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What Jehovah's Witnesses Believe. Right or wrong, Jehovah's Witnesses are expected to obey all jehovah witness beliefs dating outside religion rules. They are required to believe the Watchtower is 'God's organization' and 'channel of communication. Disrespect, disregard, and contempt for 'divine standards' i. Watchtower rules is treated as 'wrong doing'. In fact simply leaving the Watchtower is considered the same as wrong doing! When Jehovah's Witnesses have serious doubts and when they can't be loyal to the Watchtower any more, they are routinely disfellowshipped excommunicated for 'apostasy'.

These teachings are disseminated through The Watchtower magazine and other publications of Jehovah's Witnessesand at conventions and congregation meetings. Jehovah's Witnesses teach that the present world order, which they perceive as being under the control of Satan, will be ended by a direct intervention of Jehovah Godwho will use Jesus Christ to fully establish his heavenly government over earth, destroying existing human governments and non-Witnesses, [6] [7] [8] and creating a cleansed society of true worshippers who can live forever. They see their mission as primarily evangelical disseminating "good news"to warn as many people as jehovah witness beliefs dating outside religion in the remaining time before Armageddon. Doctrines of Jehovah's Witnesses are established by their Governing Bodywhich Witnesses are taught Jesus uses as a channel for God's progressive revelations and to direct Christians on biblical matters. Until latethe Governing Body described itself as the representative [13] [14] and "spokesman" for God's "faithful and discreet slave class" [14] [15] [16] [17] a limited number of "anointed" Jehovah's Witnesses. Jehovah's Witnesses are directed to welcome doctrinal changes, regarding such "adjustments" as "new light" or "new understanding" from God. The leadership makes no provision for members to criticize or contribute to official teachings [36] and all Witnesses are expected to abide by the doctrines and organizational requirements as determined by the Governing Body.

The religious beliefs of Jehovah's Witnesses are in some ways similar to those of orthodox Christians, but in other ways they are quite different. For example, Jehovah's Witnesses believe in one God, the authority of the Bible jehovah witness beliefs dating outside religion. The New World Translationand they emphasize the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ in their teachings. Learn more about The New World Translation.
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Jehovah's Witnesses are followers of a specific denomination jehovah witness beliefs dating outside religion Christianity. Believing that Armageddon is coming to separate believers from non-believers, Witnesses spend much of their time knocking on doors to preach their beliefs to others. When it comes to relationships within this faith, certain dating rules apply. Baptized believers are expected to follow the moral code outlined by church elders. Failure to do so may result in expulsion and shunning by the church. Church rules indicate that individuals should only date other witnesses of Jehovah. It is not recommended to date outside the faith; in fact, it is prohibited, although not enforced in all families. Dating someone in secret is considered a deception to the church. It is especially not recommended if it means disrespecting parents, because honoring thy mother and father is an essential commandment.

Jehovah's Witnesses have very strict dating rules. The more zealous a Jehovah's Witness is, the more serious they are about the dating rules and proper etiquette. Casual dating for example, is not ok. The purpose of dating is marriage. Jehovah's Witnesses who date are ready, willing, and able to marry someone. They are seriously looking for a mate. Before they start dating, they must be in a position to get married, - spiritually, physically, emotionally, and financially. An exception might be if there is an adult chaperone or perhaps double dating, but even this would be looked down upon, because someone who is not financially stable and ready to get married should not be jehovah witness beliefs dating outside religion.
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