...ok sorry just speculating here back on topic. It would be nice to also have a fake lighting system such as the one in JSIso instead of having to develop one by myself and i might need some freedom rather than restraints from the system I want to add that while im a total beginner in game development i am an experienced programmer although in my programmer life i have done almost exclusively web applications ranging from simple PHP sites to enterprise applications web services and so on and i know javascript PHP and Java using frameworks such as Spring Symfony Hibernate and so on... quite well. I also know a bit of event driven programming mostly thanks to warcraft 3 which i made some maps for so im not afraid of getting my hands dirty though id rather not make anything from scratch i dont want to reinvent the wheel. So id like to know which javascript game engine might be more suitable for me and the game i want to develop. Thanks in advance for your answers any suggestion will be appreciated

Adding some type of metadata in HLSL - Link Thu, 27 Aug 2015 10:08:01

I am using the D3D shader reflection function to generate my vertex input layout however I need to specify whether a variable is per-vertex or per-instance and as far as I know there is no official HLSL way to do this. I thought about adding my own metadata structure at the top of the file parse it and pass the rest of the shader to D3DCompile instead ofD3DCompileFromFile. Does this sound like a good idea What is the generally used approach

Hybrid approach of data structure representation of opened list - Link Thu, 27 Aug 2015 09:52:52

httptheory.stanford.eduamitpGameProgrammingImplementationNotes.html After taking a read on this page Amit has suggested to use a priority queue for ranking management binary heap for insertion and deletion of opened nodes. I wonder if I create 1 stdvector and 1 stdpriority_queue in my astar class. How can I make sure there is actually 1 centralized opened list available. If 2 inconsistent opened lists are available they may expose to errors. Any code example on how to go about doing that To keep 2 containers synchronized I am a C coder. httpsen.wikipedia.orgwikiSearch_data_structure Id like to have a data structure that excels at insertion deletion and looking up Which should I choose I find out that heaps can only have On on minimum maximum search My map is about 40x40 cells a grid Thanks Jack

How to learn Urho3D - Link Thu, 27 Aug 2015 09:47:48

Hi I am a newbie on 3D game engine. I found an open-source game engine called Urho3D several weeks ago. I know about some knowledges about OpenGL and have enough experience on 2D games. I have researched a lot through the samples provided by Urho3D but still cant go across it. Are there any great Urho3D tutorials or 3D game basis which is suitable for beginners like me. I need your help Thanks a lot.

Octree Frustrum Culling - Link Thu, 27 Aug 2015 09:38:36

Hello times came when i had to implement some culling into my engine. I started by reading some stuff and so far so good. I managed to create an octree which can effectivly divide my geometrys vertices per mesh into an octree. But here i have some Questions Currently i am using immediate mode to test if the culling works. And it does work i am recursivly traversing the trees nodes and testing against the nodes bounding box if the frustum intersects with it. Repeat untill leaf is found and render that leafs geometry with immediate mode for testing But now i would like to use VBOVAOs to render the geometry in the leaves and here i see two options - 1.Each time the i traverse the tree push the leaves that intersect with the frustrum into a list then get the vertices out of them and construct a VBO and send it to be rendered. - 2.Pre build a VBO for each leaf then just rebind for each visible leaf and render. Anyway which is the better option rebuilding a new vbo each time the frustum changes or just rebinding multiple vbos which is also expensive. Also is this even the right approach maybe i am missing something. bool view_CullingCFrustum frusrum COctree node if node return false if frusrum.CubeInFrustumnode-gtGetCenter.x node-gtGetCenter.y node- gtGetCenter.znode-gtGetWidth2.0f if node-gtIsSubDivided view_Cullingfrusrum node-gtOctreeNodes91TOP_LEFT_FRONT view_Cullingfrusrum node-gtOctreeNodes91TOP_LEFT_BACK view_Cullingfrusrum node-gtOctreeNodes91TOP_RIGHT_BACK view_Cullingfrusrum node-gtOctreeNodes91TOP_RIGHT_FRONT view_Cullingfrusrum node-gtOctreeNodes91BOTTOM_LEFT_FRONT view_Cullingfrusrum node-gtOctreeNodes91BOTTOM_LEFT_BACK view_Cullingfrusrum node-gtOctreeNodes91BOTTOM_RIGHT_BACK view_Cullingfrusrum node-gtOctreeNodes91BOTTOM_RIGHT_FRONT else use prebuilded vbo here or push these vertices here in a list later build a dynamic vbo from them node-gtDrawOctreenode return true return false

Firing many rays at one pixel - Link Thu, 27 Aug 2015 08:04:20

Hi all I am trying to implement the simplest antialiasing on my basic ray tracer by averaging the color of 5 rays per pixel. My problem is I cant fire rays at different positions on a pixel. I am using libgdx and java and cast my rays like Ray ray cam.getPickRayxy The pickRay method takes floats so I figured I could fire rays at x0.99f and y0.99f but it doesnt work that way. Is there a mathematical way I can compute a new ray direction within a pixel Thanks

Question about deprecated OpenGL functionality - Link Wed, 26 Aug 2015 22:13:15

I am working on a game that I initially just used immediate rendering for knowing that Id revisit it and implement vertextexture coordcoloretc buffers when the time came. So then I was reading inthis threadthat a lot of OpenGL stuff that I learned way back when in the 2000s is deprecated now. My questions are How much harm will I suffer if I use this deprecated stuff It seems like it still works well enough. Is there any performance hit associated with using it I saw this basic tutorial on shaders and in fact have a attenuated point light shader sitting in a git branch but it just shows how to color a fragment a solid color. Is there any easy drop-in shader that I can use to handle the basics that I listed above until Im ready to dig deeper into writing my own shaders UV mapping colored vertices etc. If there are any other resources I should be looking at please let me know. Its hard to know how old the tutorials youre looking at are sometimes. Theres still stuff out there with ARB functions in it that looks current at first glance...

libGDX game code review - Link Wed, 26 Aug 2015 22:07:15

Hello there

Question about GL_VERTEX_PROGRAM_NV - Link Wed, 26 Aug 2015 17:06:51

Hi there I know that my question is from the previous century but I want to clarify it. Suppose I have vertex program from manual VP1.0 c0-3 modelview projection composite matrix c4-7 modelview inverse transpose c32 normalized eye-space light direction infinite light c33 normalized constant eye-space half-angle vector infinite viewer c35.x pre-multiplied monochromatic diffuse light color diffuse material c35.y pre-multiplied monochromatic ambient light color diffuse material c36 specular color c38.x specular power outputs homogenous position and color DP4 oHPOS.x c0 vOPOS DP4 oHPOS.y c1 vOPOS DP4 oHPOS.z c2 vOPOS DP4 oHPOS.w c3 vOPOS DP3 R0.x c4 vNRML DP3 R0.y c5 vNRML DP3 R0.z c6 vNRML R0 n transformed normal DP3 R1.x c32 R0 R1.x Lpos DOT n DP3 R1.y c33 R0 R1.y hHat DOT n MOV R1.w c38.x R1.w specular power LIT R2 R1 Compute lighting values MAD R3 c35.x R2.y c35.y diffuse emissive MAD c36 R2.z R3 specular END Code is clear to me question is about parameters. First 8 c0-c7 are tracked by glTrackMatrixNV. What about the others I can load them using glProgramParameter4fNV but I wonder if there is a natural way to track these parameters cause all of them are already given to OpenGL

Saving Object data - Link Wed, 26 Aug 2015 15:37:55

Im starting to look into how I should save my game state and dataMy initial thoughts were to make objects serializable and just save them to the disk. Although Im not sure if this is the best approach since I have heard object serialization is slow on android not only for saving but for loading aswellI also thought about converting my objects into a JSON string this is my preferred way but Im kind of lost on how to actually convert the object to a JSON string and vice versaThoughts on what I should do Any help would be appreciated

voiceword recognition - Link Wed, 26 Aug 2015 14:55:02

there is no dedicated audio tech forum I hope this is the right place to post my question instead. for fun and curiosity Id like to implement a simple single word recognition of spoken recordings. as this is for fun i can setup an artificial environment e.g. 5 words only no noise clear voice etc. so far Ive gathered that I could run an fourie transform and compare the frequencies via histograms. well its not easy to find tutorials or sample source to learn from it. usually everybody recommend libraries but those are either black boxes or require deep knowledge just to set those up. any guidance links high level descriptions samples keywords for Google are highly appreciated

Unsure between 2 books - Link Wed, 26 Aug 2015 14:29:18

Hello Im looking to buy a single book that can teach me the ropes to C and OOP in general. Having done my research I got the list narrowed to only two books - Programming Principles and Practice Using C Bjarne Stroustrup - C Primer Stanley B. Lippman Josee Lajoie and Barbara E. Moo. Some more information that can probably help you is the fact that Im currently in university and grasp the very basics of languages like Python C Scheme and Java the one I know least. Put that which of these books would suit me best Thanks in advance.

Large scale terrains again - Link Wed, 26 Aug 2015 14:05:13

Im still at the design stage for my terrain system. A lot of the other work on my flight sim has gone very well but Ive been battering around ideas for the terrain for months now without coming up with a design I like. I can generate whole planets worth of random terrain no problem but generating terrain based on real world locations is another whole barrel of triangles. The input data I already have is in the form of two textures per map Each map is something like 1000 miles by 1000 miles. The first texture is a height map. Standard stuff but at a resolution of 1 pixel 400 square meters .... not very useful as it stands. The second has type information in it. it is broken down into 16 terrain types4 bits water grass mountain etc. and two bits for roads and railways. My original plan was to generate a terrain patch for each pixel of the source data but when you get to above 35000 feet the number of terrain patches visible becomes ridiculous. So Im thinking I am going to need a terrain patch to be about 10 miles square. These will have to be generated from the original data and include a really good CLOD system. Which one is up for debate. To get the level of detail I need from this is going to be a major challenge. I need to have terrain that looks good when you are stood next to your aircraft and still looks good at 35000 feet. Not easy. So I am looking for guidance from the folks here. Anybody seen any good papers worth reading Anybody got experience writing terrain systems for flight simulators and is willing to share knowledge At the moment I have a dozen possible solutions in my head none of which solve all the problems all of which solve some of the problems. I keep starting writing code and then stopping what I am doing because I realise it wont work.

Finding Up and Right vectors from Look for view matrix - Link Wed, 26 Aug 2015 12:29:01

I want to be able to set the direction the camera is facing but I cant figure out how to determine the other vectors from the view direction.

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