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Modeler needed rev-share - Link Thu, 20 Aug 2015 09:30:08

Unpaid PositionHello We are a small group of game developers. We are hard at work on a demo of our 3D actionRPG game. It will have a fantasy theme and will be built using the Unreal Engine 3. We will however keep a moderate scope in mind whilst still attempting to create something meaningful. We are looking for a modeler to join our team. -Blender 3D is preferable however 3ds Max and Maya are acceptable -must have knowledge of mesh optimization for game engines -must be able to bake normal maps and do textures PBR is a plus Please Reach me on Skype to apply. Skype name imransadiq1995 Thanks for readingFree

CONTRACTPAID Programmer for Pirate themed game UE4 - Link Thu, 20 Aug 2015 04:41:06

Paid PositionProject TitlePiratesDescriptionAn Unreal 4 Engine GamePirates is a multiplayer combat-sim themed in the 18th century Caribbean.You are placed in the role of a pirate and will find yourself battling other pactscompeting for precious bootyand working together to pillage and plunder ports and villages. Your arsenal options consist of melee ranged and explosives.FeaturesMultiplayer combat FPSTPSDedicated server support. Up to 64 players supported.2 teams pirate factions.Colour coded with separate themes flags and symbolsCustomisable pirate player. There are no static classes. You may create your own Decide the balance of abilities and the look of your pirate. 13 full presets 5 starting 7 unlockablesMelee combat 4 directional parry system Swords axes and more unlockable weapons. Ranged combat and Explosives Matchlock Flintlock Percussion Crossbow Bow Grenade launcher Grenades and more.3 Tier market w weapon mods. Upgrade to a higher tier musket add a bayonet or an axe to it. Mod a pistol into the hilt of your cutlass.Unlockables achievements9 gamemodes to accompany the combat system Sea battles Tomb raiding Pillaging Booty hunt etc Objective versus and cooperative. Sea battle campaign features RTS FPSTPS mixed. A player on each team commands the ship while the others man the cannons or snipe. Sink the enemy ship or board and fight.Large variety of maps with unique objectivesSteam IntegrationVoiceTaunt system variety to choose from. Each full preset has its own voice library 7 are unlockables.Humour and comedic goreCustom Map and Mod SupportMultiple OS Windows Mac and LinuxFull use of DX11 Maxwell architecture features and optimisations.Design Documenthttpwww.miriscus.compiratesdesign-documentTeam NameMiriscusTeam StructureChris myself - Project lead and artist Im a freelance 3D artist.Benjamin Roach - ArtistAlex - Programmer May not be able to continue with the project looking to replace him with a paid programmer.Talent RequiredSomeone who can help us put together an alpha or beta video showcasing some of our basic features.Preferably a coder who knows C but 100 Blueprints will do fine for getting a video demo for Kickstarter.This is a paid position for producing an alphabeta build.If the fund-raiser is decent the paid position may continue beyond beta.There are no royalties work is paid.IndieDB Pagehttpwww.indiedb.comgamespiratesContactSkype DIFTOWPhone 954 470 6628Paid

The Trading Game a new kind of MMO recruiting - Link Tue, 18 Aug 2015 22:52:08

Unpaid PositionHello dear Game Devs I am looking for a team of enthusiatic professionals or experienced amateurs to join me in the realisation of my game idea All info to be found here httpwww.teamups.netteamup859The-Trading-GameDo not hesitate to apply on Teamups.To contact me thetradinggameyahoo.comFree

3D Modellers Needed for Pioneer - The New World - Link Tue, 18 Aug 2015 22:18:18

Unpaid PositionHi thereJonathon here from CaveBear Games. Weve talked to our existing members in our game development team and we believe the time is right to expand the team to match our current workload and paceCaveBear Games is working on an exciting medieval open world game called Pioneer - The New World. This isnt your typical fantasy medieval game or survival game. Pioneer focuses on the best parts of genres such as survival crafting sandbox city building and role-playing games. with a large focus on player interaction and the worlds detail.About CaveBear GamesCaveBear is a small indie development team formed in 2014 with the common objective of producing games that are fun to make and play. Every member of the team has relative experience or talent with regards to his or her role. We run a friendly yet dedicated team.We currently consist of around 9 members though we need to expand to fill the current skills gap.None of us are being paid for this project yet. If we produce a product that we can market on platforms such as Steam Greenlight then members who remain on the project will be paid for their work fairly and equally.We want people who are passionate about producing a product of high quality and inputting on a variety of levels outside their role. If you cant commit to this project and arent serious about working with us then this may not be for you.Were always learning and appreciate any input people may have on the project.For the projects intellectual safety we have not included all the fine details regarding the project or project management. This will be fully disclosed when we feel the time is right with new applicants.About Pioneer - The New WorldPioneer is currently being described by us as an open world medieval RPG. While this remains true to a certain point the full extent of Pioneer is something we believe the games industry has not seen before.From the players first few moments in the game it soon becomes apparent the player has been stranded in an undiscovered world. Fighting against the environment the player must satisfy his hunger thirst maintaining a healthy character. Hunting and Gathering will play a big part in early to mid part of the game.As Pioneer is a multi player game in time the player will meet other players. This may lead to conflict and the formations of families.Working with other players you can develop your family house from a small holding to a hamlet and onto a village and town. Progressing through these different stages will unlock additional building and weapon options to help the player progress further.While most games are focused heavily on combat Pioneer will also have a more developed domestic side allowing players to stay at home farm and take up tasks and roles within a town.Exploration is a big point for Pioneer our world will be expansive diverse and filled with islands ready to be claimed by righteous groupsPeriodPioneer is set in the age of exploration. The Roanoke Colony the first British Colony has been established on the American Continent trade routes are beginning to be established with far off lands and the discovery of new and fascinating animals and foods are being tasted by European settlers for the first time.While set in a fictitious map the world of Pioneer primarily stays the same in terms of ecological diversity and Biomes.Our focus with Pioneer is to produce a true to life realistic medieval experience because of this we rely heavily on historical reference.Free

C Programmer Wanted - Link Tue, 18 Aug 2015 13:50:35

Unpaid PositionPlease note this project is revenue share based on time spent working on the game. Due to the late entry to the game we can offer an equal share of the revenue with respect to your period of time working on the game.So basically its less of a cut but less work overall. Ideally this position is for someone who wants to get into the indie game industry and have a title to their portfolio.We are a team of three searching for an additional full time C programmer for our recently greenlit PC game Kradens Crypt. You can read about the game here or watch a video hereThe project has been in development since August 2013. The fundamental design of the game is more or less done but we have regular meetings to discuss the feasibility of new ideas at this stage.We are ideally searching for a programmer whoIs passionate about the game idea. Has some experience of making games. Is looking for a dedicated team potentially for future projects Has an interest in the game design. Interested in getting into the indie game industry. Knowledge of Monogame Farseer Spine is a plus.Please contact us with your portfolio or proof of your capabilities at contactkradenscrypt.comFree

Looking for 2D designeranimator - Link Mon, 17 Aug 2015 12:17:27

Unpaid PositionRight now I am wanting to make a game in C but I can not design I really need a designeranimator to help me with pixel are or whatever 2D graphics are called. I am wanting to make a rpg gameengine I am planning to release it to public with source code so no profit will be made.Free

Looking for Designers for Interim Projects - Link Sun, 16 Aug 2015 16:58:00

Unpaid PositionI am a programmer who made a 2d engine in clisp for the purpose of building large game. That larger game is on hold pending the creation of a dedicated team. In the interim I want to practice smaller game development tasksskills. Anyone who is interested in making a short 30m-90m puzzle platformer please contact me with any ideas you might have. This is a low-commitment thing since what I really am trying to do is build proof of concepts for as many features as I can make.Free

Project theo - 3d Artist needed - Link Sun, 16 Aug 2015 15:12:21

Unpaid PositionHey community we would need two or more 3d ArtistsProject DecriptionThere is a quite complicated story with monsters and so on but for this project the demo for the kickstarter this isnt necessary. The demo is on a small area - about 500x500m or 1km x 1km. Your goal is to kill the endboss to finish the demo but the endboss is behind a medival fortress between 2 mountains so you have to take over the fortress open the doors go through them and fight the boss. You are going to have 5-6 different ways to take over the fortress with items or hidden ways you find people you talk to and so on so the more you explore the easier it will be to complete your mission. There will be 4 or 5 different enemies - and some of your weapons wont hurt them so you have to chosse the right one - this will be easier in teamplay but also possible if you play in singleplayer. You cant change but upgrade your weapons and armor. The only differences between the players will be the displayed name the color of their clothesarmor and the upgrades on their equipment. Its easier to make and something not many medival games have. In some areas you have to open doors by solving a puzzle collecting items combine and use them like a point and click game maybe more interactive.This is the demo more or less - take over the fortress with lots of undead enmies in there open the doors kill the endboss. If there are any Questions feel free to ask them.RevenueWhatever we earn with the kickstarterindiegogo-project will be divided by the hours everyone worked on the game. And when it becomes a full game its the same prinzipe with the money we earn.So everyone who puts more effort in the game than I will get more money than I.Here is the TeamUps pagehttpwww.teamups.netteamup751The-Everlasting-One-Onlineand if you would like to join message me hangouts or E-MailFree

VR 3D ModelerTexturer - Link Sun, 16 Aug 2015 05:28:00

Unpaid PositionHello Im looking for a 3D modeler andor texturer to help me create VR content for the JanusVR web browser. I can handle all of the programming and technical stuff and just need someone that can do any sort of 3d modeling and texturing. Animating would help but because JanusVR does not have full support for animation well just be using something like key frames or placeholders until it comes out. If youre interested or have any ideas please PM me on here email me at or add me on Skype at the.abyss4Free

Experienced Dev Team is LF Sr Programmers C - Link Sat, 15 Aug 2015 18:46:46

Unpaid PositionGreetings Forum membersMy name is Ty and I am the project manager at Creative Game Tech. We are looking for Strong Self-motivated and Team players to join our project. I have posted here in the past and had tremendous success. As we are growing we now have open positions to fill. We have been live and working for two months and created awesome content. Join us as we are getting ready towards alpha release. We are now looking for a talented members for these positions. Here are the position which we are looking to fill right awaySr. Programmer mainly Ui and game mechanics skills in the game that need to be created heal-damage ect we have concept art for the games and ui to guide you with the creations. C basics to intermediate level knowledge of C at an basic to intermediate level Basic knowledge of mechanics like Game State management com model singletons inheritance and C interfaces A willingness to learn new apis and even help build new ones Ability to work efficiently and respectfully with the team.Positions which we are looking to fill with no urgencyAssistant Project Manager. In charge of recordings of meetings. Updating the website and project management site. Ability to work efficiently and respectful with the team. Possess superb writing skills.Our team is becoming very large and there are many aspects of the project that needs closer attention.What you will gain Experience be part of the creative process of game design credits compensation when project gets successful via Kickstarter Free unlimited email account on our domain for the time of developmentAbout the GameOur game is a 6 v 6 fantasy style brawler with a unique story line that is both competitive and fun. We are implementing an offline Campaign mode while also creating online multiplayer ladder ranked game. Campaign mode will focus more on the storytelling for players who want to immerse themselves in the fantasy realm. The game is played in the 3rd person camera view. The style for the game is cartoony and anime with a fantasy theme We will have a working alpha soon.Members who join us will complete the NDA and Profit Share Agreement.We are excited that our team members are spread across the globe and so we use Trac PM SkypeVCS Bit source-tree and Dropbox to stay organizeconnected.Time zones are not a problem we have a solution to every timezone It is best to contact over Skype koeanilo1or email infoshatteredrealmcgt.comThank youFree

Dark Rising Studios - Recruitment - Link Sat, 15 Aug 2015 10:40:31

Unpaid PositionDark Rising Studios - RecruitmentHey allDark Rising Studios is an indie game development studio based online primarily in Australia. Our current group consists of 3 people and we are seeking any hobbyist game developers that would want to work on a project with us. Please be aware that this is not a paid job and we are currently developing our projects under our own time. Dark Rising Studios uses a number of tools for our developmentUnreal Engine 4 Visual Studio Blender 3DS MaxPhotoshop or GimpNot only that we have a dedicated server that runs our websites our perforce helix server and our email server. We feel the need to amp up the number of people to work on our current project and we would like to extend an opportunity to be apart of it at your own time and pace.If you would like to be apart please email for more information.Free

KNIGHTWARE Top Down RPG Project Looking to expand - Link Sat, 15 Aug 2015 05:41:23

Unpaid PositionAbout UsOk so right now it is just me but I mean come on About us looks a heck of a lot better underneath a company name then About Myself. Yes you heard right a 1 man army I have around 3 years experience with C scripting and 5 years in C and Java Script coding. I also have 7 years experience in Digital Art Photoshop After Effects Video Editing Graphic Design etc. 2 months experience in Modeling and Animation LAUGH however I am getting a lot better. I have mostly completed small projects such as the ever infamous Block Game a couple of Card Games and a small yet interesting adventure game. I would now like to tackle a larger scale project such as the RPG. So without further ado I shall provide some info on my current project.About My ProjectA Top Down RPG in the style of Diablo and Sacred featuring an original story line and and unique gameplay elements.Main StoryIn the beginning there were 7 ANGELS of CREATIONThe 7 instruments the GREAT FATHER used to orchestrate the worldThe first ANGEL was named DINA The ANGEL of ARCHITECT he designed the gates of HEAVENThe second ANGEL was named BARBELO The ANGEL of BALANCE she created the equality of LIGHT AND DARKNESSThe third ANGEL was named LIWET The ANGEL of SOLICE he seperated the gates of HEAVEN from the gates of HELL and created the Barriers that prevent any mortal from entering that which they do not yet belong.The fourth ANGEL was named NATHINEL The ANGEL of FIRE he created the Fires of HELL and governs all that is born from flame.The fifth ANGEL is named NISROC The ANGEL of FREEDOM she created free will among all mortals and wrote the laws of choice and consequence which governs all beings.The sixth ANGEL was named ORIFIEL The ANGEL of the FOREST she set forth the law of beasts and governs all which dwells within the divine woodlands of the earth.The seventh ANGEL was named URIM The ANGEL of LIGHT he was to be the guardian of the good in all mortal hearts and guide them towards the ways of the light.However he was also given the title of the most beautiful ANGEL PRINCE and his power and strength was fabled to have rivaled the GREAT FATHER of ANGELS however there was an EIGHTH ANGEL who believed no ANGEL should claim to possess such beauty and power and in an epic struggle proved his loyalty to the GREAT FATHER and confronted URIM.A great battle split the earth into four parts and divided all the mortals and turned most of them into beasts and monsters to reflect there personalities. Unity was forever shattered. URIM deceived the GREAT FATHER and told lies of treachery and jealousy among the ANGELS who were influenced by this EIGHTH ANGEL using his divine powers of FAITH to confuse there hearts and attempt to lead them in an attack against him with only URIMS loyalty proven imminent.The GREAT FATHER reluctantly punished the EIGHTH ANGEL and sentenced him to live as a mortal in a world of monsters and beasts. However this ANGEL was the true prince of the GREAT FATHER his love unconditional the GREAT FATHER wiped his memory of his angelic heritage and scattered his powers into 12 corners of the four great continents of the world and set forth a mission for the EIGHTH ANGEL.Reclaim your powers prove your worth and return to me my sonURIM received word of this and cast a great darkness in HEAVEN stripping it of all light in a furious display of rage and without light the other angels became distorted and confused and completely under URIMS control.With this power URIM and his army attacked the GREAT FATHER and inprisoned him within the realm between HEAVEN AND HELL.You will never complete your mission fool I am the ONE TRUE ANGEL PRINCE and you have nothing left to saveURIMS laughter echoed throughout the land as the EIGHTH ANGEL plummeted to the earth.However some tasks however impossible may be overcome with the power of FAITH.BECOME THE ANGEL OF F8THScreensOpen PositionsSo how can you contribute you ask Well here are some positions I need most help in this is just a volunteer project I havent decided if I am going to make it commercial but if I do you will of course be compensated. That is a discussion for the entire team once I actually have members contributing.PROGRAMMER I can always use more scripting partners just let me know what area you would most prefer to work in and I will do my best to make sure you get plenty of work in that area.2D3D ArtistThis is a small need honestly most of the art is already completed but as new ideas come into play I will definetely need the extra help.Animation ProgrammersBig need right here I can do some animation but I am very limited in my skill set with this currently.Lore WriterA huge need I am doing most of the writing for the story but the lore in the game is going to be a heavy load on top of everything else I am doing right now.Well that is about it for now I may be looking for other skill sets later on Sound FX Voice Acting maybe Music Ambient Engineers. For now however this is all I am looking for. If you would like to contribute in any of these areas or if you have another skill set that you would like to be considered for or just want to support the project please do NOT hesitate to shoot me an email. My contact info is below and thank you for taking the time to read about my project.Emailchristianknights.ccsgmail.comFree

Black Helga looking for a Concept Artist - Link Wed, 12 Aug 2015 18:58:56

Unpaid PositionHelloMy name is Antonio Duarte Silva and Im the team lead and Game Designer at Black Helga - a collaborative and hobbyist group of people from all over the world. Were currently working on a demo for our first game Trickshot and were looking to add a new Concept Artist to the team.Note this is a hobbyist project and an investment of sorts see more in The Obstacle section. For now thats all we can offer.The gameTrickshot is a sidescrolling atmospheric action-adventure game with a mixture of puzzle platforms stealth and even some point-and-click influences. Our main references are the Trine Deadlight Brothers and Never AloneIn it Addlein - a young girl gifted with magical powers - ventures off into the big scary world to find her in search for adventures. The game is heavily focussed on humor expression and non-sense but at the same time it embodies a strong and rich story with strong characters in a unique fantasy world entailing Addys growth and coming of age.The playIts a game about experimentation about trial and error and about ingenuity. The game is to empower each players style strengthening their experience by giving them a place to play and be challenged. Players are not handed weapons but tools tools that they can use to overcome the odds experiment and create impossible situations choosing how and in what way to use them.An Ice Spell freezes your enemiesbut it can also create a big structure of ice that you can climb on and escape unharmedor like Marvels Iceman create an ice trail to slide through and freeze water...The idea is to give players these suggestions and hints and see what they can come up with.The profile Comfortable with working from both descriptive texts as well as short indications and references Able to designing both characters props and environments Creative with a good sense of motion expression colour and composition Pro-active dedicated organized and passionate A highly communicative team-player looking to collaborate with others not just by creating content but also providing feedback and ideas Passionate about gamesPlusses Able to shift between free-hand concepts to more technical illustrations i.e. Character Sheets Experience with 3D modelling Experience with 2D andor animationNote these is just a candidate profile. Were open for all types of artist personal styles and experience levels but please - when applying - forward us to your most recent online portfolio.The obstacleThis is a hobbyist project with no sort of funding. We work on Trickshot on our free times but all team members are required to give a median amount of time per week to the project. However we are quite flexible with each team member their work and personal life.We offer each team member a share of the games royalties and due credits.The goalOur goal is to develop a demo that demonstrates the games potential share it and with the publics feedback in mind run a crowdfunding campaign look for investors andor publishers etc so that we can finance the rest of the games development and have steady paychecks or at least some sum that can ease off this projects pressure.Sound like your type of thing Then contact usCheersAntnio Duarte SilvaFree

LookingArtists Dark Medieval RPG - Link Wed, 12 Aug 2015 16:18:12

Unpaid PositionAbout The GameGenre Action RPGPlatform PC OSXPremise Birmwood is a dark medieval RPG with Slavic inspiration. The game offers thoughts on the fate of a hero in fiction the sacrifices he has to take and their impact their consequences on his character. Birmwood takes place in a fully custom fiction worked on for five years and features an in-depth lore. The game not the fiction is inspired by titles such as Gothic 1 2 Witcher 1 2 and Zelda. Focusing on exploration and immersing the player in a rich setting. A great focus is laid on the players interaction with the world and its inhabitants - not everything has to be killed and monsters have a greater reason to exist beyond filling the space.Our GoalOur current goal is to make a 30 minutes demo to present to potential investors or for starting a Kickstarter campaign in order to get funding to complete the entire game and for team compensation.Open Positions- Concept Artists- 3D Modellers- Graphic ArtistsThose interested in joining or have any questions birmwood.infogmail.comFree

WRITER PAID Epistory is looking for an experienced writer - Link Wed, 12 Aug 2015 12:48:56

Hey fellow game developers Fishing Cactus is currently looking for a UK or US based or at least native english speaker freelance writer who can give us a hand building the scenario script and dialogues for our upcoming indie game Epistory - PCMacLinux typing adventure game. Experience with indie games a plus but not mandatory feel free to share amongst your network and PM us to know mor this ia truly unique IP where story is at the center of the game and where our expectations are quite high.Of course this is paid work although keep in mind we are indies.Cheers0.00

Change Render Target Mip Map Slice - Link Thu, 20 Aug 2015 23:50:42

I am manually rendering a chain of mip maps with DirectX 12. Right now I am setting the applicable D3D12_RENDER_TARGET_VIEW_DESCTexture2D.MipSlice value and callingCreateRenderTargetView for each mip map level. Is there any way to change the MipSlice value of an already created render target view or am I right in creating an array of these things

Reducing CPU usage in Enet thread - Link Thu, 20 Aug 2015 23:06:30

I posted this question over a year ago but didnt find a good soultion. I use a thread which Enet is created and managed on. The whole thing boils down to 1ms latency vs 100 CPU usage. In the networking thread I can set the timeout to 1ms such that it will consume less than 1 of the CPU. But this causes 1ms latency or if Sleep is used inside the Enet library upto 10ms. I want to check for new packets every 0.1ms or less but not consume more then 10 of the CPU core. How can this be done

avoid loosing Stacked Transformations on Load identity matrix - Link Thu, 20 Aug 2015 22:03:07

Hi guys When I use to code in regular old opengl it had glLoadIdentity which would help me translate my object load Identity matrix and then rotate it around its own axis. when stacking translation and rotation together an object will not rotate around its own origin but rather around the initial point it was translated from.which according to matrix math it is supposed to How do I translate an object and then rotatate it about its own origin using glm library or even better manually since I want to understand how it can be done. I presume loadIdentity resets the model matrix to identity matrix but then you will loose your previous translation .. I cannot seem to figure out how you could do it manually here is my code RenderScene void renderScene glmmat4 ModelViewProject glmmat4 View glmmat4 Model glmmat4 Projection glmperspective45.0f 1024.0f 768.0f 0.1f 10.0f glmmat4 rotation glmrotateModel angle glmvec31 0 0 Model rotation rotation loadIdentity glmmat4 transRotation glmtranslaterotation glmvec3xCh yCh zCh Model transRotation View glmlookAtglmvec30 0 2 glmvec30 0 0 glmvec30.0 1.0 0.0 ModelViewProject Projection View Model GLint transform glGetUniformLocationprogramId ModelViewProject glUniformMatrix4fvtransform 1 false glmvalue_ptrModelViewProject glClearGL_COLOR_BUFFER_BIT GL_DEPTH_BUFFER_BIT glClearColor0.0 0.0 0.0 1.0 glDrawArraysGL_TRIANGLES 0 6 glutSwapBuffers Vertex Initial position void init int z 1.0f GLfloat vertices91 0.999999f 1.000000f 1.0f 0.0f 0.0f 1.0f -1.000000f 1.000000f 1.0f 1.0f 1.0f 0.0f -1.000000f -1.000000f 1.0f 0.0f 1.0f 1.0f colors 1.000000f -1.000000f 1.0f 1.0f 1.0f 0.4f 0.999999f 1.000000f 1.0f 1.0f 0.8f 0.4f -1.000000f -1.000000f 1.0f 0.7f 0.8f 0.4f GLint FragmentShaderColorId GLint VertexId VertexId glGetAttribLocationprogramId position FragmentShaderColorId glGetAttribLocationprogramId ColorIn glEnableGL_DEPTH_TEST GLuint myBuffId 0 glGenBuffers1 myBuffId glEnableVertexAttribArrayVertexId glBindBufferGL_ARRAY_BUFFER myBuffId glBufferDataGL_ARRAY_BUFFER sizeofvertices vertices GL_STATIC_DRAW glVertexAttribPointerVertexId 3 GL_FLOAT GL_FALSE sizeoffloat 6 0 glEnableVertexAttribArrayFragmentShaderColorId glVertexAttribPointerFragmentShaderColorId 3 GL_FLOAT GL_FALSE sizeoffloat 6 char sizeoffloat 3 stride of 5 floats describing my colors starting at position 2

Accumulate color value along x-axis - Link Thu, 20 Aug 2015 21:27:41

Hey in order to compute light intensity for a pixel I need to sum per-pixel attenuation along a ray to a buffer. The ray is parallel to the x-axis so I have to sum values along the x-axis eg. 0112011 would become 0124456 number is sum of all previous numbers plus itself This is a rather complex operation depending on length of ray width of texture and number of rays height. I thought a solution would be to draw the texture additive multiple times shifting it to the right one pixel each time 0112011 011201 01120 0112 011 01 0 _________ 0124456 This works but is computation expensive as well. Also there are only 255 values which yields chunky results. I cant encapsulate numbers to 3-digit base 256 colors because additive blending would break this it just adds per channel obviously. Please ask if I have not described the problem well. I hope someone can help me Thanks Phil

VBE 2.0 Set Display Start for Page Flipping - Link Thu, 20 Aug 2015 21:04:13

Ok hello again GameDEV - Its been a few years since I was last here. Anyways I am in middle of writing a VBE driver for my kernel currently I have a double buffer which does stop the flashing but even at low resolutions I am unable to copy the entire buffer into active video memory within the refresh time. at 640X480X8 it takes 2.5 refresh cycles which causes tearing In Real-Mode I have set the display resolution enabled LFB and grabbed the PMode Interface Table - and passed all information to the Kernel. The issue that I have been facing is when trying to use the SetDisplayStart no matter my input on DXCX I end up with the same results. Currently my video memory has at offset 0 color 0x83 640480 times and just after this we have color 0x28 640480 times. The Current VBE Mode info contains BytesPerLine 0x280 640 LinBytesPerScanLine 0x280 I am calling SetDisplayStart the following way Intel ASM FlipPage pusha mov eax DWORD 91SecondBuffer test eax eax jz .NotSecond mov dx 0 mov cx 0 mov DWORD 91SecondBuffer 0 jmp .flipme .NotSecond mov dx WORD 91Height mov cx 0 mov DWORD 91SecondBuffer 1 .flipme Now Lets Page Flip xor bx bx mov ax 0x4F07 xchg bx bx call DWORD 91VBE_FUNCTION7 test ah ah jnz ERROR cmp al 0x4F jne ERROR popa ret And no matter how DXCX is filled the result is always or Y out of range panic from Bochs and yes even with DX and CX 0 this is the result. So Im hoping beyond all hope someone here has done this before as the internet seems to have no reference other than what is in the VBE Specifications... I know we are going back to the midearly 90s here but I cannot write a driver per card most have no Info so Im stuck with VBE support and software rendering.

Custom memory allocator with Polymorphism - Link Thu, 20 Aug 2015 20:17:52

I write two custom memory allocators because I thought that my problem was from memory poolbut when I test a new type of custom memory allocation I realize that my problem is from classes inheritance. I have a base class IComponent you can see code below virtual IComponent pragma region Setter void SetActivebool _active this-gtm_active _active void SetNameconst char _name this-gtm_name _name pragma endregion public pragma region Getter bool GetActive const return this-gtm_active const char GetName const return this-gtm_name pragma endregion public virtual void InitializeActor _owner 0 virtual void Updateconst AngelSubSystemTimeManager timer 0 virtual void Render 0 protected Actor GetOwner return this-gtm_owner void SetOwnerActor _owner this-gtm_owner _owner private boolm_active const char m_name Actor m_owner And I have a component name GUIText that inherit from this class protected virtual void InitializeActorPtr _owner override virtual void Updateconst AngelSubSystemTimeManager timer override virtual void Render override private Vector3 m_position Vector3 m_scalling Vector3 m_rotation some code omitted. when I use my custom allocator like blow I got this error Access violation reading location 0xCDCDCDD1 this-gtm_componentMemory new AngelMemoryLinearAllocator this-gtm_componentMemory-gtInit2000 GUIText t reinterpret_castltGUITextgtthis-gtm_componentMemory-gtAllocatesizeofGUIText t-gtInitializethis I find my problem that it is from inheritance and polymorphism but my question is how I can fix this Here is my custom allocator void AngelCoreAngelMemoryLinearAllocatorInitsize_t size this-gtm_currentPos mallocsize this-gtm_size size this-gtm_numAllocation 0 this-gtm_usedMemory 0 void AngelCoreAngelMemoryLinearAllocatorAllocatesize_t size void address m_currentPos this-gtm_usedMemory size return voidaddress

How to change Taskbar pinned title - Link Thu, 20 Aug 2015 18:59:41

Hi all Does anyone know how to change the taskbar title Even for the default project Win32Project1 of Visual Studio it shows the .exe name in the taskbar instead of the Window Title from CreateWindowEx. Similar to this unsovled problem httpstackoverflow.comquestions30617080where-to-amend-taskbar-description-for-c-application Thanks for your time

Unity troubles with UMA 2 - Link Thu, 20 Aug 2015 18:34:06

I am having trouble using Unity 5 UMA 2. First I did not realize that you had to load it into every project at least its not appearing in another project and it wont let me load it into my new project. When loading for the first time it gave me error messages that did not subsequently show up so so I couldnt screenshoot them. I did however get a screenshot of the fact that when trying to load the scene files in the UMA 2 scene folder everything is greyed out. Sorry if I put this post in the wrong place. Thanks for your help Attached Thumbnails

Scrolling background logic - Link Thu, 20 Aug 2015 17:46:26

What is the logic for an infinite scrolling background given an engine with basic tools Also would this be similar to the logic for a procedural level In a basic explanation anyone care to give it a go Right now I am thinking of it like a typewriter. When the head gets to the end it jumps back to the first position and repeats that. Am I close

Moving from Xna4 to MonoGame 3.4 - Link Thu, 20 Aug 2015 16:56:37

Hi everyone Ive been using Xna 4 for years with a custom framework that I now wish to port to MonoGame. My main motivation is less awkward VS2013 support. I will still be Windows only for now. There are primarily two things that scare me 1. What happens to the project structure in particular with respect to the content pipeline Do I use some external tool to handle assets with MonoGame or is there still some VS project type behaving similar to how it works in XNA What about custom content importers and processors 2. Im currently using Windows messages for input via System.Windows.Forms.IMessageFilter etc. Im aware that this is bad from a portability perspective but it makes input behave very well for my GUI driven games. Can I still do this with MonoGame andor is there some other way to hookcapturehandle windows messages in my game window obviously assuming running as Windows Desktop app..

How to load a custom d3dx frame - Link Thu, 20 Aug 2015 11:34:11

xof 0303txt 0032 template Frame lt3d82ab46-62da-11cf-ab39-0020af71e433gt 91... template ActualCostTblEntry ltaaaaaaaaa-aaaa-aaaa-aaaa-aaaaaaaaaaagt intentionally changed DWORD fromX DWORD fromZ DWORD toX DWORD toZ FLOAT cost Frame Root ActualCostTblEntry Entry 17 15 8 16 10.000000 HRESULT d3dAllocHierarchyCreateMeshContainer LPCSTR Name CONST D3DXMESHDATA pMeshData CONST D3DXMATERIAL pMaterials CONST D3DXEFFECTINSTANCE pEffectInstances DWORD NumMaterials CONST DWORD pAdjacency LPD3DXSKININFO pSkinInfo LPD3DXMESHCONTAINER ppNewMeshContainer ppNewMeshContainer NULL d3dMESHCONTAINER pMeshContainer new d3dMESHCONTAINER ZeroMemorypMeshContainer sizeofd3dMESHCONTAINER ppNewMeshContainer pMeshContainer pMeshContainer NULL return S_OK d3dAllocHierarchy Alloc if SUCCEEDEDD3DXLoadMeshHierarchyFromXAdatacosts.x D3DXMESH_MANAGED d3dm_pDevice Alloc NULL LPD3DXFRAMEm_fActualCost NULL for d3dFRAME f m_fActualCost f NULL f d3dFRAMEf-gtpFrameSibling d3dMESHCONTAINER mc d3dMESHCONTAINERf-gtpMeshContainer if mc DWORD fromX mc-gtfromX DWORD fromZ mc-gtfromZ DWORD toX mc-gttoX DWORD toZ mc-gttoZ float cost mc-gtcost AStarNode from Coordinaterm_AStarNodePool.acquireNodefromX fromZ AStarNode to Coordinaterm_AStarNodePool.acquireNodetoX toZ AStarNodePair np new AStarNodePairfrom to m_ActualCosts.insertstdmake_pairnp cost How should I put the cost data into the mesh container in CreateMeshContainer method As I think back should I put the variables in the frame class instead Thanks Jack

Fast sqrt for 64bit - Link Thu, 20 Aug 2015 11:20:21

The following code is a very fast method of computing sqrt but in 32bit application. double inline __declspec naked __fastcall sqrt_asmdouble n _asm fld qword ptr 91esp4 _asm fsqrt _asm ret 8 what is the equivalent in speed for 64bit application

Using multiple Descriptor Heaps of the same type SRV_CBV_UAV with - Link Thu, 20 Aug 2015 09:43:36

Its really noticable that the d3d12 examples only use one descriptor heap for all srvs and cbvs maybe another sampler heap. So i thought i try to split that into 2 heaps one for srv and one for cbv. Ive made a stackoverflow question documenting my failed tryhttpstackoverflow.comquestions32114174directx-12-how-to-use-commandlist-with-multiple-descriptor-heaps Maybe i missed something in the documentation like only one descriptor heap per type per commandlist allowed

Programming base engine for mobile game choose from a few - Link Thu, 20 Aug 2015 03:08:27

Did some reading a few to choose from construct 2 GameMaker RPG maker VX Unreal Engine Unity Project Anarchy. My experience I did programming in C C Java. not familiar with C but not afraid to use it. I have tried building Tetris using Irrlicht Engine load sprite rotate didnt work on wall kicking and gravity stuff yet. I have also tried building a shooting game with Corona learn LUA dont like scripting language I would rather use C. This time I want to pick the right framework and get to the end of a very simple game 2D RPG no physics needed. no level editor needed. I thing I only need basic stuff like game menu 2D graphics animation sound control. I prefer programming language no scripting. Targeting mobile platform Android and iOS. which engine would be easiest to worklearn and not over kill Construct 2 GameSalad libgdx didnt try yet I heard that there are good. how do they compare to each other GameMaker RPG maker VXonly know their names. Unreal Engine powerful engine 3D affordable license will it be too difficult to learn and overkill for simple game Unity another powerful engine but I heard that it is quite expensive. Project Anarchy does anyone heard of this It is free version of Havoc I think. I installed it and that takes me hours could be powerful. Citrus engine does anyone heard of this free and open source. XNA I am experience on C but does XNA good for mobile game thank you for your take on this.

Volumetric Lighting with SDSMs - Link Wed, 19 Aug 2015 21:27:46

Looking for ideas on how to combine Sample Distribution Shadow Maps with ray-marching based volumetric lighting. I cant just sample the SDSM cascades since they only contain valid information for the fragments being shaded not arbitrary points in 3D-space like regular CSMs. I could only come up with two fixes that sound kinda terrible 1 render another standard shadow map covering the entire frustum or 2 widen the bounding boxes of the cascades to include the entire 3D space essentially trading shadow map quality for arbitrary sample locations. Tried 1 already and it simply doesnt work well when the nearfar distance goes up. I havent tried limiting the shadow map to the max ray distance yet though. Havent tried 2 yet. Trading shadow map quality sounds pretty bad though.

C Fixed Byte Size - Link Wed, 19 Aug 2015 21:00:14

Hi I am currently working on the Core Module of my game engine. It requires accessing an archiv. My problem currently is the following typedef unsigned long DWORD typedef unsigned short WORD struct ZIPHeader DWORD Signature WORD Version WORD GeneralPurpose WORD CompressionMethod WORD LastModTime WORD LastModDate DWORD CRC32 DWORD CompSize DWORD UnCompSize WORD NameLength WORD ExtraSize How do I ensure that WORD is always 2 Bytes and DWORD always 4 Bytes across diffrent hosts Ive been taught that diffrent CPU-architectures define different sizes for the data types. So how can I ensure having the right size of the variable

Paradox 3D - Link Wed, 19 Aug 2015 19:25:20

Anyone use Paradox 3D Is it any good

Matching Parameter Names to Class Fields - Link Wed, 19 Aug 2015 18:33:40

One issue I frequently run into is trying to come up with decent names for parameter names. This is especially a problem in constructors and setter methods. For example take the following class class Car private unsigned int gas unsigned int tankCapacity float headlightRange public Carconst int gas const int tankCapacity const float headlightRange 15.0f gasgas tankCapacitytankCapacity headlightRangeheadlightRange void SetGasconst unsigned int amount gas amount ifgas gt tankCapacity gas tankCapacity void SetCapacityconst unsigned int amount tankCapacity amount ifgas gt tankCapacity gas tankCapacity void SetHeadlightRangeconst float range ifrange gt 0.0f headlightRange 0.0f Ok so I couldnt come up with any setters where I could only think of a parameter name that matches the field thatd Id be modifying right now but its been an issue for me from time to time. Still the constructors a concern.

I love assimp but the animation part is a pain - anyone got it working - Link Wed, 19 Aug 2015 18:31:26

as I said I love assimp - its a great utility but the animation is a pain. So far my animation is stretched out but plays fine in assimp viewer. I looked at assimp viewer and its hard to follow because I cant find any header files containing some of the functions. Like one function uses a vector and a boosttuple for storing the position keys rotation keys and scaling keys of the animation. Also the code animation part runs on CPU - the ATSPACE.CO.UK runs on GPU and thats where my code came from. I narrowed it down its due to the global transformation. the offset transform is fine the parentnode matrix is fine the nodetransform is fine but the globaltransform martrix going into finaltransformation to be sent to gpu is messing things up. I quickly grabbed ieDocs MD5 Animation loader and the dancing pill works - just a pill shape mesh dancing back and forth then side to side. I dont like MD5 mesh model because I tried to make a simple vehicle and it only imported just the front chassis of the vehicle not the wheels unlike unreal engine or unity could do. Ah the frustrations

Problem Implementing Separating Axis Theorem - Link Wed, 19 Aug 2015 17:34:52

Hi all Trying to implement SAT in my code to detect collisions binary yesno is fine for the moment - no requirement to get the actual contact point. However Im having an issue that the objects seem to intersect a small amount before the collision is detected. Below is my code and attached is a screenshot and I would very much appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction. I must be doing something silly somewhere as it seems so close. Im implementing SAT as described herehttpwww.dyn4j.org201001sat Im aware that the code is quite messy and obviously not optimised thats for a later stage const stdvectorltVectorgt vertices1 entity1RigidBody-gtGetCollisionVertices const stdvectorltVectorgt faces1 entity1RigidBody-gtGetCollisionFaces const stdvectorltVectorgt normals1 entity1RigidBody-gtGetCollisionFaceNormals const stdvectorltVectorgt vertices2 entity2RigidBody-gtGetCollisionVertices const stdvectorltVectorgt faces2 entity2RigidBody-gtGetCollisionFaces const stdvectorltVectorgt normals2 entity2RigidBody-gtGetCollisionFaceNormals glmmat4 entity1TransformMatrix entity1Transform-gtGetTransform.GetMatrix glmmat4 entity2TransformMatrix entity2Transform-gtGetTransform.GetMatrix ifvertices1.size 0 faces1.size 0 normals1.size 0 return false ifvertices2.size 0 faces2.size 0 normals2.size 0 return false stdvectorltVectorgt axes forunsigned int i 0 i lt normals1.size i glmvec4 vectornormals191i.x normals191i.y normals191i.z 0.0f vector vector entity1TransformMatrix Transform the vertices Vector axisvector.x vector.y vector.z axes.push_backaxis forunsigned int i 0 i lt normals2.size i glmvec4 vectornormals291i.x normals291i.y normals291i.z 0.0f vector vector entity2TransformMatrix Transform the vertices Vector axisvector.x vector.y vector.z axes.push_backaxis We have all the axes from the Normals this should probably only be computed once... For each axis lets get a projection from each vertex onto each axis forunsigned int a 0 a lt axes.size a double min1 0 double max1 0 double min2 0 double max2 0 Vector axis axes91a forunsigned int face 0 face lt faces1.size face Vector faceIndices faces191face Vector faceVertices913 faceVertices910 vertices191faceIndices.x faceVertices911 vertices191faceIndices.y faceVertices912 vertices191faceIndices.z forunsigned int vert 0 vert lt 3 vert Vector vertex faceVertices91vert glmvec4 vvertex.x vertex.y vertex.z 0.0f glmvec4 transformedV v entity1TransformMatrix Transform the vertices vertex.x transformedV.x vertex.y transformedV.y vertex.z transformedV.z double p VectorDotaxis vertex ifp lt min1 min1 p else if p gt max1 max1 0 forunsigned int face 0 face lt faces2.size face Vector faceIndices faces291face Vector faceVertices913 faceVertices910 vertices291faceIndices.x faceVertices911 vertices291faceIndices.y faceVertices912 vertices291faceIndices.z forunsigned int vert 0 vert lt 3 vert Vector vertex faceVertices91vert glmvec4 vvertex.x vertex.y vertex.z 0.0f glmvec4 transformedV v entity2TransformMatrix Transform the vertices vertex.x transformedV.x vertex.y transformedV.y vertex.z transformedV.z double p VectorDotaxis vertex ifp lt min2 min2 p else if p gt max1 max2 0 Check if they overlap ifmin1 lt min2 max1 lt min2 No Overlap return false ifmin1 gt max2 max1 gt max2 No Overlap return false Weve reached this far - there must be a collision return true Attached Thumbnails

Lighting voxel planets - Link Wed, 19 Aug 2015 15:45:12

Hey guys Ive finished my basic planet generator making spherical worlds out of cubes and now I need some help. I need to figure out what the best type of lighting would be for my game - so heres what it needs to do 1. Support blocks that light other blocks Lava Lamps etc. 2. Support semi-dynamicness Planets will move closer and farther to the star 3. Not be terribly laggy 4. Be possible to write in Unity C The big problem is the dynamic part. I have no clue how to wrap my head around it Thanks for the help

App to make Action RPGs on iOS seeking views - Link Wed, 19 Aug 2015 15:36:12

I am making an App that allows people to make RPG games on the iOS. It comes packed with various libraries of art characters tileset as well as map editor quest system dialogues etc. I know how game development can be very daunting and tedious and many have tried and given up. Not to mention managing budget and team. My hope is that aspiring game developers can start learning about game logic and design without climbing the steep learning curve of complicated and tedious coding. They can also complete making a reasonably-polished game within weeks then test and show their game idea and if keen learn the complicated stuff. The trade-off is of course flexibility and customization. And its not an easy trade-off. I want to get a sense of people here in this forum on what would be useful and what is too inflexible and not able to compromise. IF you are designing an action RPG game would you be willing to accept a limited arttheme but save on your budget How about some limits on logic e.g. skill-tree but shorten development considerably Things like that. What REALLY makes you want to make an RPG and you cannot compromise on. Love to hear your thoughts. It would really help as I develop this app further. A sample screenshot for the iOS app is below. More can be found at the website. Attached Thumbnails

opengl 4 inizialization without glut and other tools - Link Wed, 19 Aug 2015 10:59:11

hello. where i can found an opengl graphics initialization for opengl 4 without glut and other tools I would to create a wrapper in c cli for connect it to a c application. for now is an experiment Thanks. because i found this httpnehe.gamedev.nettutorialcreating_an_opengl_window_win3213001 but i dont know if it is for opengl 4 is from nehe

Heightfield - Link Wed, 19 Aug 2015 07:00:09

What kind of interpolation does PhysX or Unity use for heightfields There is a total paucity of code out there for Heightfields and I cant quite figure out how to implement one.

Pointer Clarification - Link Wed, 19 Aug 2015 06:43:26

int main void runStandardIMNEWintro Ahem... Ive punched through Beginning C Through Game Programming 4th ed and also reviewed numerous blog posts and forum threads about pointers. Alas I still struggle. Can someone as best you can attempt to draw out a real-world example of how Pointers are useful I understand that they link to the information at the address of a variable I just dont understand the... Point If possible review the Class below and provide an example of why a Pointer would be used and why it is useful class Goblin public int gobHP void gobSpell private m_Name If the above seems too bizarre Or Im just bad at giving an example of something to use... feel free to lay it out differently. Im in the process of coding a text-based game as my first foray into true C coding and want to make sure that I am implementing the cleanest and most effective code that is reasonably possible. Thanks in advance

Structure of object-to-object interaction And other questions - Link Wed, 19 Aug 2015 05:58:54

Ive begun making a text-RPG by creating the general logic of objects rooms creatures items but havent much interaction between items yet. I can think of a couple of ways to do this but am not that sure which is best. Consider the situation wherein a creature attacks another creature say Creature A attacking Creature B. Its easy for the objects to interact if we call a method in Creature A that directly affects Creature B. Something like Creature Aattack Creature B Creature B.changeHP - 5 While this is easily implemented part of me doesnt think its...good.What Id like to do is have there be something like a middle-man that sees Creature As attack that Creature B exists then applies the results of Creature As attack to Creature B is this what an event-handler does If instead that is a better ideawhat is the general implementation of such a structure Do Creature As methods throw some flag and send data to the world and then the world applies this to Creature B accordingly Eventually Id like to move on from a simple text-RPG. That is even if one isnt typically considering these things when creating a text-RPG I think this is a good opportunity to familiarize myself with them. In another thread someone mentioned designing the game as a client-server application and running the single player game in localserver host. Maybe that is a little bit above my ability for now but what paradigm can I embrace that would best accommodate such a thing Right now everything is still pure from-scratch except STL C I assume it will be for a while. But at what point should I really start considering moving to something more specific and less fundamental When I get into graphics Or is networking even something that I shouldnt eventrytackling without some kind of heavy tool-set

Lots of syntax errors when using abstract classes - Link Wed, 19 Aug 2015 00:55:07

Hey all I recently started developing my own game engine just for fun but Ive run into a really weird error when implementing abstract classes. To help you all understand the issue Im having Ive attached a simply UML diagram of how my game engine currently works subject to change. Spoiler This is a pretty simple design. My engine initializes and keeps track of several different modules or components called managers. Each individual manager needs access to some of the same types of information so I thought itd be easiest to create an abstract class that they all derive from. The abstract class contains a constructor an init function this is the abstract function that all managers should override a reference to the manager and a reference to the engine. Im using Visual Studio 2013 and in the viewport I see no errors of any kind. Im pretty sure Ive implemented this correctly but when I try to compile I get a slew of different kinds of errors mostly syntax that reference blank spots in the code. Heres the full list of errors Spoiler If you reference these areas of the code they all point to the beginning of a line and their description makes little sense in the context. The 3 main headers that are receiving these errors are BuddyEngine.h Manager.h and RenderManager.h. Ill post the code for you to see. These are all pretty simple implementations. BuddyEngine.h Spoiler pragma once ifndef BUDDYENGINE_H define BUDDYENGINE_H include RenderManager.h include InputComponent.h include SoundComponent.h class BuddyEngine public BuddyEngineint argc char argv RenderManager getRenderManager static BuddyEngine getInstance private RenderManager renderManager static BuddyEngine instance endif Manager.h Spoiler pragma once ifndef MANAGER_H define MANAGER_H include BuddyEngine.h class Manager public ManagerBuddyEngine engine int argc char argv BuddyEngine getBuddyEngine static Manager getInstance private BuddyEngine buddyEngine static Manager instance virtual bool initint argc char argv 0 endif RenderManager.h Spoiler pragma once ifndef RENDERMANAGER_H define RENDERMANAGER_H include Manager.h include WorldRender.h class RenderManager public Manager public RenderManagerBuddyEngine engine int argc char argv Managerengine argc argv GLFWwindow getWindow WorldRender getWorldRender private GLFWwindow window WorldRender worldRender virtual bool initint argc char argv static void render endif I hate having to post lots of code for help but Im afraid Ive hit a brick wall with this ghost of an issue. If anyone has any ideas of what could be causing these errors please let me know. If you need me to post the implementations of these functions .cpp files I can do that as well. Thanks for reading

ByteBuffer0.asFloatBuffer issues - Link Wed, 19 Aug 2015 00:28:10

Hello Ive got two problems 1. My console and logcat dont output anything anymore. Eclipse IDE Android Java Ive done adb kill-server adb start-server on command line to no success which means debugging is close to impossible. Hope someoone knows how i can get outputs back to console and logat. Lots of thanks 2. More importantly this crash problem My code crashes at the starred line below Written in Android Java OpenGL ES No output to both console and logcat has made it more difficult but nonetheless i still managed to trace the crash to the starred line. While trying to find solution to the consolelogcat problem im hoping someone using both experience of similar coding and intuition might be able to help The crash happens on this line 3 code lines from bottom ObjectBuffersj.DBufferDut vbbcD0.asFloatBuffer crashes here so how do i define asFloatBuffer on this line I will appreciate any help to resolve the 2 promblems Many thanks setupByteBuffer vertIterator.previousIndex ...... public void setupByteBuffer CreateObjVertices vertices int j if vertices.objectArrayLength gt 0 floatArray new float91vertices.objectArrayLength3 forint k0 s0 kltvertices.objectArrayLength k ss3 floatArray91s0 vertices.objectVertexArray91k.x floatArray91s1 vertices.objectVertexArray91k.y floatArray91s2 vertices.objectVertexArray91k.z ByteBuffer vbbc ByteBuffer.allocateDirectvertices.objectVertexArray.length3 4 vbbc.orderByteOrder.nativeOrder ObjectBuffers91j.DBuffer vbbc.asFloatBuffer ObjectBuffers91j.DBuffer.putfloatArray ObjectBuffers91j.DBuffer.position0 else if vertices.objectArrayLengthDD null floatArrayDD new float91vertices.objectVertexArrayDD.length91 forint ut0 utltfloatArrayDD.length ut floatArrayDD91ut new float91vertices.objectVertexArrayDD91ut.length3 forint s0 st0 stltvertices.objectVertexArrayDD91ut.length ss3 st floatArrayDD91ut91s0 vertices.objectVertexArrayDD91ut91st.x floatArrayDD91ut91s1 vertices.objectVertexArrayDD91ut91st.y floatArrayDD91ut91s2 vertices.objectVertexArrayDD91ut91st.z forint ut0 utltfloatArrayDD.length ut EDIT CODE below current code edited from initial post ByteBuffer vbbcD ByteBuffer.allocateDirectvertices.objectVertexArrayDD91ut.length3 4 4 vbbcD.orderByteOrder.nativeOrder ObjectBuffers91j.DBufferD91ut vbbcD.asFloatBuffer crashes here ObjectBuffers91j.DBufferD91ut.putfloatArrayDD91ut ObjectBuffers91j.DBufferD91ut.position0

Screen space size of an AABB - Link Wed, 19 Aug 2015 00:22:19

Hi folks I have data binned into a sparse grid of axis-aligned voxels and I was trying to think of how best to calculate the LOD needed for each voxel. The obvious approach in my mind would be to transform the corners of the voxels AABB into screen space and then use that pixel size to determine the LOD. This mostly works great except that the voxel could be large and be some combination of the following edge cases - some of thecorners may bebehind the clipping plane so they might contribute a larger pixel size than the visible part of the voxel - some of the corners may bebehind the focal point of the camera and so they are reflected in the final image - some of the corners might actually be in the visible frustrum so I cant just ignore the voxel in the above cases So is there a good way to handle the above case Or is there a better way to calculate some LOD for a voxel Ive seen hackish methods that make all kinds of assumptions about the projection matrix. However I need a solution that is pretty general and would work with pick matrices and things with shear etc. Thanks for reading. Any ideas are greatly appreciated. Dave

Terrain Normals Quick questions about calculating on the fly... - Link Tue, 18 Aug 2015 22:00:03

I think I understand normals reasonably well but Im curious about some of the practical issues relating to using normals for terrain. The simplest way to calculate normals appears to be precalculating them by getting the cross products of the sides of all the terrains triangles and sending them to the vertex shader as in this tutorial httpwww.mbsoftworks.skindex.phppagetutorialsseries1tutorial24 But what about deformable terrain Games like Magic Carpet or Populous the Beginning come to mind for me where you have spells that can raise and lower the terrain. The obvious naive solution is to recalculate the entire set of terrain normals after any change to the terrain but what is an actual practical way like might have been efficient enough to have been used by those games 20 years ago Is it as simple as splitting the map up into sectors detecting the maximum area that might be affected by a spell and then recalculating all of the normals in the triangles in just those sectors

Databases Why should I use prepared statements - Link Tue, 18 Aug 2015 21:16:12

I know that it deflects SQL Injections. But why use prepared statements if I can just verify user input myself before putting it in the string-query Pseudo-Code Prone to SQL Injections String userInput ... String query SQL BLABLA userInput OTHER SQL BLABLA NOT prone to SQL Injections in my opinion String userInput verifyUserInput... String query SQL BLABLA userInput OTHER SQL BLABLA ... function verifyUserInputString userInput if userInput is weird return default input or something I mean most of the time you need to verify the input anyway.

Expression vector iterators incompatible - Link Tue, 18 Aug 2015 21:10:12

No idea whats causing this. Ive searched google and found absolutely no solutions as my problem was unique to every google result I came across. Cloud structure struct cloud_t struct vec2_tltfloatgt pos float vel ... Add a cloud to the list struct cloud_t c c.pos.v910 -160.0f c.pos.v911 float m_rng.random int bounds.v911 - 120 c.vel float m_rng.random51 m_clouds.push_back40c41 ... stdvectorltcloud_tgtiterator c m_clouds.begin while c m_clouds.end c-gtpos.v910 c-gtvel m_speed_factor m_delta_speed if c-gtpos.v910 gt bounds.v910 m_clouds.erase40c41 else c How could this NOT work It works just fine on XCode but in Visual Studio it gives me a runtime error see title in debug mode. It doesnt show up in Release builds but Im not stupid enough to ignore it. Any ideas Thanks. Shogun. EDIT Nevermind. I didnt realize I forgot to do this c m_clouds.erasecopy

msvs2013 intelisense is editing my html code - Link Tue, 18 Aug 2015 21:00:24

When I use copypaste in MS VS 2013 in a html file it is madly editing my code especialy in places where are undefined plain script types or at places where recognizable code is a little corrupted I do not want to be panished by this when vs considers some code corrupted by its intelisense.

typeid type_info help please - Link Tue, 18 Aug 2015 20:17:57

Hi Guys Given a set of items all derived from a BaseItem class in a container such as stdvectorltBaseItemgt items I would like to construct a function like this bool isTypeInListUnknown parameter forauto ititems.beginititems.endit iftypeidunknown parametertypeidit return true return false Basically I need to stick a typeidTorch typeidSpear etc. into the parameter and test if its in items list.

Android background authentication - Link Tue, 18 Aug 2015 18:22:04

Hi I am working on a multiplayer card game and thinking about how I handle the login. The connection to my backend happens automatically. When creating a new account I wanted to create a token and send it to the client. I have taken the timestamp and these hashed with the UUID in SHA. But that does not seem the best solution to me. In Android I can use the account manager to generate a token but then a message prompt. Clash of Clans uses a system to detect clients without login or message prompt and use facebook or google just for transfering the account. What is the best practice to detect my clients without an active login or message promp

Texture sampling tex2D concrete uv coordinates problem - Link Tue, 18 Aug 2015 16:34:56

Hello everyone Firstly my apologies for this thread when are some other more interesting themes right now on the forum. I am creating a 2D texture 9x27 storing some 9x9 positions data and using 3 levels of data for the heights there. The thing is that I seem to be unable to access to all that positions and I really dont know why. All works well when I simply use one level I am using a screen quad and my HLSL code is On the texture creation define NUM_PROBES_X 9 define NUM_PROBES_Y 9 define NUM_FACES 6 define NUM_PROBES_LEVELS 3 define PROBE_POSITION_SCALE 10000.0f define PROBE_POSITION_OFFSET 5000.0f define PROBES_POS_WIDTH 200 define PROBES_POS_HEIGHT 200 define PROBES_POS_DEPTH 200 PS_OUTPUT ps_main float2 UV TEXCOORD0 PS_OUTPUT res PS_OUTPUT 0 float3 data int idX intUV.xNUM_PROBES_X int idY intUV.yNUM_PROBES_YNUM_PROBES_LEVELSNUM_PROBES_Y int level intUV.yNUM_PROBES_LEVELS float2 position2D float2 idX PROBES_POS_WIDTH idY PROBES_POS_DEPTH data float3 position2D.x PROBES_POS_HEIGHTlevelPROBES_POS_HEIGHT position2D.y PROBE_POSITION_OFFSET PROBE_POSITION_SCALE res.c0 float4 data 1 return res on the render code const float probesAmount 0.01234568f81 probes const float probesLevelsAmount 0.3334f3 levels const float maxProbesX 1.0floatNUM_PROBES_X0.0001 const float maxProbesY 1.0floatNUM_PROBES_Y0.0001 float3 getProbePosition float probeIdX float probeIdY float level float relativeY probeIdYmaxProbesY float2 coords float2 probeIdXmaxProbesX probeIdYmaxProbesYlevelprobesLevelsAmount coords float20.01f dataType0.333f return tex2Dlod probesDataSampler float4 coords 0 0 .rgbPROBE_POSITION_SCALE-PROBE_POSITION_OFFSET I have been recently driving me crazy and modified a bit my original code but I hope the essence of the problem is shown. I dont know what I am doing wrong with the UV texcoords I am sending to tex2D but maybe i am not well understanding something if someone can please iluminate my path Thank you in advance.

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