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Skyhook039s Super Smash Con Post-Mortem - by Waseque Qazi - Link Thu, 15 Oct 2015 02:21:00

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The thoughts and opinions expressed are those of the writer and not Gamasutra or its parent company. tldr Yes you should totally bring your game to Super Smash Con It was incredible and amazing and exhilarating This year I had the pleasure of attending a fresh new convention in the U.S. called Super Smash Con. While preparing for the event I read every shred of blog I could find online about event postmortems. Still I wished that I could read about the actual event itself. Of course one written by a time traveler who traveled back for the sole purpose of writing video game convention postmortems. Alas. Hower to you future con goer I write this post mortem about our experience showing Skyhook at Super Smash Con. A SMASHCON YOU SAY If you havenrsquot yet heard of Super Smash Con itrsquos a brand new video game convention as of 2015. Itrsquos centered around all things Super Smash Bros. Irsquom talking Smash Bros tournaments Smash Bros panels Smash Bros artist alleys Smash Bros vendors and even Smash Bros parkour performances The event took place at the Dulles Expo Center in Chantilly Virginia in the U.S. They gave us a 10x10 booth in the Indie Games area for free All we had to do was get ourselves to Virginia. HOTEL AND TRAVEL The convention was partnered with the Holiday Inn that was literally in the same parking lot. We stayed there the third night. They were already booked up though so we spent the first two nights at the Hyatt Place Chantilly a 5-minute drive from the expo center. The Hyatt also had free breakfast which really helped fuel us for the con and had a shuttle bus that went to and from the expo center. The Dulles Expo Center is also minutes away from the Dulles International Airport but we opted to drive from New York to keep travel and shipping costs low. PRE-CON PREPARATION The most challenging thing about preparing for SSC though was that I had no idea how big or small it would be -- it was literally the first event Since I was preparing so close to the event date I was lucky that this infographic was posted on twitter showing how many people were registered for the Smash Bros. tournaments. Over 9000 Just kidding but there were over 700 people signed up for the Wii U tournament so I used that as a gauge and decided to plan for roughly 1000 potential players. In hindsight it might have made more sense to just ask the event organizers. SAVED BY THE STAPLES Since we found out about the convention pretty late I had only about a week to get the booth together. Staplesrsquo same-day pickup printing really came in handy here. I literally ordered an 8-foot banner on outdoor vinyl at 9 AM before work and picked it up on my way home on that same day. And oh did I. I got an 8rsquo x 2rsquo outdoor vinyl banner with grommets for hanging behind the booth and a 6rsquo x 2rsquo vertical banner for propping up with a banner stand. I got lucky because Staples accidentally printed the vertical banner on outdoor vinyl even though I asked for indoor vinyl and so they let me keep both What luck But then I got a bit unluckyhellip DIY BANNER STAND I hadnrsquot accounted for the 7 business-day shipping time it took to get a banner stand. Staples doesn39t carry the stands in stores I began calling all the local print shops on Long Island but they all quoted me 120 for JUST a banner stand Thatrsquos when I had the idea to search the internets for ldquoDIY banner stand.rdquo I found this great video on making PVC light stands for photography so I took the basic idea and added two cross-beams to hold the top and bottom of the banner. It was surprisingly fulfilling to make the stand myself. The total cost for the stand was a whopping 16 and took me about an hour to build. Irsquom already working on pirate-themed banner stands for our next event OUR BOOTH The Indie Games area at SmashCon consisted of 12 booths about 10x10 feet very professionally done with black curtains and side walls. There were power outlets inside each booth and electricity was free. It was all pretty great. Herersquos a photo of the 6 center booths with 6 more on the opposite sides. You can see the hoards of people playing Smash Bros in the back. That area was a dedicated console area with every Smash Bros game ever. For our booth I wanted to have some pirate-themed elements to help give it some personality. I had a plastic skull lying around from halloween and I picked up a pirate flag and some plastic doubloons for very cheap on Amazon. I printed 250 postcards and 500 business cards to hand out at the con. Staples same-day pickup again. They seem to always have sales on their print products which really helped keep costs low and there is no shipping charges for picking it up. I also printed the how-to-play sign and the mailing list forms there too. Irsquod strongly recommend you bring some kind of mailing list signup form when you go to these kinds of events. We got 88 new email subscribers at the con and gave out most of our print material. We also ran out of signup forms and had to start using the backs. In the future I will definitely go with using an iPad or other tablet to avoid having to copy all the handwritten emails over to Mailchimp. We also picked up a black tablecloth and a dry-erase board for tournament signups at the Walmart which is also in the same parking lot TOURNAMENTS Holding side tournaments every few hours was perfect for both the game and the smash audience. People would sign up hours ahead of time and return when the tournaments started. I tried to commentate on every match which resulted in me losing my voice but I think that -- combined with the noise from the tournaments-crowd -- really helped draw in more people. We didnrsquot have much swag at the event so we gave out Steam Keys that I had printed on

Is Your Game able to Withstand a Tabletop Gamer - by Filip Wiltgren - Link Thu, 15 Oct 2015 02:21:00

SEARCH GAME JOBS updates Blogs events contractors newsletter store SEARCH PROGRAMMING ART AUDIO DESIGN PRODUCTION BIZMARKETING Latest Jobs View All RSS October 16 2015 Latest Blogs View All Post RSS October 16 2015 Features View All RSS October 16 2015 Special Reports Press Releases October 16 2015 PR Newswire prn_overridesmargin0 10px 10px 3px prn_overrides tablebackground-colortransparent prn_overrides table tdbackground-colortransparent prn_overrides td.linkcell_prnbackgroundurltwimgs.comgamasutraimagesgray_arrow2.gif no-repeat 0px 7pxpadding-left12pxdisplayblock30px prn_overrides a.headlinelink_prnfont-family Verdana Arial Helvetica sans-serif View All Games Press View All RSS Calendar View All Submit Event About Contact Gamasutra Report a Problem Submit News Comment Guidelines Blogging Guidelines How We Work Gama Network If you enjoy reading this site you might also want to check out these UBM Tech sites Game Career Guide Indie Games .content_box_middle pre overflow-xauto Blogs Is Your Game able to Withstand a Tabletop Gamer by Filip Wiltgren on 101515 022100 pm 5 comments The following blog post unless otherwise noted was written by a member of Gamasutras community. The thoughts and opinions expressed are those of the writer and not Gamasutra or its parent company. My friend broke Elvenar. I donrsquot know if itrsquos been changed since ndash I donrsquot play Elvenar myself ndash but if you do and donrsquot want any spoilers skip this post. But enough with the disclaimers on with the show. My friend is a gamer more specifically a board gamer. More specifically my friend is a very very good board gamer. And what differentiates board games from video games except for the whole ldquoboardrdquo thing is that in a board game the entire game system is always exposed. Think about it ndash in a board game you see all the cogs and wheels all the time. You donrsquot get any graphics between you and the rules. You donrsquot have any unknown variables ok a draw deck of cards can be an unknown but you know that itrsquos there ndash yoursquoll never be in a position where variable X is secretly controlled by variable Y. What you see is what you get and what you get is all the rules up front. You may think that you get the rules in Elvenar up front but you donrsquot. You donrsquot see what happens behind the scenes the little fiddly bits that the computer is taking care of for you. But being a board game player my friend is very adept at recognizing the fiddly bits when he sees them. And hersquos got another advantage. Board games are simple. You may think that a board game is complex with thousands of tokens and hundreds of pages of rules check out Advanced Squad Leader Amazon cards that change the way the game is played Fluxx Amazon anyone or that carry their own rules Magic the Gathering Amazon but at itrsquos core itrsquos still a very simple system. Thatrsquos because a board game needs to be able to be played by an unaided human. A human must be able to understand and apply the rules. All the rules. Miss a rule and yoursquore not playing the game properly. BTW Irsquom using the term board game and tabletop game interchangeably here so Magic and Fluxx are board games even though theyrsquore card games. You can just pretend that Irsquom writing ldquotabletoprdquo or ldquocardrdquo or ldquominiaturerdquo when it suits you. My point is about analog games of a certain complexity and use. Back to the game. With everything known and every rule adapted to be human-grokkable board games are perfect at teaching a key lesson how to analyze and pervert complex systems. Letrsquos back up a bit. In a board game you begin by testing different play styles. After a while some of those styles will show themselves to be more successful ndash you start to win against your friends. Your keep playing and keep winning. Yoursquove found the optimal way to play right Wrong. Yoursquove found the optimal way to play in your gaming group. Someone coming in from the outside can completely overturn your group-think way of playing the game. That is what happened to me with Through the Ages. Through the Ages is a civilization themed engine building game. Yoursquove got resources like metal food population science military strength and a couple of others. You use your resources to build your nation and gather points. In my group we thought that science was overpowered. Whomever managed to get the best science generating engine won. Then we played with a guy who played in a different group and he trashed us all. Completely. Turns out that if you analyze the game mathematically like you can see that while science is the key to engine building military is the key to victory. If yoursquove got a weak military you can get beaten down and down and down. None of us played that way. This guy did. He won. He won because hersquod sat down an looked through all possible play styles. He didnrsquot need to find them he could see them right there on the board and then it was merely a question of testing them against each other. And what he came up with was that military if you got the right cards was completely overpowered against someone who didnrsquot go for military strength. So while betting on military was dependent on luck to win omitting military was a surefire way to lose in Through the Ages. And he figured that out by looking at the components and the rules. Sometimes itrsquos that obvious. Sometimes you need to do more work but you can always do the work. You have all the parts at your disposal and knowing that theyrsquore there knowing grokking that what yoursquore looking at is a mathematical system lets you take it apart. Note that Irsquom using the word grok here. Grok means to understand something at an intuitive level to know it so intimately that it becomes part of your world view. It means something that affects our very way of thinking. Itrsquos a very strong term coined incidentally by Science Fiction writer Robert A. Heinlein Amazon you know the Starship Troopers Amazon guy. How strong Most of us know that the Earth is round. Most of us donrsquot grok it. We donrsquot instantly think of a planet as a ball with no real directions. We sometimes consider how gravity makes people walk upside-down in Australia btw if yoursquore in Australia pretend I said Norway. But when we look we see the world as essentially flat and thatrsquos how we grok it as a sheet because thatrsquos how we walk drive sleep live. Some astrophysicists grok that the Earth is round. For them itrsquos intuitive to think of Earth like a sphere that they can orbit objects around. The rest of us well if yoursquore anything like me you grok North as ldquouprdquo or grok Western Europe or the US as ldquouprdquo. If we think of Earth itrsquos with the USUK at the top or perhaps with the North Pole on top. If we truly grok the Earth as round then there is no top. Top is only important for maps and flat surfaces. My friend

Making of Super Mega Baseball No.5 First Demo - by Liane Howill - Link Thu, 15 Oct 2015 02:21:00

SEARCH GAME JOBS updates Blogs events contractors newsletter store SEARCH PROGRAMMING ART AUDIO DESIGN PRODUCTION BIZMARKETING Latest Jobs View All RSS October 16 2015 Latest Blogs View All Post RSS October 16 2015 Features View All RSS October 16 2015 Special Reports Press Releases October 16 2015 PR Newswire prn_overridesmargin0 10px 10px 3px prn_overrides tablebackground-colortransparent prn_overrides table tdbackground-colortransparent prn_overrides td.linkcell_prnbackgroundurltwimgs.comgamasutraimagesgray_arrow2.gif no-repeat 0px 7pxpadding-left12pxdisplayblock30px prn_overrides a.headlinelink_prnfont-family Verdana Arial Helvetica sans-serif View All Games Press View All RSS Calendar View All Submit Event About Contact Gamasutra Report a Problem Submit News Comment Guidelines Blogging Guidelines How We Work Gama Network If you enjoy reading this site you might also want to check out these UBM Tech sites Game Career Guide Indie Games .content_box_middle pre overflow-xauto Blogs Making of Super Mega Baseball No.5 First Demo by Liane Howill on 101515 022100 pm Post A Comment The following blog post unless otherwise noted was written by a member of Gamasutras community. The thoughts and opinions expressed are those of the writer and not Gamasutra or its parent company. This is the 5th post in a series about the making of Super Mega Baseball. The content was copied over from our blog We39re jumping ahead in time today from ourlast postthat took place about a year and half into the making of Super Mega Baseball to this post taking place almost three years in. Let39s jump right in. Liane What are we talking about today ScottWell wersquove talked about some of the formative ideas but now this is the period where wersquove recognized that instead of just working on this alone in our basement we need to actually show this to some other people - to open some doors to potentially find some help and to get some feedback on what wersquore making. ChristianThis post is quite far away from theprevious one time-wise. So all the images and video that you see in this one are about 1.5 yearsrsquo worth of work since the last post. There was a lot of work put into tech and so yoursquoll see crowds and things like that in the screenshots now. Therersquos a lot of progress being made in trying to draw all the things that we needed to draw. Still very little progress ndash as in no progress at all ndash in actually being able to play baseball. ScottWe had been grinding on tech stuff for a while and there was sort of a recognized need to show it to somebody else. Liane So what did you have to show at this point ChristianWe could now actually draw stadiums and players. They were animated they could look around. We had a stadium full of independently animated crowd members. They had props they had features that the final crowd didnrsquot even have. They could drink beers they had hot dogs they had foam fingers that they could wave. They acted independently. I think at this point the crowd could even move their eyeballs around and look at stuff. And the players they could look at the ball their entire bodies could move around they could run they could blend between running and walking. They couldnrsquot jump they couldnrsquot dive and they most certainly could not play baseball. ScottThere was a lot of cheering going on despite the horrendous display on the field in front of them. ChristianLaughs Here are some screenshots of the game at this point. Liane So there wasnrsquot really much gameplay ChristianI think there was a batting interface. I think we had a really early version of what is now the multiplayer pitching and batting mechanics. So I believe if you had two controllers one person could throw the ball and the other person could hit the ball. ScottAnd the ball would curve and stuff. ChristianBut none of the fielders would react to anything. You couldnrsquot base run or anything. So that was pretty much it - a ball would be thrown and you could hit it. And there was a giant ribbon trail behind the ball of course. Liane I see you have a crowd in the screenshots now tell me about that. ChristianSo we had identified pretty early on that crowd in a game like this especially on a console was probably going to be one of the harder technical problems. Our strategy was kind of letrsquos try and solve these problems so we donrsquot get hung up on them later. There was a very substantial amount of time invested in trying to make this crowd draw. The early attempts even just drawing a couple hundred of these guys ran way way too slow. So we slowly learned how yoursquore supposed to go about doing this and over time we went from being able to draw a couple hundred bodies to a couple thousand bodies to a few thousand fully animated crowd members. It was actually kind of a high performance crowd that unfortunately only ran on the PC. The guys made this video as their first real demo of the game. This is what they said while re-watching this video after so many years ChristianTherersquos actually the first iteration of the company logo on here. Thatrsquos the first thing thatrsquos notable. ScottIt doesnrsquot look too bad honestly. ChristianI liked it. ScottYeah we decided to whip out the big guns here and put together a top notch irresistible video. ChristianWith impeccable editing skills applied. ScottThe pitching animation was there more or less. They could hit and drink. ChristianThatrsquos pretty much alllll they could do. And they can run and hold the bat ndash that was a lot of work. Last time we were talking about how the smallest details take a huge amount of workhellipthat guy running from the dugouts to the base holding his bat represents a titanic amount of work. ScottProp-carrying blended with run cycleshellipthat was a pain in the ass. Yeah therersquos this camera angle that didnrsquot last either you can see that wersquove got that straight-on low camera angle that we really didnrsquot like. And then therersquos that irresistible splash screen. ChristianLots of laughing Oh yeah thatrsquos straight up me following a Photoshop tutorial like ldquoHow do you make a punch-out through a piece of paper effect in Photoshop.rdquo Follow tutorial exactly paste screenshot behind place ball in front and boom...done. Beautiful. And the best part of that video for those of you that were paying attention at the very end notice that it said ldquocoming soon.rdquo We thought it was serious. This was in 2012. ScottSo we took that video over to theFull IndieMeet-Up which is a get-together and networking event for independent developers in Vancouver. We just chatted with some folks about our mutual projects. I wouldnrsquot say we generated a tremendous amount of interest. ChristianThe thing that stands out the most for me from that meet-up was being told that there was no way we were going to get onto any of the major platforms with what wersquore making. Like from people that

Top Signs Your Dealing With Bad Management - by David Baron - Link Thu, 15 Oct 2015 02:11:00

SEARCH GAME JOBS updates Blogs events contractors newsletter store SEARCH PROGRAMMING ART AUDIO DESIGN PRODUCTION BIZMARKETING Latest Jobs View All RSS October 16 2015 Latest Blogs View All Post RSS October 16 2015 Features View All RSS October 16 2015 Special Reports Press Releases October 16 2015 PR Newswire prn_overridesmargin0 10px 10px 3px prn_overrides tablebackground-colortransparent prn_overrides table tdbackground-colortransparent prn_overrides td.linkcell_prnbackgroundurltwimgs.comgamasutraimagesgray_arrow2.gif no-repeat 0px 7pxpadding-left12pxdisplayblock30px prn_overrides a.headlinelink_prnfont-family Verdana Arial Helvetica sans-serif View All Games Press View All RSS Calendar View All Submit Event About Contact Gamasutra Report a Problem Submit News Comment Guidelines Blogging Guidelines How We Work Gama Network If you enjoy reading this site you might also want to check out these UBM Tech sites Game Career Guide Indie Games .content_box_middle pre overflow-xauto Blogs Top Signs Your Dealing With Bad Management by David Baron on 101515 022100 pm Post A Comment The following blog post unless otherwise noted was written by a member of Gamasutras community. The thoughts and opinions expressed are those of the writer and not Gamasutra or its parent company. From experience herersquos my top signs and behavioural patterns that indicate you are dealing with bad management. They avoid conflict. The main responsibility of managers is to absorb handle conflict for they team. If you see them avoiding it then they will let it spread out until it poisons the entire project team. They too busy. Managers should never be too busy they should be the onersquos who have the most control over their schedule. If they canrsquot manage they own time and set limits what will they do for yours They donrsquot want to know. Good managers always want to know and be deeply aware. If you see your manager avoiding knowing details or key elements about your teamrsquos progress it means he will probably not understand how to resolve the issues if things go wrong. They set dead lines for yesterday. If you ask your manager when a task is due and he tells you ldquoyesterdayrdquo. Even if this is said in jokingly matter itrsquos a huge sign of incompetence and lack of consideration. Even if a project is late a manager should always have a forward thinking mindset and be able to set reasonable milestones. If he39s unable to do so then hersquos not a manager anymore and you will end up taking full responsibility of ldquosavingrdquo the situation. Solutions The truth of the matter if you are dealing with bad management the best you can do is to try to reason with them. But always take in consideration a project or company thatrsquos under weak management will go into a downward spiral at an accelerate rate. Usually only a high level business crisis or an external highly influential leader might turn the tides but as an employee you should not take the blame on yourself try to do the best job you can under circumstances and when things become unbearable disengage in a responsible way from the organization. Related Jobs 10.16.15 Experienced Artist 10.16.15 Lead Technical Artist 10.16.15 Lead Artist 10.16.15 Experienced Game Engine Programmer View All Jobs 256438 blog blogsDavidBaron20151015256438Top_Signs_Your_Dealing_With_Bad_Management.php 874486 33160933 Loading Comments

EGX Post-mortem a.k.a How to Save Money as an Indie Exhibitor - by - Link Wed, 14 Oct 2015 03:48:00

SEARCH GAME JOBS updates Blogs events contractors newsletter store SEARCH PROGRAMMING ART AUDIO DESIGN PRODUCTION BIZMARKETING Latest Jobs View All RSS October 16 2015 Latest Blogs View All Post RSS October 16 2015 Features View All RSS October 16 2015 Special Reports Press Releases October 16 2015 PR Newswire prn_overridesmargin0 10px 10px 3px prn_overrides tablebackground-colortransparent prn_overrides table tdbackground-colortransparent prn_overrides td.linkcell_prnbackgroundurltwimgs.comgamasutraimagesgray_arrow2.gif no-repeat 0px 7pxpadding-left12pxdisplayblock30px prn_overrides a.headlinelink_prnfont-family Verdana Arial Helvetica sans-serif View All Games Press View All RSS Calendar View All Submit Event About Contact Gamasutra Report a Problem Submit News Comment Guidelines Blogging Guidelines How We Work Gama Network If you enjoy reading this site you might also want to check out these UBM Tech sites Game Career Guide Indie Games .content_box_middle pre overflow-xauto Blogs EGX Post-mortem a.k.a How to Save Money as an Indie Exhibitor by Stephen Downey on 101515 021100 pm 1 comments The following blog post unless otherwise noted was written by a member of Gamasutras community. The thoughts and opinions expressed are those of the writer and not Gamasutra or its parent company. EGX the UKrsquos biggest games event wasOutsider Gamesfirst game convention as a paying exhibitor with Stephen Downey thatrsquos me andKevin Beimersin attendance. After digesting the event Irsquove broken down our costs weighed against considerations and noted a few savings measures. Goal ndash Promote Wailing Heights Our main goal was to drum up gamer interest in our body-hopping musical adventure gameWailing Heights. Wersquore due to launch early 2016 so with production well underway demo in-hand and trailer just launched in time for EGX it was time to ramp up the promotion. Costs Cost to benefit ratio is always a consideration as an Northern Irish indie dev and we had to weigh up the costs of travelling from Northern Ireland to display at the NEC Birmingham. Irsquove attended UK comic conventions before as a humble solo artist and accustomed to paying less than 150 to rent a weekend table often making a profit with art sales. A very different experience to hosting at a game convention which is significantly more expensive with less direct measures to recoup costs. The cost of the trip had to be covered from our modest marketing budget. EGX offer the convenient option of supplying space hardware and branding and in theory you can walk up to the convention with only your clothes and code. Irsquom not sure how much of the exhibiting price list for EGX is public but Irsquoll talk about the attempts we made at to save some costs by supplying our own branding and hardware and an estimated savings value. Branding We ordered a large 1m x 1.6m boarded posted from We uploaded the art it printed packaged and delivered for a total of 65. Our initial plan was to ship the poster to Scott Grandison Outsider Games co-owner based in Norwich who would drive up to and set up the branding. Unfortunately Scott ended up in AE that week rather than the NEC. Hersquos made a full recovery but unfortunately couldnrsquot make the show. Luckily I have a friend in Birmingham who was able to accept direct delivery of the package to his house. We had a slight hiccup in that public transport across Birmingham would have taken 2 hours one-way and the board wouldnrsquot allow the poster to be folded to fit Tomrsquos car. Thankfully Tomrsquos mum did us a huge favour and drove the poster up to NEC for us. Thanks Ms. Huxley We missed having the branding for a few hours on Thursday morning and the space looked very bare not to mention impossible to find for the few people who were seeking us out. Thankfully it looked pretty great once we had it set up. Silver lining ndash The poster wouldnrsquot have fit in Scottrsquos smartcar anyway Positive Significant saving. Negative Hassle to transport massive package. RepeatYes if we can deliver straight to the convention. ConsiderationsOther exhibitors used rolled-out posters which looked just as good. Total cost 85 65 print delivery 20 donation towards petrol and hassle Hardware Again wersquod planned to have Scott drive up with hardware and the alternative was to add a large suitcase to the flight. It was a bit of a worry packaging a 22inch monitor peripherals and marketing material all in a suitcase that would inevitably be thrown about the haul of a plane but a cardboard box several large towels and a fair amount of tape kept everything safe on the return flights. I ran Wailing Heights on my Cintiq Companion drawing tablet which also acted as a second monitor on the table to run our trailer through while players worked their way through the demo on the larger screen. Along with an Xbox One controller a set of Bose noise reduction to allow players to hear the songs in the game in an otherwise noisy environment and an iPad for players to add email addresses that we could send the demo to the set up worked quite well. Positive Significant saving two monitors. Negative Out main screen was slightly smaller than the EGX-supplied monitors RepeatYes. ConsiderationsBring spare AAA batteries for earphones Total cost 30. We already owned the hardware so only return journey checked baggage to pay. Marketing We have some really awesome comic creators like Glenn Fabry Preacher PJ Holden Judge Dredd and John McCrea Spider-Man helping us out on comicbook backstories. Hoping for some cross-pollination of comic and games fans and act as a take-home reminder of the game we decided to print up some comics-sketchbooks for players to take home. We printed 250 copies of the 12 page comic which worked out perfectly as we only had a handful to bring home as souvenirs of our own. We saved 40 by choosing digital rather than liitho printing. The choice was mainly down to time restraints but wersquore really happy with how the comics printed and would be more than happy with digital printing for a future print run. Set cost140 print 35 delivery Hotel The NEC is very conveniently located in the adjoining multiple that is Birmingham airport Train Station and NEC separated only by a dart train and long corridors. The venue is equidistant to both Birmingham and Coventry and Scott found a bargain in the IBIS Coventry which totaled 245 for a 5-night stay. Considering the hotels around the NEC were looking for over 120 per night and often considerably more even when you took into account the 10 daily train cost and one post-last train 30 taxi this was a decent savings. It did take us around an hour to get in in the morning but a 30 minute stroll to the Coventry station followed by 30 minutes of train and corridors did give me and kevin a chance to chat of game mechanics and looming deadlines. Positive Significant saving Negative 1 hour journey each way no train after midnight.

Pain Fatherhood and Game Design - by Thomas Henshell - Link Wed, 14 Oct 2015 03:47:00

SEARCH GAME JOBS updates Blogs events contractors newsletter store SEARCH PROGRAMMING ART AUDIO DESIGN PRODUCTION BIZMARKETING Latest Jobs View All RSS October 16 2015 Latest Blogs View All Post RSS October 16 2015 Features View All RSS October 16 2015 Special Reports Press Releases October 16 2015 PR Newswire prn_overridesmargin0 10px 10px 3px prn_overrides tablebackground-colortransparent prn_overrides table tdbackground-colortransparent prn_overrides td.linkcell_prnbackgroundurltwimgs.comgamasutraimagesgray_arrow2.gif no-repeat 0px 7pxpadding-left12pxdisplayblock30px prn_overrides a.headlinelink_prnfont-family Verdana Arial Helvetica sans-serif View All Games Press View All RSS Calendar View All Submit Event About Contact Gamasutra Report a Problem Submit News Comment Guidelines Blogging Guidelines How We Work Gama Network If you enjoy reading this site you might also want to check out these UBM Tech sites Game Career Guide Indie Games .content_box_middle pre overflow-xauto Blogs Pain Fatherhood and Game Design by Thomas Henshell on 101415 034800 pm Post A Comment The following blog post unless otherwise noted was written by a member of Gamasutras community. The thoughts and opinions expressed are those of the writer and not Gamasutra or its parent company. ldquoReal artists take the misery and sadness of life and translate it into art.rdquo -- Josh Peck As I write this my wife and newborn baby are in the hospital. Baby James was born at 1028am Oct 9 2015. We named him after Archmage Risesrsquo musician James Marantette just kidding we say this to every James we know. He stopped breathing 10 minutes after he was born. The worst of it was this happened to be the precise moment I was recording video of the nurses cleaning him. Staff applied a breather and several other things I donrsquot understand. They quickly ushered him to an adjoining room. He started breathing with assistance pretty much right away. So that is good. James was born at 12lb 15oz 5868g for my metric friends by C-section. Thatrsquos a pretty big boy about the weight of 2 normal sized babies. Due to his size breathing is more difficult. My wife had gestational diabetes while pregnant just like with our previous two children and so given his size they are concerned about his blood sugar levels. He was born low so they put him on liver stimulating medication right away. For the first hour as I attended to my wife in the recovery ward I didnrsquot know if my baby would survive. I asked for updates but the nurses attending my wife didnrsquot know babyrsquos status yet assured me someone would come when there was something to say. See they assign a doctor and nurse team to mom and a doctor and nurse team to baby and they rarely talk. Itrsquos the typical corporate multi-team communication breakdown except in this case it literally is life and death. It was at this time I decided to phone in updates to my parents and my wifersquos parents. I knew they were anxiously awaiting news. When I spoke to my mom my analytical mind started with the data birth time and weight. When I relayed that my wife was fine I got to baby and suddenly couldnrsquot speak. This was weird for a loudmouth opinionated person like myself. The torrent of emotion flooded out the words. I didnrsquot want to articulate what I was thinking and may be happening. I wish I had more concrete information to share but at that moment I really didnrsquot know what was happening. James has been progressing well since that moment. He was on assisted breathing for about the first 12 hours. When they felt safe to take him off they did and hersquos been fine since. His blood sugars are being assisted through IV fluids and medications. They are slowly weaning him off but it is taking a very long time. It could be 4 more days before they clear him to go home. I have to admit he looks like a little cyborg with all the wires and cables snaking out of him. His right foot glows with an eerie red light. Itrsquos the oxygen monitor showing through the blanket. ldquoI need your clothes your boots and your motorcycle.rdquo Moments like this can bring us perspective and refreshing clarity. What really are the priorities in my life Ironic as it may sound outside of my family and faith the game is the most important thing in my life. Amazingly enough it also is to my wife. I sat next to her in her room. She is recovering from major abdominal surgery yet her thoughts are on when I can return to work on the game. Wersquore in this journey together. This game is the artistic expression of my life. Of who I am. As long as I have articulating fingers and a pulse Irsquom going to finish it. I have to. For me. For the fans. This is mypassion project. How Does This Relate to Game Design Artists are molded by their experiences then we use them to shape our work. At its heart Archmage Rises is a simulator. I call it an RPG so people understand it quickly Who has ever heard of a mage simulator before but really it is a simulator. You do things and the world responds accordingly. Realistically. From day 1 the ability to have relationships with NPCs of your choosing has been there. These relationships can turn romantic if you want and they want lead to marriage and even to the bearing of children. I find the ability to motherfather a child in the game world an interesting and unexplored area of RPGs. And yes there will be implications if a female player enters combat 38 weeks pregnant What has changed from this recent life experience is the possibility of having a sick baby. My first two children were born healthy so it never really entered my mind. When James stopped breathing I was powerless to do anything about it. I desperately wanted to but couldnrsquot. Fortunately there were people around who dedicated their lives to training for situations just like this. They knew what to do and did what was needed. So in the Archmage game world if your baby is born sick there will be some way to correct the affliction a spell to cast a medicinal ingredient to locate or a special healer to find. Regrettably to make the game realistic and balanced I have to allow for quest failure. A quest to save your childrsquos life is a quest motivation I find deeply compelling. It is the desire of every parent I see in neonatal. Art is a portal to experiences we may not have in real life. SDG. You can follow the new kind of RPGsimulator game I39m working on atArchmage Rises. You can tweet meLordYabo Related Jobs 10.16.15 Effects Technical Director 10.16.15 Experienced Level Designer 10.15.15 Senior Level Designer Amazon Game Studios 10.15.15 Senior Game Designer View All Jobs 256267 blog blogsThomasHenshell20151014256267Pain_Fatherhood_and_Game_Design.php 990465 34253063 Loading Comments

A Bridge Toward the Indiepocalypse - by Matthew Leigh - Link Wed, 14 Oct 2015 03:47:00

SEARCH GAME JOBS updates Blogs events contractors newsletter store SEARCH PROGRAMMING ART AUDIO DESIGN PRODUCTION BIZMARKETING Latest Jobs View All RSS October 16 2015 Latest Blogs View All Post RSS October 16 2015 Features View All RSS October 16 2015 Special Reports Press Releases October 16 2015 PR Newswire prn_overridesmargin0 10px 10px 3px prn_overrides tablebackground-colortransparent prn_overrides table tdbackground-colortransparent prn_overrides td.linkcell_prnbackgroundurltwimgs.comgamasutraimagesgray_arrow2.gif no-repeat 0px 7pxpadding-left12pxdisplayblock30px prn_overrides a.headlinelink_prnfont-family Verdana Arial Helvetica sans-serif View All Games Press View All RSS Calendar View All Submit Event About Contact Gamasutra Report a Problem Submit News Comment Guidelines Blogging Guidelines How We Work Gama Network If you enjoy reading this site you might also want to check out these UBM Tech sites Game Career Guide Indie Games .content_box_middle pre overflow-xauto Blogs A Bridge Toward the Indiepocalypse by Matthew Leigh on 101415 034700 pm 2 comments The following blog post unless otherwise noted was written by a member of Gamasutras community. The thoughts and opinions expressed are those of the writer and not Gamasutra or its parent company. A BRIDGE TOWARD INDIEPOCALYPSE Back in late 2014 Firebase Industries was at a cross roads. We hadn39t released a game in a little over a year and the last thing we actually did ship was a PC port of Arcadecraft on the Humble Store. While Humble was extremely good to us the PC sales of Arcadecraft was no where near the demand it was presumed to be. Our PR efforts for the PC port didn39t pay off and since our coverage was very light our sales were light and our player base was light dooming the future of the game. It was such a strange reception to us mostly because the Xbox Live Indie Games version has sales of around 80000 copies and most of those were at the expensive 3 price point. MOONLIGHT Sam and I decided we needed to start on a whole new project. We looked at a number of things we had started and then halted thinking we could pick up the reigns and continue on forward. The first was a very modernized take on Zaxxon and Viewpoint with elements of RobotechMacross and Thexder. We had released a demo video of that to Youtube under the working title of Moonlight to try to stir up interest but there really wasn39t much. AWAKEN Another game we had at the time was called Awaken and it was a horroradventure game where the player had to evade and escape from a singular monster running around an abandoned and broken down starship. However the appearance of Alien Isolation put that on hold. Our reasoning was that in Alien39s shadow it would have looked like a pale indie knock off instead of a real legitimate game. MEGATONS Our third game was titled Megatons and was a first person cross between a robotic Shadow of the Colossus and a Tower Defense game. We had a pretty great playable demo of it running in Unity 4 that showed the open world scope and enemy scale we were going for but we didn39t have the man power or the money to get it across the finish line. It needed a full time animator concept artist and a designer. Running a Kickstarter for it seemed like a massive resource problem as it required a load of effort building the video setting up the tiers and managing the whole deal. That is a lot of work for two people to do while trying to build a game. We were also trying to build Megatons on a year long schedule which was pushing our comfort level given we already were 5 months in. It needed standard publisher style financing to get it made and that wasn39t happening with our efforts. JUST DO IT Looking at the time we had left before we pretty much expected we wouldn39t want to continue keeping Firebase afloat we thought we could get the Moonlight game done and possibly have it out on Xbox mobile and PC. If it was built in Unity 5 instead of the original XNASunburn version we could get it ported to anything with a screen so even if it didn39t catch fire in one place we could make up for that across a variety of platforms. We started on that and settled on a rough Metroidvania style design which seemed pretty unique given that the game was a 3rd person shmup meets arcade action game. We got it far enough in a couple short months where we had a really janky untextured prototype working and even cooler we had it working within Oculus Rift. The Rift version was unbelievable. We had these incredibly rough looking but massive starships hovering above the trench like environment and the scale was incredible. You felt like this scrappy jet ripping around while being caught in the shadows of these incredible impossibly large ships. Even having seen demo39s on Oculus in the past this was to us the most impressive VR we had seen. However as the game progressed a few things changed within the industry and within Firebase. Crossy Road had come out and gained a massive amount of traction and revenue through a fantastic ad implementation combined with its cast of characters and approachable style. For Firebase internally our temperament for working for nothing with very little revenue coming in was straining us. I also just had a newborn daughter and couldn39t dedicate as much time to a larger project as I would like. Money and time were premium currencies. BUILDING A BRIDGE We need to scale back Moonlight and make a game that could be built way faster. Crossy Road39s swipe to move solved the isometric control problem that drag to move couldn39t. If we set Moonlight on a 3D grid made the view traditionally isometric instead of 3rd person and wrapped it in an Endless Runner frame we could have a new game built in about 5 month and that is how the concept for Star Bridge came about. I scavenged through the art that was already built for the Moonlight prototypes and rescued repurposed and refactored what I could. This included a tank some towers the side walls of the environment a bridge piece and the background starfield. As the game would no longer feature a transforming mech as the centerpiece I needed to develop new ships. I roughed in 5 ships kitbashed and heavily modified from sci-fi standards and had the intention of making them each have different abilities. Our first game Orbitron Revolution got hammered for the two ships we offered looking a bit different but playing identical. I didn39t want to make the same mistake. Development was incredibly smooth which is pretty much the norm for us. The new prototype was up and running on an iphone in a matter of days. The swipe to move worked perfectly and the randomized endless environment was already surprising us with its variety and playability. The game was already on a perfect trajectory to getting done on time. A few changes were made through development though. Star Bridge was always intended to be Free to Play like the vast majority of the games available on

Making of Super Mega Baseball No.4 OGRE 039n039 Art - by Liane Howill - Link Wed, 14 Oct 2015 03:47:00

SEARCH GAME JOBS updates Blogs events contractors newsletter store SEARCH PROGRAMMING ART AUDIO DESIGN PRODUCTION BIZMARKETING Latest Jobs View All RSS October 16 2015 Latest Blogs View All Post RSS October 16 2015 Features View All RSS October 16 2015 Special Reports Press Releases October 16 2015 PR Newswire prn_overridesmargin0 10px 10px 3px prn_overrides tablebackground-colortransparent prn_overrides table tdbackground-colortransparent prn_overrides td.linkcell_prnbackgroundurltwimgs.comgamasutraimagesgray_arrow2.gif no-repeat 0px 7pxpadding-left12pxdisplayblock30px prn_overrides a.headlinelink_prnfont-family Verdana Arial Helvetica sans-serif View All Games Press View All RSS Calendar View All Submit Event About Contact Gamasutra Report a Problem Submit News Comment Guidelines Blogging Guidelines How We Work Gama Network If you enjoy reading this site you might also want to check out these UBM Tech sites Game Career Guide Indie Games .content_box_middle pre overflow-xauto Blogs Making of Super Mega Baseball No.4 OGRE n Art by Liane Howill on 101415 034700 pm Post A Comment The following blog post unless otherwise noted was written by a member of Gamasutras community. The thoughts and opinions expressed are those of the writer and not Gamasutra or its parent company. This is the 4th post in a series about the making of our game Super Mega Baseball. It was copied over from our blog. In ourlast post I talked with the guys about why they decided not to use an engine to build SMB. Letrsquos see how that turned outhellip Liane So you were rolling your own tech how was that going ChristianSo I think at this point wersquore just over a year in and wersquore still drawing boxes. Itrsquos taking a long time to do anything. I think the last three months wersquove spent building mostly asset importing and asset loading tools. ScottLetrsquos just point out thathellipthe screenshots from thelast postare basically a fullbright green brown and white field that looks like something from 1984. So yeahhellip ChristianAnd at this point I think we can load it really efficiently and thatrsquos about where wersquore at. Liane What did you do to move forward ScottWe felt like we were climbing a bit of an uphill battle trying to do all this stuff ourselves. Because we were not working on the gameplay at all. But we knew we needed to get over this tech stage and move to something else and a little looking around the internet for some possible solutions to this problem turned up an open source graphics rendering engine calledOGREthat had a very active community and some very smart people working on it. It had also been used to buildTorchlightwhich was a pretty well respected PC and Xbox 360 game. ChristianThe other important thing at this point was that OGRE had just changed its licensing model fromLGPLto theMIT licenseboth are free software licenses but the MIT is more permissive. It meant that we were actually allowed to use their stuff to make a proprietary game. ScottIt was well known at the time that using LGPL licensed stuff was a bit of grey area for this type of software. So having OGRE go to MIT was an opportunity to kind of do whatever you want with the code and not have to worry about it. ChristianYeah but of course for us this would mean throwing away all the stuff that we were just talking about before. Like this is a graphics engine and it has its own asset importing tools and thatrsquos what we just spent a whole bunch of time building. So it was a very very hard decision to try and change over to this and throw the work that we had just finished right in the garbage. ScottYup. It was a sad realization that all of our effort had resulted in a set of stuff that did only a few percent of this other package. It did those few percent pretty damn well but it needed to do more quicker. ChristianAnd the other thing that we were worried about at the time this tied into our other post about our naivety where we thought we were actually in a better position to make something that runs on consoles and we were worried that switching over to OGRE would put us in a position where we were stuck on technology that would be very very hard to port to consoles which was our ultimate goal. ScottBut at the end of the day porting our own stuff to consoles was probably going to be pretty hard too so we said well considering our background not being in game technology we should probably start with something thatrsquos a little further along. Here39s a look at what they were able to create using OGRE. Liane Let39s talk about the assets that got replaced. ScottI used to do someQuake levelsQuake III Arena a first-person shooter by id Software as a hobby and so Irsquod taken on the role of doing programmer art at the time and started whipping up some pretty crude stadium ideas inSketchUpa 3D modeling computer program. Which by the way would have been an amazing tool for making Quake levels back in 1999. Here are some screenshots from the work Scott had done in SketchUp. ScottWe had some crude prototypes in SketchUpand also inBlenderan open-source 3D computer graphics software. I didnrsquot really know how to make a character or character rig but we just figured we could get started with that. I eventually accepted the fact that our path would be a little easier with one of the more widely used commercial packages likeMayaorMax3D computer graphics programs. The reason that Max was chosen was actually because I had read it might be a little easy to get started with. So we had ordered ourselves a 6000 copy of Max which was a bit scary at the time. Irsquod starting whipping up some sort of crude renditions of what Hammer Longballo could look like and what our various characters could and might look like. As well as trying to get this rough model rigged a little bit so he could swing. ChristianAnd in addition to throwing all of our runtime asset loading code in the garbage we had this little tool called AssetForge which was like an offline asset baking tool which was also thrown straight in the garbage. It got replaced by a tool calledOgreMax which basically let us export stuff out of 3ds Max into a format that we could run and use in OGRE now. So like a year in therersquos two huge chunks of work that got thrown out. Liane Letrsquos talk about what it looked like now that you had a rendering engine and some art. ScottIt was a lot of fun seeing the pieces come together because the heads and the bodies were separate pieces in our art files. ChristianWe now had tools that we could do a lot more with. But we still had a pretty steep learning curve. If you look at some of those screenshots I think the way that the heads are attached to the bodies was changed about three times. It sounds kind of trivial talking about it but if yoursquove never done it before and yoursquore trying to figure out how to use the art tool how to get the art out and then how to put it together in the game ndash it

Creating Horror through Level Design Tension Jump Scares and Chase - Link

SEARCH GAME JOBS updates Blogs events contractors newsletter store SEARCH PROGRAMMING ART AUDIO DESIGN PRODUCTION BIZMARKETING Latest Jobs View All RSS October 16 2015 Latest Blogs View All Post RSS October 16 2015 Features View All RSS October 16 2015 Special Reports Press Releases October 16 2015 PR Newswire prn_overridesmargin0 10px 10px 3px prn_overrides tablebackground-colortransparent prn_overrides table tdbackground-colortransparent prn_overrides td.linkcell_prnbackgroundurltwimgs.comgamasutraimagesgray_arrow2.gif no-repeat 0px 7pxpadding-left12pxdisplayblock30px prn_overrides a.headlinelink_prnfont-family Verdana Arial Helvetica sans-serif View All Games Press View All RSS Calendar View All Submit Event About Contact Gamasutra Report a Problem Submit News Comment Guidelines Blogging Guidelines How We Work Gama Network If you enjoy reading this site you might also want to check out these UBM Tech sites Game Career Guide Indie Games .content_box_middle pre overflow-xauto Blogs Creating Horror through Level Design Tension Jump Scares and Chase Sequences by Jared Mitchell on 101415 034700 pm 1 comments The following blog post unless otherwise noted was written by a member of Gamasutras community. The thoughts and opinions expressed are those of the writer and not Gamasutra or its parent company. Please note that I previously published this article on my portfolio site. After it received positive feedback I decided to share it here. For the record this article is going to use examples fromAmnesia The Dark Descent SOMA Outlast Puzzle Agent Beyond Good and Evil The Cursed ForestandSilent Hill so be wary of potential spoilers if you want to play these games General Overview Alright therersquos a lot of bad horror games out there a cursory glance of Steam Greenlight and ModDB can prove that. The recent influx has caused much exasperation in the game-playing public and became a source of pushback when I tried proposing horror games for my senior game project. When I asked the faculty about the audible groans they emitted when hearing the word ldquohorrorrdquo they all pointed to a really similar issue previous teams depended too much on the ldquoscaryrdquo and not enough on the actual gameplay. Again looking at the spate of half-baked games flooding the market this seems to be a prevalent issue. So the first two rules of horror design are exactly the same as those of any other genre These concepts are going to be especially important later on in this article since wersquoll be looking at game loops in several games horror and otherwise and how they utilize it to make more effective terror. Just for review herersquos a generic gameplay loop template Irsquoll be referencing Fig 1 A generic gameplay loop Itrsquos also particularly important because I donrsquot think and I could beverywrong here that there are any mechanics that are innate to horror games- insteadscares and dread are derived from contextualizing those mechanics. Since level design is all about giving those mechanics context this is where we have the most opportunity to create these experiences. So letrsquos get started Tension Tension is the most commonly used technique wersquoll be talking about here not just in horror but in a plethora of genres. Getting an exact definition is tricky so letrsquos try to use some in-game examples to find out where in our loop this is happening. A common staple in 2DMariogames are stages where the screen moves at a rate independent from the player. The player needs to move along at a rate similar to the screen or risk losing sight of where they are and falling off or potentially getting ldquocrushedrdquo between the edge of the screen and an obstacle. A common technique in these levels is to put greater rewards along paths that take longer encouraging more skilled players with riskier play. I remember these stages being particularly stressful since I was constantly running out of room and time to execute my strategies. Fig 2 An example of a scrolling screen level fromYoshirsquos Island An example of tension utilized in horror is the ldquoarchives_cellarrdquo map fromAmnesia The Dark Descent often called ldquoThe Water Levelrdquo wersquoll be referencing this mapalot. In it the player is confronted with an invisible monster that can only attack the player if they are standing in the water of a flooded area and they must jump from crate to crate in order to remain safe. Another obstacle present in the level is a gate that the player needs to open by pulling the lever. This is complicated by the lever being on a timer and being a distance away from the gate itself. Fig 3 A labeled diagram of the ldquoWater Levelrdquo map with critical path illustrated The time pressure is communicated to the player by a constant ldquoclinkrdquo-ing noise giving an audio cue that the gate is constantly at risk of closing. Because of this the player needs to accomplish their task while running out of time and have a severely limited amount of space safe from the monster in order to accomplish this. Fig 4 Markiplier first playing through the Water Level Looking at these two examples of tension there are two main similarities despite the disparate genres the first is that the tension occurs after the player knows the problems presented to them but before the problems are solved. Because of this it takes place mostly when the player is planning or executing their solutions. Fig 5 Where tension occurs during the gameplay loop Second in both cases the player is ldquorunning outrdquo of something more importantly theyrsquore losing something that can be used to accomplish the goal that has been set before them. In the two cases above these things are time and space but certainly other things can be utilized as well. In the survival horror genre that was popular during the mid-to-late 90rsquos much of the tension came from giving the player limited resources to use for problem solving most commonly firearm ammunition. Fig 6 A player avoiding enemies inSilent Hillin order to conserve ammo Because of this we now have a workable definition of tension TENSION Pressure that occurs when the player experiences a loss of resources which may prevent them from accomplishing goals. Jump Scares One of the most maligned aspects of lazy horror the jump scare is seen as one of the trickiest things to pull off. In horror these are commonplace so perhaps deconstructing a jump scare in a game of another genre would be helpful in this regard. Unfortunately these are very rare occurrences but luckilyPuzzle Agenthappens to have a good example. Puzzle Agentis pretty much a brain teaser book put into video game form players play as Nelson Tethers an agent from the FBIrsquos ldquoPuzzle Divisionrdquo who has been tasked with solving a case in a small town. The player needs to solve a series of brain teasers in order to advance the plot. Therersquos talk of a supernatural presence of ldquognomesrdquo thatrsquos

2D Transforms 101 - Link Wed, 14 Oct 2015 07:16:09

A presentationtutorial on 2D transforms for programmers and practitioners favouring intuition over mathematical rigour animations are used to illustrate the effect of every transform explained. Click Here to view presentation. Firefox Chrome or Opera recommended as they support animations see Requirements below for details. Press while in the presentation for controls and Esc for an overview and quick navigation. Comments and suggestions are welcome. Overview Transformations are a general mathematical concept that is applicable to anyone working inComputer Graphics Animation Game Programming 2D and 3D Image Processing Motion Capture UI Design Computer Vision Robotics Aeronautics Parallel Computing Concepts discussed are dimension-indepedant its just easier to explain and visualize things in 2D but theyre applicable to higher dimensions without loss of generality. Instead of dealing with only elementary transforms rotate scale translate on points which most resources do it also coversBasic math behind transforms without matrices Matrices introduced past the basics since theyre just tools Composite transforms concatenation of multiple transforms Anti-commutativity Transforms about an arbitrary origin Active and passive viewpoints of transforms Transformation of coordinate systems Mapping between multiple coordinate systems Hierarchical Transforms Requirements The presentation was hand-crafted using HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript and SVG so nothing more than a browser is required to view the presentation. Firefox Chrome or Opera even if youve an older version is highly recommended since support for SVG animations isnt that great in other browsers with browsers like Safari Edge or IE you will not be able to see these animations caveat lector. You can also view the presentation on a mobile or a tablet the content without any loss of fidelity should get resized and fit to given form factor thanks to vector graphics and CSS3. Touch tap and swipe leftright is supported both for navigation and animation control. Animations Transformations are better understood visually than with just dry theory. Hence every transformation workout is accompanied along with the math by an animation. Images with a graph sheet background contain animations. Simply click on such an image to cycle through the animation. Every click changes the images state animating it into a new figure. When you see the original figure you started with it denotes the end of all the animation the image contains. If youre using a keyboard to navigate the presentation clicking the image steals focus from the presentation and sets in on to the image simply click anywhere outside the image to give the focus back to the presentation. Now press space to continue with the presentation. Solution The solution to problem of mapping the boy space to street space that is posed at the end of the presentation is in SVG The demonstrationsinteractive animations embedded within the presentation was done in SVG the XML-based open standard file format for vector graphics with support for animation. In English all it has are just instructions like move to line to rect circle ellipse etc. in a very readable XML format and no unintelligible binary data. So a reader yes a human one too can easily read and understand it a renderer can render it at any resolution without any loss in fidelity. The presentations first slide has a 3D-transformed background which too is an SVG it should show up as something similar to this a simple check to see how well your browser supports SVGs and CSS3 transforms. Its highly recommended that you fiddle with the SVGs under images directory. SVG format is very similar to PostScript which also has commands like move to line to etc. and is an excellent Hello World test bed Short Self Contained Correct Example for learning transformations or 2D graphics in general. Oh they also have a tag for groupings ltggt which may be used to learn hierarchical transformations. An SVG is only more readable than a PS PDF or XAML. Just open it in a modern browser to view it no not Edge it doesnt do 3D CSS3 transforms in SVGs yet open it in your favourite text editor muck around save and refresh your browser to see the changes immediately rinse and repeat. CreditsComputer Graphics using OpenGL Francis Hill and Stephen Kelley3-D Computer Graphics Samuel R. BussEssential Math for Games and Interactive Applications James Van Verth and Lars Bishop3D Math Primer Fletcher Dunn and Ian Parberryreveal.js the presentation framework generously shared under the MIT licence by Hakim El HattabMathJax for rendering beautiful math equations on any browser American Mathematical SocietyElementary affine transforms chart shared under CC 3.0 used as first slide background CM LeeWhat is or isnt a linear transform shared under CC 3.0 LdoReveal.js on Github pages Vasko Zdravevski

Preview Reliable UDP implementation lockstep LAN and parity bit - Link Wed, 07 Oct 2015 05:42:59

IntroductionWhether youre interested in making an FPS or RTS youve probably heard that you should use UDP. Its probably because of its speed. Using TCP with the TCP_NODELAY option which means it doesnt wait for enough data to be buffered before sending may not be enough as TCP also does congestion control and you may want to do voice chat which is better done using a lossy protocol like UDP. TCP doesnt allow you to adjust the sliding window which means you might not reach the full speed of the communication channel if it has a high delay search for bandwidth-delay factor for more information. If one packet doesnt arrive in TCP and is lost TCP stops all traffic flow until it arrives resulting in pauses. The packet header in TCP is also 20 bytes as opposed to 6 bytes in UDP plus a few for reliability. Combining TCP and UDP is not an option as one induces packet loss in the other. So you should use UDP but how do you guarantee packets are delivered and in the order they were sent in Also if youre making an RTS how do you make sure that clients are running exactly the same simulation A small change can cause a butterfly effect and be the difference between one player winning and losing. For this you need reliable UDP RUDP and lockstep. In addition you probably want to use the latest client-server methodology which allows the game to not be held back by the slowest player as is done in the older peer-to-peer model. Along the way well cover parity bit checking to ensure packet correctness and integrity. Well also cover LAN networking and setting up a matchmaking server

Problems Found in Appleseed Source Code - Link Mon, 05 Oct 2015 08:52:29

The majority of the projects we report about in these articles contain dozens of PVS-Studio analyzer warnings. Of course we choose just a small portion of data from the analyzer report to be in our articles. There are some projects though where the quantity of warnings is not that high and the number of some interesting bloomers is just not enough for an article. Usually these are small projects which ceased developing. Today Im going to tell you about Appleseed project check the code of which we found quite high-quality from the point of view of the analyzer. Introduction Appleseed is a modern open source physically-based rendering engine designed to produce photorealistic images animations and visual effects. It provides individuals and small studios with an efficient reliable suite of tools built on robust foundations and open technologies. This project contains 700 source code files. Our PVS-Studio analyzer found just several warnings of 1st and 2nd level that could be of interest to us.Check Results V670 The uninitialized class member m_s0_cache is used to initialize the m_s1_element_swapper member. Remember that members are initialized in the order of their declarations inside a class. animatecamera cache.h 1009class DualStageCache

Autodesk Maya 2016 New Features Overview - Link Thu, 24 Sep 2015 20:39:20

Autodesk Maya 2016 is now out and available. Although Im not too happy about the main interface changes other changes like the overhauled Hypergraph interface are welcomed and long overdue

3ds Max 2016 New Features Overview - Link Tue, 22 Sep 2015 20:11:21

Once again the latest release of 3ds Max includes a bevy of new features. Some of these features are major and present full-blown interfaces like the new Max Creation Graph and others are minor but still impressive that will make us wonder how we ever lived without them like the Physical Camera the Camera Sequencer and support for Templates. Collectively all the new changes make for the best version of 3ds Max yet

You Arent a Rock Star Youre a Garage Band - Link Tue, 15 Sep 2015 20:00:13

Full Disclosure I have never released a game before. Im currently working on my first. All opinions here come from my experience working in a band not working as a developer

Math for Game Developers Advanced Vectors - Link Tue, 15 Sep 2015 16:37:00

Math for Game Developers is exactly what it sounds like - a weekly instructional YouTube series wherein I show you how to use math to make your games. Every Thursday well learn how to implement one game design starting from the underlying mathematical concept and ending with its C implementation. The videos will teach you everything you need to know all you need is a basic understanding of algebra and trigonometry. If you want to follow along with the code sections it will help to know a bit of programming already but its not necessary. You can download the source code that Im using from GitHub from the description of each video. If you have questions about the topics covered or requests for future topics I would love to hear them Leave a comment or ask me on my Twitter VinoBS Note The video below contains the playlist for all the videos in this series which can be accessed via the playlist icon at the top of the embedded video frame. The first video in the series is loaded automatically Advanced Vectors

A Rudimentary 3D Game Engine Built with C OpenGL and GLSL - Link Tue, 08 Sep 2015 23:51:56

What weve got here is failure to communicate. Some men you just cant reach. - The Captain Cool Hand Luke

Particle Systems using Constrained Dynamics - Link Thu, 27 Aug 2015 18:39:13

Simulating physics can be fairly complex. Spatial motion vehicles projectiles etc. friction collision explosions and other types of physical interactions are complicated enough to describe mathematically but making them accurate when computed adds another layer on top of that. Making it run in real time adds even more complexity. There is lots of active research into quicker and more accurate methods. This article is meant to showcase a really interesting way to simulate particles with constraints in a numerically stable way. As well Ill try to break down the underlying principles so its more understandable by those who forgot their physics.Note the method presented in this article is described in the paper Interactive Dynamics and was written by Witkin Gleicher and Welch. It was published in ACM in 1990. A posted PDF of the paper can be found here httpwww.cs.cmu.eduawpdfinteractive.pdfA link to another article by Witkin on this subject can be found here httpswww.cs.cmu.edubaraffpbmconstraints.pdfPhysical TheoryNewtons LawsEveryones familiar with Newtons second law F ma. It forms the basis of Newtonian mechanics. It looks very simple by itself but usually its very hard to deal with Newtons laws because of the number of equations involved. The number of ways a body can move in space is called the degrees of freedom. For full 3D motion we have 6 degrees of freedom for each body and thus need 6 equations per body to solve for the motion. For the ease in explaining this method we will consider translations only but this can be extended for rotations as well.We need to devise an easy way to build and compute this system of equations. For a point mass moving in 3D we can set up the general equations as a matrix equation left beginmatrix m_1 0 0 0 m_1 0 0 0 m_1 endmatrix right left beginmatrix a_1x a_1y a_1z endmatrix right left beginmatrix F_1x F_1y F_1z endmatrix right This can obviously be extended to include accelerations and net forces for many particles as well. The abbreviated equation is M ddotq F where M is the mass matrix ddotq is acceleration the second time derivative of position and F is the sum of all the forces on the body.Motivating ExampleOne of the problems with computing with Newton-Euler methods is that we have to compute all the forces in the system to understand how the system will evolve or in other words how the bodies will move with respect to each other. Lets take a simple example of a pendulum

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So about a month ago I published my second game. Never thought I would go this far but I guess this really makes me an indie developer no doubt about it. My first game was released last year just a trial to understand the development and publishing process from start to finish. I outsourced everything. Obviously it did not give tangible results but I learned a lot which was the point

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One of the recurring questions I get is how to exactly make a turn-based game that has a coherent data structure.Because youre already great coding features for your games all you may need is a little guidance on how to organize your design to make the things you want actually work.When you see the following example youll see how easy it is. Stuff needed to build a turn-based gameTo keep things simple lets say you want to build a classic tic-tac-toe game. What features should be expected from a game like thisMultiple simultaneous games. Players should be able to have multiple games with different opponents taking place at the same time.Different game status. Every game should have a status that indicates what to expect. Waiting created running finished or cancelled.Play with listed friends. You could have the option to challenge your friends to a game or add new friends to the list.Play with random users. You may want to play with people you dont know.Play same skill users. You might want to play against random players that have a similar skill as you do.Luckily making a game with all these features is quite easyAll you need to know is how to lay out the features to make them work like you want.Here are a few questions you should be able to answer. 1 How are you going to store dataIn this case I assume a NoSQL database. There game data is stored in collections which is like a table in an SQL database.There are some differences though. In a collection you store objects with a similar concept but they dont need to have the same number of columns. In fact in a collection objects have attributes instead of columns.How many collections does the tic-tac-toe game needWhat information should we store in every objectHow does every process work inside the gameTo know these first we have to determine the data structure of a game match. Designing the game structureOur games will be objects stored inside a collection we can name GAMES.Every game object has these featuresIt is shared by two or more playersAllows players to make moves only on their turnsIt has a winning conditionIt has a winnerAll players in it can update the game objectWell store all these features in GAMES collection which must be readable and writeable by any player so they can work properly. 2 How will the game structure look likeObviously it will depend on the kind of game youd like to make but in the tic-tac-toe example were doing youll needUsers. Players involved in each game.Status. Whether it is a waiting created running finished or cancelled game.Current turn. In tic-tac-toe there will be a maximum of six turns between both players.Current user. Which player has the active turn and can make a move.Movements. List every move which must be ordered by turn and has to contain the information aboutUser who made the movePosition occupied on the board xy when the move is madeThis is how the structure of a turn based game looks like.Most games will have a more elaborate board than were dealing with in this example so youll need a complex matrix of coordinates and so on. But for this example the board can be represented by a simple array of positions.Lets see our board of coordinates so we can represent movements in the game.021222011121001020The format of the objects used here is JSON so every game will have this structure

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We have finished a large comparison of the static code analyzers Cppcheck PVS-Studio and Visual Studio 2013s built-in analyzer. In the course of this investigation we checked over 10 open-source projects. Some of them do deserve to be discussed specially. In todays article Ill tell you about the results of the check of the CryEngine 3 SDK project.CryEngine 3 SDK Wikipedia CryEngine 3 SDK is a toolset for developing computer games on the CryEngine 3 game engine. CryEngine 3 SDK is developed and maintained by German company Crytek the developer of the original engine CyrEngine 3. CryEngine 3 SDK is a proprietary freeware development toolset anyone can use for non-commercial game development. For commercial game development exploiting CryEngine 3 developers have to pay royalties to Crytek.PVS-StudioLets see if PVS-Studio has found any interesting bugs in this library.True PVS-Studio catches a bit more bugs if you turn on the 3rd severity level diagnostics. For examplestatic void GetNameForFile

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Performing smooth animation transitions in response to user input is a complicated problem. The user can press any button at any time. You have to check that the character can do the requested move and depending on currently displayed state switch to the new animation at exactly the right moment. You also have to track how things have changed to be ready for the next move of the user.In all a rather complicated sequence of checks actions and assignments that need to be handled. The sequence quickly runs out of hand with a growing number of moves game states and animations. Lots of combinations have to be checked. While writing it once is hard enough if you have to update or modify it later finding all the right spots to change without missing one is the second big problem.By using state machines it becomes possible to express precisely what may happen in an orderly way. One state machine only describes the animations and their transitions. A second state machine describes user interaction with the game character and updates the game character state. By keepinh animation state and game character state separate things get much easier to understand and to reason about. Later changes also get simpler as it avoids duplication.While having such state machines on paper is already quite helpful in understanding there is also a straight forward implementation path which means you can plug your state machines into the game and run them.Audience or what you should know before readingThis article briefly touches on what state machines are and how they work before jumping into the topic at hand. If you dont know about state machines it is probably a good idea to read about them first. The state machines here are somewhat different but it helps if the state machine concept is not entirely new. The References section below lists some starting points but there are many more resources available at the all-knowing Internet.The article concentrates on using state machines for describing allowed behavior and how the state machines synchronize. While it has an example to demonstrate the ideas the article does not discuss the environment around the state machines at length. That is how to make user input and game state available to the state machine condition or how to start and run animations. The implementation of the synchronizing state machines is also not shown in full detail.State machinesA state machine is a way to describe behavior activities that are being done for a while and how you can switch between different activities. Each activity is called a state. Since this is so awfully abstract lets try to describe your behavior right now. You are currently reading this text. Reading is a state. Its an activity that you do for a while. Now suppose you get a phone call. You stop reading and concentrate on the conversation. Talking on the phone is another activity that you do for a while a second state. Other states of you are Walking Running Sleeping and a lot more

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Video games as software need to meet functional requirements and its obvious that the most important functional requirement of a video game is to provide entertainment. Users want to have interesting moments while playing video games and there exists many factors which can bring this entertainment to the players.One of the important factors is the animations within the game. Animation is important because it can affect the game from different aspects. Beauty controls narration and driving the logic of the game are among them.This post is trying to consider the animations in terms of responsiveness while trying to discuss some techniques to retain their naturalness as well.In this article Im going to share some tips we used in the animations of the action-platforming side-scroller game named Shadow Blade Reload. SBR is powered by Unity3D. The PC version has been released 10th 2015 August via Steam and the console versions are on the way. So before going further lets have a look at some parts of the gameplay hereYou may want to check the Steam page too.So here we can discuss the problem. First consider a simple example in real world. You want to punch into a punching bag. You rotate your hip torso and shoulder in order and consume energy to rotate and move your different limbs. You are feeling the momentum in your body limbs and muscles and then you are hearing the punch sound just after landing it into the bag. So you are sensing the momentum with your tactile sensation hearing different voices and sounds related to your action and seeing the desired motion of your body. Everything is synchronized You are feeling the whole process with your different senses. Everything is ordinary here and this is what our mind knows as something natural.Now consider another example in a virtual world like a video game. This time you have a controller you are pressing a button and you want to see a desired motion. This motion can be any animation like a jump or a punch. But this punch is different from the mentioned example in real world because the player is just moving his thumb on the controller and the virtual character should move his whole body in response to it. Each time player presses a button the character should do an appropriate move. If you receive a desired motion with good visual and sounds after pressing each button we can say that you are going to be merged within the game because its something almost similar to the example of punching in real world. The synchronous response of the animations controls and audios help the player feel himself more within the game. He uses his tactile sensation while interacting with the controller uses his eyesight to see the desired motion and his hearing sensation to hear the audio. Having all these synchronously at the right moment can bring both responsiveness and naturalness which is what we like to see in our games.Now the problem is that when you want to have responsiveness you have to kill some naturalness in animations. In a game like Shadow Blade Reload the responsiveness is very important because any extra move can lead the player to fall of the edges or be killed by enemies. However we need good-looking animations as well. So in the next section some tips are going to be listed which have been used to bring both responsiveness and naturalness into our playable character named Kuro.Cases Which Can Help Bring Both Naturalness and Responsiveness into AnimationsSome of the techniques used in Shadow Blade Reload animations are listed here. They have been used to retain naturalness while having responsiveness1- Using Additive Animations Additive animations can be used to show some asynchronous motions on top of the current animations. We used them in different situations to show the momentum over body while not interrupting the player to show different animations. An example is the land animation. After the player fall ends and he reaches the ground he can continue running or attacking or throwing shurikens without any interruptions or land animations. So we are directly blending the fall with other animations like running. But blending directly between fall and run doesnt provide an acceptable motion. So here were just adding an additive land animation on top of the run or other animations to show the momentum over upper body. The additive animations just have visual purposes and the player can continue running or doing other actions without any interruption. The video here shows the additive animation used for the purpose of landing momentum on players bodyIn Unity the additive animations are calculated with respect to the current animations first frame. So the additive animation pose in each frame is equal to the difference of the current frame and the first frame pose. The reference pose of the character is used here to bring more generic additive animation which can be added well on a range of different locomotion animations. This additive animation is not being applied on top of the standing idle animation. Standing idle uses a different animation for land.We also used some other additive animations there. For example a windmill additive animation on spine and hands. Its being played when the character stops and starts running consecutively. It can show momentum to hands and spine.As a side note the additive animations have to be created carefully. If you are an indie developer with no full-time animator you can do these kind of modifications like additive animations via some other procedural animation techniques like Inverse Kinematics. For instance an IK chain on spine can be defined and be used for modification. This is true for hands and feet as well. However the IK chain have to be defined carefully as well as the procedural animation of the end effector.2- Specific Turn Animations You see turn animations in many games. For instance pressing the movement button in the opposite direction while running makes the character slide and turn back. While this animation is very good for many games and brings good felling to the motions it is not suitable for an action-platforming game like SBR because you are always moving back and forth on the platforms with low areas and such an extra movement can make you fall unintentionally and it also kills responsiveness. So for turning we just rotate the character 180 degrees in one frame. But again rotating the character 180 degrees in just one frame is not providing a good-looking motion. So here we used two different turn animations. They are showing the character turning and are starting in a direction opposite to characters forward vector and end in a direction equal to characters forward vector. When we turn the character in just one frame we play this animation and the animation can show the turn completely. It has the same speed of run animation so nothing is just going to be changed in terms of responsiveness and you will just see a turn animation which is showing momentum of a

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Introduction Recently NASA published their press release which mentions the unique possibility to drive around on Mars. I couldnt help myself and right away clicked on the link that lead to an amusing interactive experience where I was able to drive the rover around watch video streaming from its cameras in real-time and even find out the specs of the vehicle. However what shocked me the most was that this has all been done using the Blend4Web engine - and not Unity. Why was I so surprised Even two yeas ago or more there were publications about NASA creating a similar demo using Unity. However it didnt get passed the beta stage and it looks like the space agency had moved on from Unity. It is interesting that the programmers of such a large organization chose to discontinue the time-invested project and begin from scratch. It took a little time but I was able to find the above-mentioned Mars rover app made in Unity. Honestly it looks like an unfinished game. The scene loads slowly especially the terrain functionality is primitive you can only drive the overall picture is of horrible quality. We all know wonderful games can be made with Unity and its portfolio is full of hundreds of quality projects. So whats the deal Whats the Deal The reason is that Unity is seriously lagging behind when it comes to their WebGL exporter. The first alarm rang when Google Chrome developers declared NPAPI deprecated. This browsers global market share is too significant for any web developer to just ignore. You can find a lot of advice on using a magic option chromeflagsenable-npapi online. However in September 2015 this loophole will disappear. Creating games and web visualizations is an enterprise and nobody likes losing customers. Earlier downloading the Unity plug-in was not as big of deal as it was with Flash but now the situation has become completely different. The web plug-in can not be used anymore while Unitys WebGL exporter is still in its infancy. Developers of all kinds caused uproar requiring the Unity team to proactively respond. Finally Unity 5 has been released with WebGL support but only as a preview. Half a year has passed and the situation is not any better. They even came up with an ingenious method to check the users browser and then recommend using Unity in another browser. Unfortunately and for obvious reasons it is not always reasonable. And still whats happening with Unity WebGL Why is there still no stable version available What are the prospects These questions are of much interest to many developers. Im not a techie so its difficult for me to understand Unitys issues in this area but what Ive found online is making me sad. WebGL Roadmap The official Unity forum has a thread called WebGL Roadmap. A team representative explains the future of WebGL in Unity. I have looked through this text thoroughly and it convinced me that the bright future Unity keeps promising is still in the far removed distance. WebGL should work in all browsers on all platforms including mobile ones by default. Its not there. If you happen to successfully compile your game for WebGL strike out mobile devices from the list. The reasons are clear Unitys WebGL has catastrophically large memory consumption and bad performance. Yes a top-of-the-line device can still manage to run the game at decent speed but a cheaper one will run it as slow as a turtle. And forget about hoping your project will work on desktops with ease. Browsers are the programs which eat all of a computers free memory and the half-finished Unity WebGL build often causes crashes and closes browser tabs especially in Chrome. There are some problems with audio. I personally tried to export a simple game for WebGL and got croaking noise as the main character moved. The sound literally jammed and I could not fix it. The reason is poor performance but other engines still work somehow... Forget about in-game video. MovieTexture class is simply not supported for WebGL. As an alternative the devs are suggesting to use HTML5 capabilities directly. Network problems. System.IO.Sockets and UnityEngine.Network classes do not work for WebGL and will never work due to security issues. I havent enumerated all issues but this doesnt answer the question when will it start working Alas Unity devs comments are unclear obscure and dont include a specific timeline. Although I did find something We are not committing to specific release dates for any of these features and we may decide not to go ahead with some of these at all. Theyre Waiting They are waiting for WebGL 2.0 which will be based on OpenGL ES 3.0. The future version Unity 5.2 is planned to have an export option for the new API. However Im not sure that browsers will work with it now WebGL 2.0 is available only as an experimental option. They are waiting for WebAssembly which is very promising but has just started being discussed. Nobody can even guess the date when it will be implemented. Im sorry but if the problem can only be fixed as they say by upcoming third-party technologies then maybe the problem lies in Unity WebGL itself Unity is a convenient popular and cross-platform engine an awesome tool for making games and I love it a lot. Still this is a tool which can no longer be used for the web. The most annoying fact is that the future holds too much uncertainty. You may say you are a pessimist. No Im just a realist just like the NASA guys. This is the answer to the title of this article Why NASA Switched from Unity to Blend4Web. Its simple Unitys WebGL is not ready... and will it ever be We are not committing to specific release dates... So what about Blend4Web I can only congratulate the developers with such a conclusive win in the field of WebGL NASAs app has been showcased at the opening of the WebGL section on SIGGRAPH 2015 which means competitors have no intention of waiting. Background This post is a translation of the original article in Russian by Andrei Prakhov aka Prand who is the author of three books about Blender and a Unity developer with several indie games released.

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Meetings are boring

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Let me preface this article by mentioning what this article is not This is not an exhaustive guide to every monster in Zelda A Link to the Past nor is it a comprehensive method on how each enemy class was designed. Rather this article is really about how to design enemies by their functions using the example of Zelda A Link to the Past.Most articles that discuss this topic often pick examples from various different games to give a better outlook on how this applies to different environments but they lack a hollistic understanding of how gameplay mechanics and functions actually intertwine.The purpose of this article is to dissect Zelda A Link to the Pasts monsters to better understand how this specific gameplay can host mechanically different obstacles and what their impact is on flow and player decision-making.Note that we will not cover Bosses here as theyre an entirely different form of obstacleGame Mechanics Resources in a Link to the PastThe first part of this analysis requires that we take a deeper look at the inner workings of the game so we can better understand how each monster was designed. This arbitrary breakdown of the games pieces is not absolute but it should suffice to explain monster design by their function.LifeLinks primary resource is his life. This is a measure of attrition that represents Links ability to survive the challenges laid in front of him. The primary issue with dying running out of life is actually a severe loss of time though the state of the game is effectively saved the player must restart progress from a distant location and needs to make his way back to where he was in order to proceed any further. Death is frustrating and the player seeks to avoid it by any means possible potions faeries and obviously not taking damage. There is however no form of loss associated with death.Causes of damage death- Bumping into enemies- Bumping into traps- Enemies missile attacks including Bombs- Falling into pitsMagicMagic is Links ability to use some of its most powerful tools magical items. It insures that Link pays careful attention to when and where such tools are used. Because most of these items cost a lot of magic and that magic is harder to come by than hearts this is a critical resource in the game.Running out of magic is inconsequential in and of itself.Bombs ArrowsBombs are an expendable tool that Link can stock up on and they can be used as soon as Link has at least 1 of them no other tool is required. They are effective at uncovering secret areas. Their max is limited.Arrows behave similarly with the exception that they require a bow to be fired regular or silver.Bombs and Bows are very similar to magic except theyre much more specific.RupeesRupees are the currency of the game they can be found in various colors which are worth different amounts of currency. Rupees are only truly useful for two thingsZoras Flippers a passive tool that grants the player the ability to swimPotions which can replenish life and or magic - mandatory for Turtle Rock in a regular playthroughEvery other use is optional increasing maximum amount of bombsarrows carried for example.TimeTime is not an obvious resource in this game but given that progress is not lost on death time is the only thing that the game takes from the player. To a degree dying in Zelda A Link to the Past can be summarized as having to walk all the way back to where you died but being able to avoid most of the danger on the way. Essentially dying is a loss of Time.Similarly should the player ever need to build-up their rupee count possibly to buy bombs arrows potions etc. or regain life magic etc. they can simply accomplish all of these by spending some Time in the less dangerous areas of the game.Thus it can be said that most resources can be acquired by spending time in the game and that death results in a loss of time that couldve been spent acquiring resources instead. Equivalently the loss of resources is also a waste of Time with the exception that the effect is delayed. This toll only trully becomes apparent when the player lacks a specific resource to complete a dungeon and must therefore go out of the dungeon to seek the missing resources. On most other occasions that loss is hardly felt as the player will come across resources naturally on their next trip through the worldmap.Enemies in Zelda A Link to the PastThe role of the enemy in A Link to the Past is to make the game longer by having the player spend Time. This is confirmed by the many rooms where the player is forced to kill all of the monsters to get the key or force the door open. The clear intent is to create an obstacle that the player must first analyse and then devise a plan to overcome.Each enemys role is to insure the player will lose some time at key locations.The obvious approach to doing this is creating monsters that have progressively more life and deal more damage. Doing so however hardly challenges the players ability to observe and react which in practice take a lot more time than simply becoming better at honing ones reflexes.If all enemies in the game were Sword Soldiers of varying strength not only would the game become boring quickly but it would also be much easier and faster to complete as whatever the player has learned to beat the sword soldier would apply to all other soldiers.So how exactly should monsters be created to enforce player observation and pattern recognitionEnemy Types and FunctionsSword SoldierLet us begin this breakdown by looking into The Sword SoldierOne might be led to assume from the above that the Sword Soldier is actually the most basic form of enemy in the game but it isnt as Vanilla as it seems. The Sword soldier has its own movement pattern and boasts one of the most interesting hidden features in the game Stealth.Until a Sword soldier has been attacked or has seen the player it wont actively pursue the player which makes it particularly interesting to avoid. A lot of the level design actually supports this to great effect but arguably very few people ever went through the game without engaging combat with them apart from the SpeedRunners community simply because there is no incentive to doing this aside from time which is a limited concern to most.In addition the Sword Soldier is likely to drop rupees or hearts which have some Time value. In essence you might just gain as much time from killing a sword soldier and getting its drop than you might gain by avoiding the fight altogether.Sword Soldiers Function Get acquainted with combat mechanics and stealth.Bow SoldierBy design the Bow Soldier is a coward which will not seek direct confrontation from upclose but it is a terrific flanker. As a result it makes positionning and movement all the more important to master and its strength is relative to the other monsters in the room and how hard it is to navigate said room. There is a specific room in Agahnims Castle where the player must push a block while a few Bow Soldiers

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IntroductionHave you been working on your game for what feels like eternity but have nothing to show for it Are you stuck on how to implement your game idea If these sound like you then this is your article. In this article I will talk about planning game design and technical designs. I am going to cover the importance of planning and designs and give you some tools and tips to help you successfully plan and design your next game project.Why do I need a planThe definition of a plan is a detailed proposal for doing or achieving something.. A proposal is a plan or suggestion especially a formal or written one put forward for consideration or discussion by others.. A plan helps you be successful by putting your goals on paper. It is HOW you will go from having a great idea to a great game. A plan can be broken down into goals objectives and tasks. Goals are broad and general objectives are specific and measurable which when complete achieve a goal and tasks are very specific things that you need to do to meet an objective. Your day to day work can be broken down into tasks. The tasks when finished complete objectives and the objectives when finished meet goals.For example if your goal was to lose 20 pounds then your objectives might be to work out every other day for three months and to consume 1800 calories a day. Your tasks would be your specific workout sessions the day to day and preparing healthier meals that meet the objective of consuming 1800 calories a day. Your game plan should be just as detailed. Your goals are not really directly measurable other than knowing when you are finished. Your objectives need to be detailed so you can evaluate whether the tasks that you are completing are really working towards accomplishing the goals.Adjusting your planPlans are always subject to change. Your game plan will change as you encounter the reality of development. There will be things that you have not accounted for and you will have new ideas as you develop your game. Creating a plan does not mean setting your entire project in stone but rather it is a general roadmap for success. You might take some crazy detours but as long as you keep track of your goal you will eventually arrive at your destinationSchedules - Putting dates to your planIn my mind a schedule is simply putting dates on your plan. If you say that by October 15th you need to have X amount of things done in order to finish the game by December 31st then that is a schedule. Your schedule can change independently of your plan. Some things will take longer than anticipated that is the nature of game development but putting real dates to things can help put the plan into perspective even though we often dont want to really commit to any deadlines.An easy way to keep track of a schedule is to use a calendar application like Google Calendar or iCalendarIf you really need to track a lot of resources then you could use something like Microsoft Project or Projectlibre to keep track of all of the details.In the software development world there is a concept called Agile programming and that is a big topic. You can use sites like Assembla to manage software projects using Agile concepts and that goes great with the whole planning concept. I have personally used Assembla and it really makes this process much easier by being able to set milestones create tasks ect.Putting things into perspectiveOne thing a plan will do is force you to confront the reality of your idea. If your game design calls for 100 unit types but you can only make one unit type a week then by making a plan you will find that takes best case 100 weeks worth of time. If you realize early that your plan calls you making units for slightly over two years then you are likely to revise your plan to something more realistic.Realistic estimationEstimating how long something will take is hard. The best technique I have found for this is to break the task up into very small tasks where each task can be executed in hours rather than days. Then estimate each small task and multiply by 1.5. If you realistically think a task will take you 5 hours then multiply it by 1.5 and you will end up with 7.5 hours for the task. Add up all of the small tasks with the extra time built in. The more you can break down a task the more accurate your estimates will be. If you are unfamiliar with a task then you might even multiply by an even larger number 2 or more to your hour estimate to really make sure that there is time for the unexpected.As you work keep a log of your time. You can use this time log to help improve your estimates gauge your performance and refine your schedule. Something like My Hours can help you keep track of your time. Assembla also has time tracking functionality.Stop wasting timeTime is your most valuable and finite resource. There are 1440 minutes in a day. If you want to be productive you need to stop using so many of them watching cat videos . Game development takes a very heavy investment of time. Even relatively simple games can still take months of development time to complete. If you find yourself not making progress as fast as you would like evaluate your time log and try to see if you can find ways to use time more effectively.Ok but how do I know WHAT to planYou know what to plan by looking at your game design document. Your game design document or GDD contains all of the information about your game. It has every story character level mechanic boss fight potion and whatever else that you need to make your game. Your game design is detailed enough when you can have someone off the street read your game design and they can play your game start to finish on a sheet of paper. Even if you are just one person putting all of your thoughts down in a GDD means that you cant forget them and if you dont write your ideas down you WILL forget them.For a proper GDD you will need sketches of your characters and levels backstory character biographies and all sorts of other supporting information. You really need to put in a lot more details then will make your final game because your job with a GDD is to get everyone working on the game including yourself on the same page. If anyone has a question about your game they should be able to answer it by reading your game design document. If they cant answer the question then your GDD is not detailed enough. If your game design document is not detailed enough then it is not completeSome people will tell you that you do not need a game design document. Some people might be able to get away with not properly designing a game. It is likely that you wont be one of those people and if you neglect your design then it is very likely that your project will fail. Think of creating a design and a plan like a way to improve the odds. It is not guranteed but it improves your chances of having a successful game. Odds are if you can stick with an idea long enough to create a detailed game design and a plan then you have an

Memory Markers - Link Tue, 28 Jul 2015 13:54:40

Memory is something that is often overlooked in combat games more often than not when a character becomes aware of you in a combatative action game they remain aware until dead. Sometimes they may run a countdown when they lose sight of the player and lapse back into their patrol state if that ends before they find them. Neither of these techniques looks particularly intelligent. The AI either looks unreasonably aware of you or unrealistically gullible in that they go about their business after theyve lost track of you for a few seconds. A memory marker is a simple trick The UE4 implementation of which can be seen here that allows you to update and play with the enemys perception. It is a physical representation of where the enemy thinks the player is. In its simplest form it has two simple rules The AI use this marker for searches and targeting instead of the characterThe marker only updates to the players position when the player is in view of the AIthis gives you a number of behaviours for free. For example the AI will look as if you have eluded them when you duck behind cover and they come to look for you there. Just from this minor change you now have a cat-and-mouse behaviour that can lead to some very interesting results. I was pleased to see that Naughty Dog also use this technique. In this Last of Us editor screen-grab you can see their enemy marker white has been disconnected from the hiding character It is also very extensible - in more complicated implementations covered in future video tutorials a list of these markers is maintained and acted upon. This lets us do things like have the AI notice a pickup when running after the player and return to get it if they ever lose their target. So how do we start to go about coding these markers In my experience the most important thing when coding this system in various forms is that your memory markers in code and their references in script must be nullable. This provides us with a very quick and easy way of wiping these markers when they are no longer needed or querying the null state to see if the agent has no memory of something - and therefore if we need to create it. The first pass implementation of these markers simply has two rules You update the marker for a character to that characters location when its been seen by an enemy.You make the AIs logic - search routines and so on - act on this marker instead of the character Its worth mentioning that each AI will need one of these markers for every character on an opposing team and every object they must keep track of. Because of this it is useful to populate some kind of array with these markers. Think too about how you can sort this list by priority. When the AI loses track of a target they can grab the next marker in the list which may be an objective or a pickup they passed. When the list is empty they fall back to their patrol state.

Narrative-Gameplay Dissonance - Link Sat, 25 Jul 2015 09:40:48

The Problem

Music Composition - Link Fri, 23 Oct 2015 03:50:53

ContractorHallo Al Green here. Ive been studying music for over a decade and have gotten to a level of skill where collaborating with people is the next logical step. I enjoy music that is expressive as well as varied in tone and structure. Hoping for paid work but Im open to any interesting opportunity.I am also open to producing sound effects or soundscapes.Here is a link to my Soundcloudhttpssoundcloud.commamaalgreenAnd here are some examples of compositions I have made showing different styles I enjoyhttpssoundcloud.commamaalgreensconichttpssoundcloud.commamaalgreenkingoftheelveshttpssoundcloud.commamaalgreenfleshwound0.00

Hobbyist Programmer Seek 2D pixel artist level designer - Link Thu, 22 Oct 2015 19:29:57

Unpaid PositionIm working on a 2D tile engine based game. Hoping to find a pixel artist who can make game tiles and in turn use the tiles to build maps for a game. I have a degree in Electronic Engineering but Im just a hobbyist programming with Visual C Express. Just want to make some thing cool really.Here is a link to a Map Editor program I was working on as part of the projecthttpswww.dropbox.comss79tcb25te3e2aqMapEditor2.zipdl0No documentation yet but its fairly easy to work out.Free

Electronic music and sound producer looking for projects... - Link Thu, 22 Oct 2015 10:21:39

Unpaid PositionIve been playing around with music and sound for quite a number of years and decided its time to combine this with my gaming passion. Having recently made a significant enough step in investing in a viable setup I can now make some pretty high quality stuff from home and make this dream happen.My stuff tends to be explore the justaposition between the familiar and the strange probably more on the strange side though. Either way I like to think Im pretty versatile and I look forward to seeing my work enhance the immersion of a game.My aim is to be getting paid work in the coming months but first I want to get some more experience and to demonstrate what I can do.Heres my stuff... httpssoundcloud.commarkcauderyLooking forward to hearing from you....Free

Post-war RTS game looking for team members - Link Wed, 21 Oct 2015 19:41:30

Unpaid PositionProject TitleUntitled for the momentDescriptionWere building a story driven RTS thats set immediately after World War 3 in the near future. In the game god comes down from the sky and brings his angels. They stop the nations from warring and bring peace to the world. But when strange events begin happening like cities of people vanishing overnight and rumors of UFOs in the night sky start abounding a group gets together to begin seeking out the truth.This game will have a unique story strong characters and a fun unit managementbattling system.IncludesDozens of units some with unique upgrades that can only be unlocked by keeping them alive through battle.A unique and compelling story.Team NameUnknown for nowTeam StructureTechnical DirectorProgrammer - JohnCreative DirectorProgrammer - AaronComposer - TobiAudioVisual Special FX - DerekPrevious WorkNA - Weve done a UE4 game jam but this is our first real project.Talent RequiredLooking for3D artists - At least 22D artistMarketing specialist - Someone who will help promote the game and build a community with the potential players of the gameRiggerAnimatorEnvironment CreatorWebsiteNone yetContactE-mail atcraigergmail.comSkype atcraigerPM me on hereWe are serious about this game and as such have set out a deadline. We plan to be on steam greenlight by April 1st with a totally finished game within a few months of that. Anybody who joins us can use this game in their portfolio and if we make money well be splitting it up fairly. We are a fun and easy going team but do want to complete this game so you can expect to be asked about your progress a few times a week. Nobody is expected to work 10 hours a day just what youre able.If you have any questions or want to join contact me Id love to hear from you-AaronFree

Composer looking for new game project - Link Tue, 20 Oct 2015 21:08:11

HiMy Name is Tobi Weiss and I compose and produce Game Music.And I am looking for an ambitious Project obviously.Some words about my music - I mostly enjoy making kinda emotional or epic Music.So i did a lot of stuff that reminds of Fantasy Worlds andor big and emotionaldeep stories. Its not as easy as i thought to talk about things like this so lets skip the part with the words about music and lets proceed with listening. I prepared a little showreel a theme i wrote last night. You got to know that I arranged all of the tracks to self-containing ones.But in principle every theme of a track works on it own.Because of the benefits of virtual Instruments every single thing and theme is usable rearrangeable.Anyway - In this way its more enjoyable to listen. All of the themes are not in use by now. So - If you like any of them and could imagine to use the style in any new game project - tell me and we can work with it together.Even if theres not the one theme in this showreel i can compose anything you want for your game. If you got any questions comments or sth else - tell me. Apart from that have a nice daytobishowreelhttpssoundcloud.comtobiaswmusicsetsapsingle trackhttpssoundcloud.comtobiaswmusicfarewell0.00

Programmers wanted for Fighting Game Project - Link Tue, 20 Oct 2015 00:05:58

Paid PositionHelloMy name is Adrian Santos. I am community manager and talent scout for a game development group called Respec Studios. We are currently working on our first project which is a 2 vs 2 format 2D fighting game called S.H.I.F.T. It has been a project that our staff has poured their heart and soul for two years now as we want to see it to its full completion. These are our websites.httprespecstudios.wix.comshifthttprespec-studios.deviantart.comhttpswww.facebook.comrespecgamestudiosfreftshttpstwitter.comRespec_StudiosAt this time we are in need of programmers- 2 UnityC programmers- 2 UnrealC programmersAlso here are the requirements- Must be fluent in English- Easy to Contact- Must be reliable in able to do the provided work involved in the field the person is capable of- Must do well in working with other programmers.If interested please contact me through the following.- Adrian Santos Community ManagerSkype GreatDragon ADGmail recommendedOnce contacted I will take you to our CEO and our lead programmer where they will provide you all the details revolving around our game and work while answering any questions that you have. Once you are accepted they will plan right away when to begin work. Work is paid by Kickstarter only for now since we planned to be crowdfunded until we find a potential investor. Pay depends on the amount of work done to help our game. Our staff have been the greatest people we ever met as they show dedication and reliability hoping for this game come to frution. Not only that we managed to acquire voice actors supporters in the art community and fighting game community and positive feedback. We will look forward to hear form you. Thank you for your time and cooperation.Paid

Programmer looking for an artist partner - Link Mon, 19 Oct 2015 14:30:12

Unpaid PositionHey there Im a college student whos a passionate programmer looking to find an artist to partner up with and make some awesome games Currently Im a one man team and with all the time I spend programming its really hard for me to draw and animate at the end of the day plus Im not very good at it.It would be awesome to find someone like me whos passionate about games and wants to make some themselves In our line of work its all about the projects and previous accomplishments you have so lets start building that portfolioI have written down some ideas for potential games but I want to hear from you first. If you have any cool ideas you want to work on we can do that as well. Lets both come up with something we can agree on and develop on that.You can check out what Im currently working on here and download the zip file and launch the game. This is just me messing around by implementing tons of functions into a game.You dont have to be an expert this could be your first time making a game Ill help you through it and talk you through the basics. However it would be best if youre a better artist than I am.To make a good game it only really takes a good programmer and artist so lets make something happenFree

Reptinator MoM Chronicles - Link Sun, 18 Oct 2015 03:39:17

Paid PositionIn a future not quite our own reptiles have gone on to become the dominant life forms on Planet Earth. However when quantum travel becomes a reality humans from our future show up at the dinosaurs front door. No longer satisfied with having conquered their own universe the apes are turning to prophylactic multi-dimensional warfare and the dinosaurs are their first targets.The terrible lizards must travel back to the past to the nexus of their timeline and ours and find a champion to eradicate the human threat before it even begins.That champion is REPTINATOR.Do you have experience programming a platformer in CMonoGame or similar Or maybe your talent lies in digital audio production If so then this may be the project for youMy team is seeking help with programming notably for physics and sound effect design. We want to use the FarSeer engine the C port of Box2D so in actuality the project could be ported to Unity if you prefer. I have a 2-year programming diploma from Fanshawe College of Arts and Technology but Im just more at home on the conceptualcreativecommunications side of things. So the more programming tasks you want to take on the betterAs the creative lead Im hoping to get a proof of concept together and start a crowd-sourced funding project. So far this has been a self-funded project so your willingness to negotiate is appreciated.If you have an appreciation for cheeky retro-style projects go ahead and send a PM Id like to hear from you. Paid

Looking for team members - Link Fri, 16 Oct 2015 14:40:24

Unpaid PositionGreetings My name is Aron. I am developing a classic breakout style indie game bricks in rooms to be destroyed by a ball using a bat 2D horizontal style power-ups and -downs cruising creatures to add extra chaos and of course increasing difficulty at every random constructed next level. I code in Javascript I am happy with the engine but there are still some elements missing. So I am looking for two team members a graphic artist and a musician for audio and sound. Graphic I think about some noir style using only black-white colors. I need images for the bricks the bat the ball the walls the creatures menu elements some background and sequence pictures etc. Music speed metal or techno would match the speed of the game but I can imagine drums only too to feel the rythm. Anyhow it has to be fast. Sounds I need sounds of explosions sparks pops bouncing sounds. This is my first job and I am determined to finish it. I want to present a decent job and collect appreciative echoes. With this entry-level project I want to get more experience in game programming and team building. I do not expect any income of this game so i can guarantee no reward but I present your name. You can contact me at Thank you for your consideration. Bye AronFree

Qubeware - Metin - Rise of Darkness - Link Thu, 15 Oct 2015 14:11:14

Unpaid PositionMetin - Rise of Darkness... An old long-forgotten legend arises from lost time like a phoenix from its ashes.Maybe you know the end of the story but the beginningOnce ruled the emperor over the country. But an omen of darkness came to earth and the world that we knew until then had ceased to exist.The empire brokes with the death of the emporer.Chaos came upon us. Friend became to an enemy. Brothers and sisters extinct each other. Demons and devils were playing their games with the people.Death was closer to humans than their own shadow. But...From hopeless age stepped out a glimmer of hope.Go forth three nations from the old empire.Three Nations. Three Kings. One Target. Peace.You one of the last remains glorious age of the Empire shall save the world and they fall back into the old balance.Choose one of the known martial arts. The brave warriors. The insidious villain. The wise shaman. the mysterious Mage.You are the last hope of the world of Metin - Rise of Darkness. Hello Developer of the name is Seyyid A. Ciftci and Im the CEO at Qubeware.You ask yourself now determined What the hell is Qubeware.I will tell you what Qubeware is. Qubeware is an Indie Startup with 14 developers of differently countries.We have come together us more or less...But we all have one aim. We want realize our projects.We have currently two Offices.Were developing at one hand Websites and on the other hand mystery magical fascinating action-packed emotinal games like Metin - Rise of Darkness.You can be a part of our story.Regardless of what profession you pursue everyone gets his job with us.Contact me if youre interested and would work with us free.Best regardsSeyyid A. CiftciFree

Programmer and enviromental concept artist needed - Link Wed, 14 Oct 2015 18:29:53

Unpaid PositionGreetingswe are a medium sized group hard at work on a tower defense game. We are approximately half-way through development and need to urgently fill these roles to maintain a good work flow.We need-Programmer1REQUIREMENTSGood skills with c and Unity.Skills of GitHub is preferred.Game development experienced is highly preferred.Environmental concept artist1REQUIREMENTSGood creative skillsGood illustration skillsDigital art skills are highly preferredSkype is mandatory for all members.CONTACT imransadiq1995gmail.comFree

D3D12 Fun Demo - Link Wed, 14 Oct 2015 14:17:29

Unpaid PositionHiIm looking for people who want to make a direct 3d 12 demo. The purpose is for a few reasons. It will be fun we can make a story board of what we will do it should be about 3-5 minutes long and all done in real time code no pre renders videos etc. Well pick some music to sync some effects to. In the process we will learn direct 3d 12 using C. This is not for profit or any other reason other than doing it because its cool. Well try to push the limits as far as we can with highly parallel compute shaders and exploiting low CPU usage that D3D12 offers. The code doesnt have to be perfect but the demo does. You could show it to your friends and say I made that. Well need a name for it hmmmm... Whos inFree

Need small team to turn completed Board Game into Video Game. - Link Tue, 13 Oct 2015 21:36:24

Unpaid PositionGame DetailsWars of Keridor is a non-luck based strategic board game where the player builds upgrades and controls an army on a grid based board in attempts to reach your opponents side thus defeating himher. The building and designing is based off a tech tree and using a dual economy system Gold and Research to make your own customizable army while the battle section is similar to chess where each type of unit has its own movement and attack options. The game ends up played most similar to a turn based Starcraft.The games design offers a lot of depth multiple possible openings and has so far dodged any oppressive dominant strategies that crush all else.Why A Video GameMost of the mechanics work as a board game except for the aspect of secrecy when purchasing your armyupgrades which should be revealed simultaneously. Two main methods were used Markers on your own personal board indicating what you are purchasing while utilizing a screen which felt clunky as you had to move the screen on and off again and took up too much table space or a deck of cards each representing the unique actions you could do however with 50 cards always in hand and having to sift through them each turn was also distracting time consuming and felt like you had way more options to consider than you did adding to player confusion.As a video game the secrecy can be kept very simply by not showing the opponent your purchases until both players have chosen. While not game breaking issues having it as a video game adds visual cues like greying out unavailable options will reduce perceived complexity and unit information can be condensed in a more visual pleasing fashion than a manual thus making learning easier.InterestedContact me at and let me know what you bring to the table and how youd like to be involved. If we are a good fit for each other well talk on skype and get to work Thank you for your time.Free

Programmer looking for project - Link Tue, 13 Oct 2015 13:10:29

Unpaid PositionHello everyoneSo as you can see from title Im searching for unpaid job for programming any 2D games. By doing this I want to improve my game programming skills get more experience in this thing also I have knowledge of C C a little of bit JAVA. I can easily program using OpenGL lib also I have good knowledge of scripting in Unity using C. Mostly I program on Windows platform but if I will use OpenGL I can program for Mobiles Linux platforms.Thank you.Free

LF Sr. Web Developer Sr. Concept artists - Link Mon, 12 Oct 2015 21:48:54

Unpaid PositionHello fellow gamers and artistsInterlight Studio is a small independent game development team formed by talented individuals worldwide. We are seeking talented creative individuals for the development of our current project. Were passionate serious open minded gaining industry experience and always looking to network with new people.Sr. Web DeveloperFirm knowledge in phpMySQL and systems involved with websites login and profile developmentMinimum of one years experienceImplementing store and functions into the website Ability to set examples for team members by regularly demonstrating strong work ethic quality of work teamwork and motivation Ability to work efficiently and respectfully with the team Have proper problem solving skills Be able to act upon instructions or independently listen and accept feedback from othersSr. Concept artistsPassionate about design and games and affinity for the fantasy genreUnderstanding of form and anatomyFamiliar with Photoshop preferred other graphic program is OKBasic understanding of design process or willing to learnAbility to communicate and follow directionsComfortable working with multinational team via the internetGenerally creative and curiousNo previous experience requiredResponsibilitiesWork with the art director and art lead to explore and design characters props or environments.Refine and finalize a variety of game asset designs.Work with the 3D artists to create high quality model sheets for production.The ProjectAction adventure RPGOriginal high fantasy worldArt style similar to that of Dragon Age The Witcher and Guild WarsThe PerksAwesome talented people to work withShare and gain knowledge with your teammatesValuable industry experience working with a teamValuable industry experience in your field of expertiseRevenue sharing Members who join us will complete the NDA and Profit Share Agreement.We are excited that our team members are spread across the globe and so we use Trac PM Skype VCS Bit source-tree and Dropbox to stay organizeconnected.Best to contact over Skype koeanilo1or Email infointerlightstudio.comThank youFree

Recomputing AABBs for animated actors - Link Fri, 23 Oct 2015 11:32:42

Im using assimp and its convention of dealing with nodes and meshes. Basically each model has a node which can have any number of children and so on and each node may or may not have a mesh. I go through the node and mesh hierarchy and compute AABB around the entire model and for each node aswell for fine-grained culling. These AABBs are used for view frustum culling later. This works fine when the models are static and not animated as I could just compute it once and forget it. Now when doing animations where some rotationtranslation is applied to some or all nodes in the model the whole AABB is invalidated. The only solution I see is to recalculate the entire AABB structure each frame which seems very expensive - say in a model with 100 nodes which is not uncommon apply rotationtranslation to each node just to recalculate the AABB. It sounds helluva expensive to do this every frame. Is there anything I am missing How is this usually handled in other games and engines

Are there any good 64-bit Inverse Kinematics library to use - Link Fri, 23 Oct 2015 11:10:01

I try to compile SmartBody to 64bit binary without luck. So I may as well give up. Are there any other nice 64bit IK libraries on the net that can freely be used I am really impressed at SmartBody except it is too hard to compile it into 64bit binaries. Also I know it is very easy to build a 2-arm system But I am looking for some natural postures that the agent can take. Thanks Jack

When using C and including d3d11.lib do you not use the windows - Link Fri, 23 Oct 2015 09:04:29

Hello Just curious as to how this is working internally. My set up is that I am coding with C have included d3d11.lib. As far as I understand this will mean that all DirectX code that I need is contained in .obj files in d3d11.lib and linked and compiled into my exe. What I am wondering though is what happens inside d3d11.lib for example When you call D3D11CreateDevice is Everything dealt with in the d3d11.lib obj files or is it the case that still the windows registry is used to get hold of some DirectX com objects I cant find and d3d11.dll or anything in my windows registry in yet Everything works fine in my application. Cheers

OpenGL Still relevant - Link Fri, 23 Oct 2015 07:34:17

Hey guys Its been quite a long time since I posted here... Im around watching though Ive been thinking for a long time now about the relevancy of opengl or even code-game-programming in general. With the amount of engines and not bad ones honestly out there Im having the feeling that actual coding is getting left behind and will matter mainly for engines programming. I personally really like the old fashioned way and not to happy about the situation... XNA was my main choice for the past two years and I was thinking about switching to OpenGL to get a little bit more out of this. So thos thread is not only for you to discuss the situation I described but also to give me an advice Do you guys think that learning OpenGL now could still be the right way to go If so what will you advice doing so in cpp or java Im familiar with both and feeling comfortable either way. Thank you very much and I hope this conversation was not brought up at least not too many times before.

Rendering MD3 in Modern OpenGL - Link Fri, 23 Oct 2015 01:24:06

Does anyone have a nice tutorial on this How to load and display animated MD3 in Modern OpenGL

Rendering Quake 3 BSP in modern OpenGL - Link Fri, 23 Oct 2015 01:15:33

Ive been reading some modern tutorials on OpenGL trying to get rid of all the pre-OpenGL 2 bad habits. So i decided to write a small Quake 3 BSP renderer to make sure im understanding everything. After hitting a few bumps i wonder Does it really make sense to read and calculate VIS data Shouldnt i just render everything and use a basic frustum culling

Pre-compiled HLSL shader question - Link Thu, 22 Oct 2015 23:42:17

Hi GuysI am currently trying out how to add a precompiled shader to my program in the form of a header file.I have compiled the shader in to a header like so as per MS documentation as follows. fxc T ps_4_0 EPShader Fo PixelShader.h PixelShader.hlsl This document then says to add the precompiled header into the project as follows Actual MS example include PixelShader.h ComPtrltID3D11PixelShadergt m_pPixelShader hr pDevice-gtCreatePixelShaderg_psshader sizeofg_psshader nullptr m_pPixelShader My code slightly modified to suit my project include PixelShader.h HRESULT result d3dDevice-gtCreatePixelShaderd3dPsBuffer-gtGetBufferPointer d3dPsBuffer-gtGetBufferSize 0 d3dSolidColorPS The result is an unexpected end of file found due to the include file.Also I have concerns as to how does the include file magically associate itself with d3dPsBuffer I cant see how the CreatePixelShader call can possibly know that it is loading the data from that particular header file. What would happen if you had a dozen pre-compliled HLSL headers How would you determine which belongs to what CreatePixelShader callThanks in advance

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